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Perfex Pepper Mill Problem

Depending on WHEN you purchased it "if it was represented to be a Perfex" mill you should have a 14 day recourse right against the Seller for misrepresenting WHAT HE/SHE WAS SELLING. eBay is NOT a venue for fraudulent goods. You may take it up with eBay itself OR WITH PAYPAL if you paid by that method of payment. REMEMBER FOLKS, IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS........

Oct 04, 2013
jayeno in Cookware

Egg Salad

This is a great recipe. I did vary it. I used the celery, but exchanged gherkins instead because I don't like dill pickle relish. Just picky, that's all. Also, I omit the salt because eggs have enough of a sodium content. I'm a big pepper person, so it doesn't really matter. In addition, i always exchange some greek yogurt for mayo (because my kids never realise it and it gets something healthy into them) and cuts down on the calories. But, on the whole, a great recipe. I also used an egg slicer for SOME of the eggs, not all because I like a variation in the size of my egg pieces.

I just saw someone's addition of cayenne pepper. I might have to try that in my next batch. I like a little spice. Interesting.

Jul 17, 2013
jayeno in Recipes

How to cook lamb properly?

1. buy lamb shoulder; 2. butcher it yourself (I know it's a pain, but the end result it worth it) 1" cubes; 3. sear the meat before you stew or curry (don't overcrowd the pan--or it will steam not sear) 4. then stew or curry until the meat is so tender it starts to fall apart.

For kebabs, I would use boneless leg meat, just my preference.

Mar 29, 2013
jayeno in Home Cooking

Chipotle Corn Soup

I made this with fresh corn from the garners market. The soup was just outstanding even my gut who is not a veggie lover adored it. Truly a winner. It is good to know I can substitute frozen corn in the winter months.

Jul 25, 2012
jayeno in Recipes

To scoop or not?

I have lived in New York since birth; there NEVER USED to be these horrible doughy monstrosities loaded with carbs. I always scoop. I love the crispy crunchy outside; if bialies came in whole wheat or multi-grain, I'd be thrilled. I live part-time in Montreal and they don't have these violent frauds for bagels. Until then, I will scoop, scoop, scoop and get rid of the excess dough. Is there any wonder Americans are so generally obese?

Jul 30, 2010
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Zucchini Blossom Tacos

My (italian) grandmother used to make fried zucchini blossom patties which were delicious and she could never make enough. If you pick the blossoms in first thing in the morning, for some reason you don't have to worry about the pistils inside. Go figure. I tried this recipe this evening, but had to go out and get the blossoms, cotija, and Crème fraîche, which is fine because I want to eat what is fresh fresh fresh. Avocado I always have on hand; I'll use it as a dressing if necessary. This recipe was superb. Try it you will be very happy.

Aug 10, 2009
jayeno in Recipes

Perfex Pepper Mill Problem

I bought the 4.5" Perfex pepper mill based upon the recommendations on this site. It is pretty great, worth the cost, maybe but the course grind is inconsistent and for the price I think everything about the mill should be perfect. I have a much less expensive mill which mills the pepper fine to course beautifully. But the Perfex is a gorgeous mill.

Jun 26, 2009
jayeno in Cookware