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Caffrey's Irish Ale

Thanks for the info; I’ll check it out. I didn't think Caffrey's had a widget, but I haven't had it in canned form for many years (pre-widget, I would think).

By the way, centimental is similar to sentimental, just that it only happens every hundred years =). One would think that four years of college would be spell-check enough, but obviously some of us need a bit more help.

Jul 02, 2007
fireboater in Beer

Caffrey's Irish Ale

Anyone know how to get Caffrey's Irish Ale without paying $80 in shipping from an online UK store? It is a centimental favorite of mine from when I lived in London and since the US distribution disappeared, I haven't enjoyed one in quite some time.

Jun 30, 2007
fireboater in Beer

Recent Beer Discoveries?

My new favorite is the Kona Brewing Company's Fire Rock Pale Ale. It is a refreshing new pale out there. The main brewery is located on the big island in Hawaii (although the mainland stuff is contract brewed through Widmer in Oregon).

If you are on the big island (or Oahu, where they have a restaurant/bar) I highly suggest a brewery visit. It has a great feel and excellent food (try the pizzas). Their longboard lager is OK, too. I'd steer clear of their big wave's not so tasty! These are the only three they bottle and the others they make are only available on the island.

I always like to change it up and it seems like I end up with a different beer with every trip to the store. This one seems to have stuck around with me for quite a while now...give it a shot!

Jun 29, 2007
fireboater in Beer