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Indian in Montreal

This is a new Indian Restaurant that also sells bagels and other baked goods. This is the best thali plate I've ever had and believe me, I've had many. It's a family run restaurant, atmosphere is friendly, price is right ($10.00). You can't miss with this one.

Cote St-Luc BBQ

Better than Cote St-Luc is Chalet BBQ on Sherbrooke West or Laurier BBQ. If you really love BBQ chicken, try Portuguese chicken resto Agora on Somerled Avenue. Chicken is grilled (not on a spit) and is the best in the West End of Mtl. You can order in advance.

Top Cheap Eats of Montreal?

Forget Schwartz's - go to The Main across the street. Why stand in line when you can get served with courtesy and get smoked meat just as tasty?


I'll never understand why people stand in line at restaurants, especially this one. I think it's only because they spend more money advertising for tourists. My friends and I much prefer the Main across the street, or Snowdon Deli or Deli Boys.

Best Coffee in Montreal?

Re Patiserrie Gascoigne: Definitely not the best coffee. Try Union Coffee 148 RUE JEAN-TALON O
(514) 273-5555. I was never a coffee lover until I tried theirs.