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good sushi in JP?

looking for good (fresh and affordable) takeout sushi in JP. any recommendations appreciated.....

Sep 21, 2011
tterb in Greater Boston Area

weekday breakfast spot in framingham/southborough area

Trying to find a nice place (good food and ambience) for a casual business meeting tomorrow morning somewhere between Boston and Worcester. Doesn't have to be fancy but should be tasty.

Should be not too far from either route 9 or 90. Any ideas?

Mar 09, 2010
tterb in Greater Boston Area

Moving to Arlington Center - good idea food-wise?

the funny thing with christo's is (or at least used to be) is that if you ask if they have any fresher stuff they gladly go in the back and get it out.
thanks for the info about barismo; been meaning to get over there for awhile.

Dec 03, 2009
tterb in Greater Boston Area

Moving to Arlington Center - good idea food-wise?

No longer live in arlington, but I would add that MacKinnon's in Davis is a good very traditional meat shop (unlikely to find organic stuff) but they have a great selection of cuts and ability to prepare what you want.

In a pinch for fruits and veggies, Christo's isn't bad in the east. I always loved their Kalamata olives...

By the way can anyone tell me where is Barismo located?

Dec 03, 2009
tterb in Greater Boston Area

advice on tandoori at home

I am looking for advice on the best way to cook tandoori at home. I am marinating chicken thighs and planning to grill (gas) but not sure if oven is better. I have done both in the past with mixed results. Any ideas for a better way short of renovating my house and putting in a clay oven?

Oct 09, 2009
tterb in Home Cooking

looking for a good/moderately priced restaurant near the MFA/huntington area

Going to the MFA and want to get a bite after. Any recommendations for the area. Particularly interested in tapas or bistro-type joint? Is Brasserie Jo still in business, any good?

Jul 29, 2009
tterb in Greater Boston Area

looking for store selling richie's slush in newton area summer 2009

anyone know a store in the newton area with a decent selection of richie's slush. i love the everett location but it is too far drive. thanks.

Jul 17, 2009
tterb in Greater Boston Area

is there a brick and mortar ot hodge chili parlor in st louis anymore?

I am traveling to St. Louis this weekend and have a serious hankering for OT Hodges chili. The last time i visited there was a place in the suburbs but not sure if it is still in business. Can someone confirm? If not can you suggest alternative places for chili in addition to Steak n' Shake?

Jul 02, 2009
tterb in Great Plains