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Black Forest Cake

check with le petit Munich !

World Cup venues 2014?

unfortunately, the Vieux Kitz does not exist anymore !

Where To Buy Pretzel Salt In Montreal or Laurentiens?

hey, they look great - how was the texture, were they chewy?

Foodie locations between border and Montreal

Charcuterie Stephan Frick - a perfect place for German products, they produce all their sausages and deliver them to selected stores in Montreal. They also have some German / European noodles, chocolate, pickles, etc.
I always stop there when I come back from the states !

Ricotta cheesecake in Mtl

for sure they have, I already bought it at both places (for petit Munich, I didnt try the new location yet) - German style cheese cake is not the same as the North American one, its usually not done with cream cheese, its done with Quark cheese

Ricotta cheesecake in Mtl

German style cheesecake - there is le petit Munich in Pointe Claire and Suzy's bakery (15450 Boul. Pierrefonds) in Pierrefonds !

Ricotta cheesecake in Mtl

once I bought one at Alati, in St. Leonard - but it was with chocolate

where is the 4th location of Lafrenaie ?

You should check the little Italy area for more options

Ricotta cheesecake in Mtl

check them at Delices Lafrenaie, there are 3 locations

8405 Rue Lafrenaie - St Leonard

199F Boul. Labelle - Rosemère

58 Boulevard Brunswick, Pointe-Claire

Banh mi sandwiches - where to go?

Hi, are there any good places for Banh mi in Laval ?

Anything food worthy in and around Anjou ?

Barosso, 8670 Rue Sherbrooke Est
very good !

also, a nice pastry shop / bakery
Marie Pain, 8990 Rue Sherbrooke Est

Openings in 2013

there is a new place called "Dallas BBQ" on Sherbrooke East, where there used to be a Scores, between Viau and L'Assomption - I couldn't find any online information - did anybody try it yet?
Is it like a chicken BBQ place?

Landjaeger in Mtl.?

yes, Salamico is great - you should try their Leberkäse

Landjaeger in Mtl.?

they have them also at Salamico, Ville St. Laurent !

Marché EPICURE..... anyone went there yet?

hey, there is a great deal on team buy Canada right now - you pay 15 $ and you get 30 $ to spend on their products

Marché EPICURE..... anyone went there yet?

Nice place for mainly eastern European products - they have a lot of imported stuff and also a counter with cold cuts and sausages - also, they have different breads and some cooked meals as well. I would say its like a small Adonis for Russian, Romanian, Hungarian, Austrian and German products.

I was happy to see another European grocery store in Montreal when I went there a few weeks ago and I will for sure go back !

Alpenhaus restaurant

I had the same experience a few weeks ago - I had a coupon for a three course meal for 2 people with different options from their menu.

When the bill came they had charged me the tip based on the maximum that we could have ordered with their options.

For example, the maximum would have been a value of 150 $, but we had stuff worth a lot less than that, therefore the tip should have been accordingly.

Anyways, when you have a coupon you should tip based on the value you get, not on what you pay for the coupon.

Charging the tip automatically for 2 people pissed me off and I wont return there for sure, also because the service was very slow and the food was not that good as well.


Right now there are not that many German options in Montreal.

There is Checkpoint Charlie on St. Laurent that opened a few months ago - no idea how good it is. (4433 Saint Laurent Boulevard)

Like I wrote last week in another thread there is Suzys bakery in Pierrefonds that has some German dishes also that you can eat there - I only tried her baked goods so far and they were great. (15450 Boul Pierrefonds)

Boucherie Atlantique have some meals as well with a small counter where you can eat.
(5060 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges)

Petit Munich in West Island

They have food as well, there are a few tables, but I didn't check out their menu - the owner used to work at PM by the way.

Petit Munich in West Island

this is a great alternative:

Boulangerie Suzys Bakery

15450 bvld Pierrefonds
Pierrefonds, Québec
H9H 4K3

also, many more options:

Montreal food blogs

thanks !

Montreal food blogs

avocado oil in Montreal?

Loblaws Rachel has a lot of black label products with a special presentation at the end of the veggie section - the one on Sherbrooke Est has just a few.

avocado oil in Montreal?

I saw them in the Rachel / Angus Loblaws, they are in the veggie section right after the entrance of the store.

avocado oil in Montreal?

I bought some last year at Loblaws, but I didn't see it there lately anymore.


you can get them at Loblaws - they have different fresh sausages like Bangers, Bratwurst, etc.

Dutch chocolate letters in Montreal?

When you say pepernoten, do you mean what we call "Pfeffernüsse" in Germany?
I think I saw them last weekend at Loblaws (Sherbrooke East / Place Versailles) in the section for christmas cookies. A good alternative is Salamico (1980 Rue Lucien-Thimens) - there they have them for sure.

Pumpkin Gelato Montreal

Loblaws / provigo / Maxi have a pumpkin flavor ice cream right now. Since I didn't test it yet I can't tell you if tastes good !

check this:

(or just google President's choice pumpkin ice
)PS. actually, it's a pumpkin pie flavor ...

Garlic Festival - St. Anne de Bellevue - Sat. Aug. 20

I had one of those garlic-chocolate cookies (2$) on Saturday, it was very good, but I couldn't really taste the garlic in it even though there were a lot of little pieces in it


I went there last week and I tried a crushed / mashed fries poutine - it was great (I added bacon, tomatoes and regular sauce and cheese) - but ! for a takeout of 2 poutines I had to wait 35 minutes - they have to get a lot faster !!

Great schnitzel in Montreal

Le Petit Munich !!