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Where can I find Saba in Northern VA?

Looking for Saba (reduced grape must - similar to balsamic vinegar but sweeter and more syrupy) in Northern Virginia, preferably Loudoun or near McLean/Tyson's. Tried the online route, but everything is fairly expensive with shipping, and I only need 1/4 cup.

Gougeres in NoVA??

Hoping to find gougeres in Northern VA (preferably Fairfax or Loudoun county) to include in our bread basket for Thanksgiving (one less thing for me to make!) but having trouble finding any bakeries/restaurants that sell them. Anyone know of anywhere that sells them? Thanks!

San Francisco/Napa with 3 kids

@ThaiBarb - found your post while searching "2 Foodies, 3 Kids, San Francisco" ironically! My husband and I are taking our 3 kids under 5 to San Fran/Napa for 2 weeks this month, and would love recommendation on foodie spots that we can bring the kids to. Fancy to food truck, anything goes. Thanks!!

NoVA hot dog vendors who cater?

Does anyone know of any hot dog vendors (cart or food truck) that cater? We're throwing a carnival themed birthday party for one of our kids and would love to have a hot dog cart, and other carnival-style concessions (funnel cakes, etc.) Either these guys aren't showing up on Google or my search prowess is fading.... appreciate the help!!

Gala with Food & Music by Chefs Isabella, Weidmaier, Richard & more!

I've perused their menus, I've had the chance to taste some of their amazing culinary offerings (but admittedly not all), but I've never seen them all in the same venue, or heard their BAND!! Pretty amazing that these guys are all friends and play music together. They're not only cooking, but entertaining (singing and playing!) at the upcoming "Kitchen Band Ball" in Tyson's on Sept. 30th. What an awesome event and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to eat food by all these incredible chefs, drink concoctions by DC's best mixologists and listen to them rock out, all in the name of charity (The Food Allergy Foundation). I'm getting tickets today - who's with me?!

Fresh Chanterelles in NoVa/DC??

Ellen, do you know which Wegmans had them? I went to the one in Leesburg this am and they didn't have any -- they did have a bunch of other varieties, just not chanterelles. Thanks!

Calling all Julias, Bettys and Marthas: Cookbook Club in Loudoun County!

I'm a happily married working mom of 3 in my 30s and looking to start a cookbook club in Loudoun County - here's what I envision - if enough people are interested, let's start one!

Looking for like-minded fun-loving (wine-loving!) ladies who are pretty serious foodies to meet once a quarter or every other month, taking turns hosting a cookbook club. I'm thinking the hostess picks a cookbook a month or so in advance and each person makes one recipe from the cookbook, either in advance or partially in advance or at the cookbook club meeting depending on complexity, and brings a bottle of wine that goes with it. We'll all get together to taste the various recipes from the cookbook, talk about the ingredients and techniques, the wine pairings, and just have a fun night with some amazing food and hopefully some fun new local girlfriends! No need to buy the cookbook if you don't want to - most Loudoun libraries have a fantastic selection, and we can all share if someone already owns the book.

So who's ready to up their cooking ante? :)

Where in Baltimore can I get coconut sugar?

Whole Foods has it too

Fresh Chanterelles in NoVa/DC??

Anyone know where to find fresh chanterelles this week (for Easter) in Northern VA or DC?? Our Whole Foods had them last week, but not this week (kicking self now....) I'm determined to make a leek and chanterelle tart as the 1st course for our Easter dinner!

Cuban Sandwich in NoVA

It's NoVA but not quite near Arlington, but Sweet Basil cafe in Herndon has an amazing Cuban. My husband's family is from Isla des Pinas (forgive my Spanglish) and he confirmed it's authentic. The best we've had outside of southern FL.

Luau /Tropical Catering in NoVa?

I was thinking some sort of shredded pork, maybe as sliders since this is for a kids' birthday party and they don't eat as much, with sides like coconut rice, corn, beans/peas, grilled veggies, etc. and tropical drinks (with and without alcohol). The party will be at our house in Ashburn, hopefully outside, and with about 35-40 people (half kids under 4, half adults)

Luau /Tropical Catering in NoVa?

Looking for a tasty caterer that can do a luau or tropical-themed party in NoVa (Loudoun County) this summer.... Scouring the internet has turned up very few leads so I thought I'd turn to y'all, my trusty Chowhounds. Any ideas??

Poutine, my cold weather craving

Also do any of you fellow poutine-lovers know if there's anywhere in DC/VA that serves or sells creton?? I'm shocked that nothing came up for creton when I just did a search through all of chowhound. Maybe it's too much of a local delicacy to come down across the border this far?

Poutine, my cold weather craving

I LOVE this idea -- Five Guys has amazing fries... doesn't St. Hubert or one of the Canadian chains sell their gravy as a mix too? Yum!! Also, I just saw the menu online for Jimmy's Tavern in Herndon and poutine is on there, and the description is spot on. They do take-out so I'm thinking I might give that a try for my poutine fix. I'll post how it is once I manage to peel myself away from the office and go get some!

Poutine, my cold weather craving

There is a poutine truck that's in DC - has been for a few months now, it's called Eat Wonky. You can find them at and if you follow them on Facebook they post their stops each day. Of course I leave my firm in DC right before the poutine truck starts making regular stops at Farragut... go figure!! I haven't tried it but I think a trek into the district for authentic poutine would be well worth the 2-3 hour lunch!!

A $10 Brownie Mix Worth Its Weight in Chocolate

might have to try it - I've been a long-time fan of their mail-order brownies, but like the idea of having them come out of my very own oven instead of being shipped over 300 miles.... Fat Witch is worth it - amazing stuff.

Feb 07, 2011
chefkate in Features

Where to buy mini buns?!

Does anyone know where I can find miniature hot dog buns in DC or VA? I'm looking to make miniature philly cheesesteaks (teeny, tiny ones - not nearly as big as sliders) as appetizers for a party. I don't want to make the buns myself (no time!) so I'm looking for either a local bakery that makes them or a website I can order from. Help! :)