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Pork Chops with Cherry Sauce

This does sound easy and tasty - i was thinking if cherries are not in season at the time, dried cherries that have been reconstituted in the port would be a good substitute. I have a box of those in the freezer....

Jul 02, 2009
burntsugar in Recipes

Restaurant Owner responses

Perhaps before we prepare to tar and feather this owner, we should consider that every story has two sides...After working in this industry for nearly 30 years, in all capacities, i have seen a few guests who simply must complain bitterly and spew non-helpful venom. I know that most owners work ridiculously hard to create what is essentially an extension of themselves and their neighborhood and would gladly address and rectify situations "gone bad". However, if FOTD sent an email that was insulting, aggressive, condescending and one in which the owner perceived as an "attack" of sorts, then no, those rude actions don't really require a civil reply (in my opinion). It is difficult to judge what exactly was stated in the original email, i suspect FOTD batters restaurant owners/servers often as he states in this post "i've done this several times". Just because a man or woman owns/works in a restaurant does not mean he must accept or be subjected to cruel and viscious criticism. Also, as i said after being in this business for so long, i can honestly say most of this type of behavior stems from folks who have never worked in the industry, which is fine, just my observation.
My mantra is always to try to deal w/ the said problem, dissatisfaction, or error when it is taking place.... some folks tend to be more hateful behind their keyboard....

Jun 27, 2009
burntsugar in Not About Food