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French Macarons in Westchester????? Is there anywhere to find them?

I am looking for french macarons in westchester. Preferably northern westchester, but any part will do. I need my fix!!!

Looking for a good, sort of cheap restaurant for a friends birthday get together in Westchester(White Plains)

I'm looking for a decent restaurant to hot a friends birthday get together of about 7 people. Heres what I have in mind: Somewhere affordable (college student affordable), maybe family style (like Chinese, thai, indian, pizza etc), and most importantly somewhere that doesn't mind if we are a bit loud. Any ideas?
Much appreciated!

New Pizza Spot in Millwood

Just to jump in on the Indian comment, I find Passage to India in Kisco awesome, and extremely friendly! Also for Thai food Swaddee in Thornwood is great.

New Pizza Spot in Millwood

The pizza at Euro was always completely soggy and disgusting when delivered. I have not had this problem with Tonino's. They are also, I thought, much nicer than those that were at Euro. Loved it!

Where do you eat at the Palisades Mall?

They added a mongolian type bbq in the mall as well, it's called Fire and Ice. I went to one in Cambridge, the food was ok. Good for chain food certainly. It's a really fun place though!


Ever since seeing the documentary ( I like Killing Flies) I have been dying to go to Shopsins. Has anybody been there recently that can tell me if they still have rules or if they still deny people?

Jun 27, 2009
CheesyGnome in Manhattan

Need a good place to order birthday cake

Billy's Bakery cakes are to die for.

Jun 25, 2009
CheesyGnome in Manhattan

Need a great restaurant for my Birthday get together!

So I am looking for a great restaurant to have my brithday in, there will be about 8 people. All underage so the drink menu doesn't matter. I would like to find somewhere really fun with an interesting menu! It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive or "hip". Just somewhere good and fun!

Jun 25, 2009
CheesyGnome in Manhattan

Teens in Chelsea

I like Shake Shack. I don't know what kind of food they are into, but shake shack is just really great "fast food style" food. It's in Madison Square Park, outside, so if it is a nice day than I suggest it even more! The lines get super long, so try to go either before or after the average lunch rush.

Jun 25, 2009
CheesyGnome in Manhattan