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Newport, Bowen's Wharf Seafood Festival

It's been going on for a while seems to grow more every year. What started out just at Bowen's Wharf has now extended out past just Bowen's to include the Landing and the Lobster Bar with live music out there as well. It's probably my favorite festival of the year in Newport because the weather is usually nice, it's free, food is pretty inexpensive. You don't have to make a whole day of it if you are looking to do other things in town. But it's nice to enjoy some food, drinks, music, and hopefully some great weather.

Cape Cod Chowder Review August 2014

Mildred's closed and was torn down years ago. The airport looks completely different now too.

Wine Shop in the Midcape Area With Good Inventory After Labor Day

Just off Exit 8 on Rt 6 in Yarmouth there is Yarmouth Wine & Spirits and just up the road on the other side is Seascape Wine & Spirits. and

Week with the Family in Newport

You could visit the farmers markets. There is one on Saturday mornings at the Newport Winery and Vineyard in Middletown and Wednesday afternoons on Memorial Blvd in Newport.

There is also a nice wine/cheese shop on Bellevue across from the Hotel Viking

First trip to Cape Cod

Joe is actually appealing the state stripping him of his seafood sales permit....unbelievable.

Newport prime rib?

Yes Canfield house only does the Prime Rib on Fri/Sat.

Enjoy your stay.

Newport prime rib?

I like Benjamin's right on Thames. Great deal and the Mate's cut is bigger than most...the Captain's cut is huge. Nothing fancy and has a good Raw Bar too.

Canfield House up on Memorial is good too, but more expensive and a little less lively. (Fri and Sat)

Hyannis area

Ocean House in Dennisport opens for the season on Thursday. Great 3 for $30 menu and reasonable prices on other stuff in a beautiful setting overlooking the ocean.

Frozen Stone Crab Claws RI/MA?

Help for last three days at the Cape!

For you and your husband's dinner out try the Ocean House in Dennisport. Nice food and water views....

Breakfast in Newport, RI

Are you looking for strickly breakfast, or more like a brunch. Where are most of the guests staying? Will they have transportation?

Need help for Newport

For breakfast, there is a diner right down the street at the rotary....Bishops 4th Street Diner. Typical Diner type food. Doesn;t get as crowded as places downtown.

For Chinese, there is a place called Bamboo right in the Stop & Shop Plaza parking lot (not in the strip mall but a separate building with a GameStop, and a Mexican restaurant.

There's also a pretty good place Ching Tao up next to the Ace Hardware Store on West main Rd. About 4 min drive.

Ching Tao Restaurant
268 W Main Rd, Middletown, RI 02842

Embers Harwich MA

You might want to add it as a Reply....

Newport Dinner: Black Pearl, Mooring or the Pier?

If you liked the food at the West Deck....try the Speakeasy...(the old Quahog Company on Thames) The old chef from WD is there now.

Norabella in West Dennis

Is that the place that was the old Girardi's ?

Where to get seaweed and clams for a clambake around Hyannis?

In Hyannis, try Cape Fish and Lobster Co.
406 West Main Street
Hyannis, MA 02601-3652
(508) 771-1122

Not sure about the seaweed but give them a call.

Chocolatier - Newport, RI

I second Newport Chocolates on Williams Street.

RI female owned restaurants

Tricia's Tropigrille in Jamestown...?

Rehearsal Dinner - Newport, RI

Aside from the ones already mentioned, check out La Forge Casino Restuarant. They have a back room that is separate, and if the weather is nice, you can do apps and cocktails on the patio overlooking the Tennis Hall of Fame exhibition court. Peter, the owner is really nice and helpful with picking menu options.

Newport, RI - buisness group dinner

Brick Alley....they take reservations and have an extensive menu.

Romantic type lunch in Newport, RI??

Castle Hill or Chanler would be the most "romantic"

In town, The Mooring has a nice view of the water and has good seafood. A few other places in the harbor area aren;t usually open for lunch but might be this week because of winter fest. Cooke House, 22 Bowens

Breakfast in Newport

Aside from the places mentioned (Gary's, Corner Cafe, Franklin Spa, Atlantic Grill) A couple of off the beaten path places:

Diego's is a cute little Mexican themed place. Just a short walk from where the Hyatt Shuttle drops you off.

Also Aloha Cafe...not anything fancy, but a real locals hangout (sailors, boat workers, etc) and cheap. Also near where the shuttle lets you off.

Hungry Monkey (Across the street from Corner Cafe but usually less crowded. (Same side of Broadway, after the Police Station

If you're looking for a Sunday, The Atlantic Beach Club has a good brunch for $14.95 and views of First Beach.

the only place I would not reccommend is Occean Breeze Cafe. Their muffins are good, but their breakfast is overpriced for hit or miss food/service IMO.

Brunch in RI

Atlantic Beach Club in Middletown. Only $15 and pretty decent.

Birthday Dinner in Newport, Rhode Island

I agree....Newport is not really known for their Italian restaurants. Mama Lusia's is the best IMO. For real Italian, people go to the Hill in Providence. That being said, many restaurants do some good Italian "inspired" dishes, and there are plenty of fine meals to be had in Newport that aren't seafood.

If you are looking solely for Italian though, I'd pick Mama Luisa's. Puerini's, Sardella's and Restaurant Lucia can be hit or miss depending on the crowds and specials they're running.

Best place for Thanksgiving dinner in Newport?

In addition,
Castle Hill, The Mooring, 22 Bowens, The Spiced Pear, Fathoms (at the Marriott) will all be serving on Thanksgiving. If you are looking for a lively scene, I'd pick the Cooke House, Mooring, or 22 Bowens.

Providence: Sat. Lunch on Waterfront?

There aren't alot of waterfront dining places in Providence. Instead of heading up to Boston, you could head down to Newport.

The Mooring, Castle Hill, The Chanler, Cooke House, 22 Bowens, would fit the bill along with some other places on the harbor.

Spiced Pear, Newport question

I too have never warn a jacket there, just khakis and button down shirt...

What's up with Rhode Island pizza?

This was also discussed a few months/weeks ago...check out:

In Providence, Via-Via might come close to what you are looking for.

Short New England Road Trip - Advice?

Forgot to add, if you do make that trip, or even if you don't, you could take Route 6 around Fall River to avoid the interstate (I-195) and follow that through coastal towns out to the Cape. This time of year, when the leaves start to change it's nive. You'll hit towns like Marion, Mattapoisett, Wareham etc....then move over to Rt. 6A if you go to the Cape.

Short New England Road Trip - Advice?

I'd add a trip down to Newport, RI for a nice seaside town and views. Especially the 10 Mile Drive and Cliff Walk. Lots of great restaurants too, although New Bedford/Fall River will have the edge on Portuguese ones.

FYI, Coming the way you are, you would usually take the Bourne Bridge onto the'd take the Sagamore Bridge on your way off heading up to Maine.