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Wood Chunks for Smoking

I know its not Providence, but there is a GREAT BBQ store in Shrewsbury MA called Spit Jack. They have everything BBQ and loads of different woods. Ive also seen private parties advertising wood on craigslist.

Jun 30, 2010
jeepcj85 in Southern New England

Worcester, MA - New Restaurant - Promising Barbecue!

Ive been here twice. The atmosphere was good, the appetizers I had, and the oyster po' boy were also good. The BBQ was not good. I had a sampler plate with chicken, pulled pork, brisket, and ribs. The pulled pork was OK, though the Carolina sauce I put on it was not very good. The chicken was was awful, though a friend who went at a later date (also unimpressed with the Q) said the chicken was the best thing on the plate. The ribs were cooked fine but had an off smoke flavor and bland dry rub, and the brisket was dry. I really hope they can turn the BBQ around, because as most know, Worcester is a BBQ wasteland.....we need this!!!

Jun 30, 2010
jeepcj85 in Southern New England

Flats - new pizza in worcester?

Hit this place for the first time today and I'll definitely be back. I got a slice(1/4 pie!) of the special which was roasted corn, chrorizo, carmelized onions, cilantro and sharp provolone. Pretty fucking good! The crust was perfect, about halfway between Corner Grill and Wonderbar in thickness. I also had the mozzarella en carozza, which was a brick of fresh mozzarella, breaded and deep fried served over a pool of house made marinara. Cant wait to try some other things from here.

They are open Tue-Wed 5-9 PM and Thu-Sat 5PM-230AM

Jun 23, 2010
jeepcj85 in Southern New England

Best Hot Dog in the state of Massachusetts

Blue Seal is a 4 meat dog:

BACON! :-)

Jun 23, 2010
jeepcj85 in Southern New England

New high end beer bar in Worcester, MA

Maybe, but a menu item in any restaurant that cares about the food is like an art work. You would never ask an artist to buy their portrait of a woman but just "take off that hat"...or anything else. Chefs put a lot of thought into a dish and to how the flavors and textures will interact. If I see something on the menu that has something I dont like (which isnt often) I dont order it.....I find something else. Sweet, salty, acidic, crunchy, soft, bitter etc have a role in any good chefs' planning of a dish. If something is removed or added, the final outcome is altered. Some chefs want you to eat the dish as it was created....and I always respect that. If the chefs judgement is off too many times, I dont eat there again. The Abbey has been very good at worst, but spectacular on most occasions.

Apr 28, 2010
jeepcj85 in Southern New England

New high end beer bar in Worcester, MA

With all due respect to the Boston bars....The Abbey is better! I used to live at The Publick House, Deep Ellum, etc before the Abbey opened. Ive been many times to Lord Hobo, and all of the others. The Abbey blows them away with the food, and is as good if not better with the beer selection. Another thing that no bar in Boston nails like The Abbey is proper temperatures and glassware for the beer. This is something many would not notice, but is one of the most important elements of proper beer service. Again...not to take anything away from the Boston beer bars, but The Abbey is definitely a step above.

Apr 22, 2010
jeepcj85 in Southern New England

Inkas Peruvian restaurant in Worcester

Inkas has opened where Baja Grill was located on Millbury St in Worcester. They are a Peruvian restaurant...has anyone been?

Baja Grill
169 Millbury St, Worcester, MA 01610

Apr 09, 2010
jeepcj85 in Southern New England

Seek Road Food Recs along Rt. 91 in MA

Bubs BBQ in Sunderland!!! Also Big Mamou Cajun in Springfield.

Jan 11, 2010
jeepcj85 in Southern New England

Sources for duck breasts in Worcester County?

This isnt in the area but its very high quality and humanely raised.

They ship anywhere.

Jan 11, 2010
jeepcj85 in Southern New England

Sad News About the Baja Grill in Worcester

Its at Federal Sq right near the Hanover Theater. There is plenty of street parking after dark and a cheap public parking garage right across the street. So many people will love this news!! Cant wait to have some Red Snapper again! :-)

Jan 11, 2010
jeepcj85 in Southern New England

good local eats: Hartford, Worcester, Pittsfield

Armsby Abbey (great local food and HUGE beer selection) , Baja Grill (Authentic and BYOB), Baba Sushi, Dive Bar (live music mon, thu and fri and great beer selection), Nicks (bar serving german food with live tunes most nights), Vincents (great cozy bar with live music most nights and meatball sandwiches!)....also Sonoma in Princeton, Ma and Still River Cafe in Eastford, CT (45 mins from Worcester) are both superb top notch full service restaurants.

Mexican in Worcester - 2 reviews

I like that area...Nick's Bar is diagonally across the street serving German food and great beer and old fashioned drinks. They also have great live music and cabarets....make a night of it!!

Good tea on Shrewsbury St in Worcester

I think Acoustic Java on Main St near Clark roasts their own on site.

Best Burgers in Worcester

I heard a claim that the Abbey's burger in the best ever tonight. Its only a special, usually on fridays and only comes one way...mushrooms, bacon and cheese. The kitchen closes at 9PM next friday due to the illegal rancid pollution that the burnouts give off. Also its not a given that the burger will be on the menu but the other food is great as well.


MC Perkins Cove, Provence, Beachfire, Arrows

Boston to Midcoast maine, any must stops?

Arrows and MC Perkins Cove in Ogunquit

White Barn Inn and On the Marsh in Kennebunk

Foodies invade Worcester County, need help!

Ill second the Abbey for great pizzas, sandwiches and cheese boards with nearly everything sourced from local and sustainable farms. The bonus is 22 draft lines and over 150 bottled beer selections with a focus on Belgian!

Also, Sonoma in Princeton is spectacular.

Still River Cafe in CT...cant remember the town but its close to Thompson, has recieved the top review from The New York Times.

Baja Grill on Millbury St (BYOB) for great, inexpensive authentic Mexican...and afterwards you can hit Nick's, almost across the street. Its a great German bar with a food menu and live music and cabarets.

One Love Jamaican Cafe on Main St in Main South. Great authentic food in a cozy, artsy space...BYOB

Any of the dozens of ethnic restaurants....they can be hit or miss but try them. Pupuseria La Salvadorena on Pleasant St rocks. Da Lat on Park Ave is pretty good.

Baba on Park Ave is tops for sushi in the city.

Sahara on Highland, El Basha on Park Ave and Shiraz Armenian, also on Park are great middle eastern spots.

55 Pearl St is pretty good, though Ive only been once.

Chicken Shwarma from Bay State Bakery on Water St.

Im sure I'll think of more soon. :-)

Mexican Ingredients in Worcester Area

Price Rite has some things but I would try some of the Spanish markets...there are a ton of them. As for Chorizo, Baja Grill on Millbury St makes their own...ask them and perhaps theyll sell you some!! Also, Sol tortilla on Pleasant St across from Blue Jeans Pizza makes fresh corn tortillas twice a day....15 for $1!!!

Best / safe meat in Worcester

Tatnuck Meats on Pleasant St.

CUBAN in Worcester?

4 places that I know of:

The Armsby Abbey (In my opinion, the best)

EVO (Billy Costa said it was the best he's ever had)

Flying Rhino (pretty good)

Island Bakery (Main St in Main South)