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Family trip food

So here is the outcome folks.
Thanks for all your help.
I plotted out a full Thurs-Sunday adventure for our first family vacation and we did have a blast in your fair city. Getting back to this post I was saddened that we didn't make it to a single one of the recommendations! Things change so much with a toddler!
I had seen eat reviewed elsewhere and the website looked nice So I picked that for Thursday since it is beyond Bourbon and we were hoping to be taking the ferry and public transport, 3 year old girl, Essence fesitval in town (so more people potentially going), whatever, I figured we would hit it first.
Eat was divine. My pork melted in my mouth, the ceasar dressing had a nice simple start but packed a kick at the end. Hubby got the filet though he liked my daughters catfish better. Downside, no kid size portions and she like to get her own things not be served off out plates, so this was one of the more expensive meals at $75 for 3 dinners and 1 dessert.
Friday, we were planning to take the canal line to Betsy's for breakfast. then lunch in/around the aquarium then Dinner around Jackson Square. Well, we were running a little late and didn't get our bus passes the night before so we tried that morning, nearest place was not open until 10 so with hungry and fussy and tired walking around we swapped to Saturday's breakfast at Cafe Du monde. But, as I mentioned, we were tired, so we ate at the Riverfront Marketplace location. Not quite the ambiance I wanted, but they were beignets and cafe au lait, I had enough to explain with "why were the lights yellow and purple and green, Mommy?" Appettite filled we went to the aquarium. that took longer than I had expected so lunch was at Papa Johns inside. Ok. Good only because we have not had Papa Johns in like 7 years (ours closed), Oh I missed that crust. They really need to rethink the traffic patterns in the food area there though. Done with the aquarium we got our Visitour passes, watched our Imax, then headed toward Jackson Square. Everyone seemed so excited in one post about Stanley opening down there I thought it was worth a shot. I loved the place, decor, soda glasses, etc. But the food was not super memorable. Guess we just didn't pick the specialty. Daughter had the stanley breakfast with scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, and potatoes. We all liked the potatoes. We were tired and skipped the handmade icecream. hated that, but keeping un-napped children tolerable is more important.
Saturday was the fourth and I forgot to take that into consideration. I was planning to just catch Betsy's that day then head to the zoo. We took the canal line up and - it was closed for the fourth. Saddness. Not wanting to do IHOP or MCD's we went ahead and rode to the zoo shuttle and got in the zoo shortly after opening where we hit up the first cafe for hotdogs for breakfast. They were huge dogs ("no mommy, it's just a weeney") and pretty good to boot. Not sure what brand they are cooking up there but they hit the spots in our breakfast barren tummies! Somehow we managed to spend the entire day at the zoo so lunch was there too. By the time we caught the last shuttle back to the St Charles line, we all agreed that we were tired, sweaty, and hungry. I had planned Mandina's but when baby girl fell asleep with her hair blowing in the wind on the St Charles line we opted to just go back to our hotel and order room service. I think the best part about that was her being excited that they brought food up to our room. Ordered just an appetizer for her and entrees and drinks for hubby and I. We totally could have devoured her order and enjoyed it as much or more as we did our own orders.nothing special there, but it was a Clarion.
Sunday morning I had hooked us up with a special breakfast. I saw on one of the New orleans tourist sites about House of Blues Sunday Brunch and show. So for another $80 we selected from a huge buffet and enjoyed the Zulu Gospel group. All the food we had was good. french toast and I think it was a cornbread muffin stood out for me. Mimosas were great too. Hated we didn't get over to the omlet station, our waiter was really touting how good they were. Nothing was bad or bland. It was a really nice ending to our New Orleans food. From there we finally got to the Insectarium then off to home.

Missed getting to Bee Sweet - too tired after the zoo - and Hansens - Hubby ready to get moving so he could stop at Cabela's in Gonzalas- as well. Another time. Next time we will definately go back to "eat- a resturaunt". It was by far our favorite.

We had a great time and can't wait to come back again!

On a side note, When we got to Cabela's I had a Bison Brat. That was pretty good. tasted normal, though I am not a bratwurst conniseur. So in case anyone is interested they have bison and venison brats there.

Thanks Again!

Jul 06, 2009
sellett in New Orleans

Family trip food

I am planning a trip to New Orleans for husband, young daughter, and myself. Since it seems that many of you are locals - or at least visit a lot - could you give me some pointers about the best places to eat? We are trying to keep it on the less expensive side, but love to be able to get some good local food - not just a chain resturant vacation. I have browsed a few places, but I am concerned about kid friendliness. We are plannning to spend all our time in the French quarter area at the aquarium, insectarium, and zoo. hopefully I can convince them to go to the museum of art, too.
Thanks in advance

Jun 24, 2009
sellett in New Orleans