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Need hounders help for dinner in Mystic!

I like AZUs. I like S&P's Oyster company. I heard Bravo Bravo is good but never been. The town is about 2 or 3 blocks long with 1 or 2 side streets. Probably 3 out of 4 restaurants is solid and charming. BUT coming from where you are coming DO NOT GET THE PIZZA:) You will be disappointed. If you have to eat a little cheaper and want a okay pizza place then go to Pizzetta's in Mystic.

Mystic, CT Lunch?

I enjoy Azus. Also I had a surprisingly good fairly inexpensive meal at a place I read about on these boards called Seahorse Tavern in Noank which is about 3 miles south. Never ever would have found or considered it if not read on these boards. But if in Mystic I like Azus and S&P and if you want pizza I think Pizzettas is fine. In Stonington I've been to Dog Watch and found it fine as well.

BUT quick question... I noticed Mike you put Voodoo Grille. Last week we were gonna go but I got chased away by some mixed reviews on the internet. How is it? I was worried it was more of a place to grab a drink and maybe an appetizer instead of a meal but I could be reading into it.

Good restaurants in Newport area?

Psst, Peurini's closed down several months ago.

Newport, RI

Sardellas over Puerini's hands down but that's my opinion.

Newport, RI

Yeah, I was gonna say the Red Parrot as well. We stay at the same place and always cross the street for one meal there. For some odd reason I usually get slammed for rec' Red Parrot or Brick Alley Pub but when you have kids and want casual these places are perfect. Have you ever gone to a chic eatery with kids and 1) we're hard pressed to find them something to eat on the menu and usually end up wasting money on a 15 dollar grilled cheese. And 2) there's people on a date exactly six inches on our right side and left side who could probably do without hearing our conversation about "Hotel Translyvania." But that all said, Newport is awesome. Great places to eat. Everything rec' will be good. Everyone's got a preference and believe me they're all solid choices. Since you're staying in that location I suggest you walk up Thames to Gary's Lunch Pal ( I think it's called that) - a little 50's style diner about a quarter mile down from your hotel that we always get breakfast and enjoy. Not expensive. Occasionally out of laziness we'll grab muffins and drinks in the ground floor coffee shop of your hotel for breakfast, but Gary's is our main place for breakfast.

Essex CT Quick Question

Thanks for the 2 recs for Olive Oyls. I'll go tomorrow and grab sandwiches. If I feel adventurish I'll go to Centerbrook:) although it's no big deal. Everytime I've gone to Essex I don't think Olive Oyls is open when we're about.

Essex CT Quick Question

I've eaten at the Griswald Inn and Black Seal, but going to Essex this weekend with kids... is there a good deli or pizza/sandwich place in the town without having to drive?

Block Island Help

All good choices from WhatsEatingYou. I'll throw in Sisters Cafe. I liked it. A good sandwich/deli type place and very laid back. As far as a bakery goes... there's an adequate bakery with a large selection of desserts on the block behind the main steet ( behind the hotels). I forgot the name but it's large. Next to it is a pizza place that I thought was very forgettable. Outdoor seating at both places ( pizza and bakery).

In the New Harbor section there's a tiny donut shop that sells "killer" donuts ( their description). Good donuts.

Best restaurants in Newport, Rhode Island

I used to go to Katrinas all the time when I was in that area then one day there was a security guard in the stop & shop plaza that wouldn't allow us to park there. The Katrina parking lot only has about 4 spaces and right next to it is this huge parking lot of the rest of the plaza with Stop & Shop being the main attraction. The guard was not allowing anyone to park there. No idea if there's still a guard, but I never went back because it was fairly annoying trying to argue over the fact you're running into a bakery for cookies and coffee and will be gone in 3 minutes. I do realize people try to park there and go to restaurants and the beach so there's a problem but come on...

Puerini's in Newport, RI

Next time go to the restaurant right next door called Sardellas. It's better. You get bread up front, bigger portions and the food is good. It's slightly cheaper. It's weird the 2 places are next to each other and they both, I believe, have banners that say they've won local awards. I don't think Sardellas is the best of the best by any means but what you are looking for in a meal is probably there and it's solid. Also outdoor eating.

Spoleto's in Northampton

I should have known they'd be moving... I've been there about three times over several years. Back in the day it was a packed place... I recently went one Friday night at the end of June around 6PM and had no issue getting in which was a surprise. The meal was good but the place never got more than half full in the hour or so we were there. Those who know Noho, know eating out there on a beautiful Summer weekend night during certain times there will be a wait. A lot of empty tables. But for all I know it got packed around 8PM. Try to get into Joes around 6PM and see if it's half empty and you can pick your table. Good meal though.

Crazy Burger Narragansett

I went the other night to Crazy Burger and have a mixed opinion on the place that is heralded on these boards. It is the big game in town for sure. It took us a full hour to get in. That is not the place's fault although it's a lot smaller inside then I thought it would be. We foolishly went out at 7PM and it would have been an hour wait to get an ice cream cone or a big mac with the heavy Summer crowd in the area in other words we were stuck waiting one way or another...

The Good....
1) my celery/apple juice was amazing ( although I believe it gave me stomach problems later - not the places fault:) .
2) My kid loved her milk shake.
3) Everyone enjoyed their perspective burger. We each got different kinds and they have a ton of them. One child got a hot dog however and liked it.

The Bad Or Rather Not So Good...
1) The food wasn't worth the hour wait. It was a good burger. Actually their special ketchup made the burger I had much better. The burger went from a B to B-plus. Could we have found a better burger in the area... it's debateable. The hype and wait made us want to be blown away and I think it wasn't particularly life changing although I'd get another burger option next time to really see what they can do. I got the no-frills plain cheese burger. But other family members got various stuff like the Jalapeno burger and liked it, but again weren't blown away.
2) Very small inside and very very loud. We didn't eat outside so I have no idea what it looks like out there.
3) Kind of expensive. We didn't get appetizers, desserts or alcoholic beverages and it was a sizable bill for some burgers and a hot dog. And the kid's hotdog was kind of small.
4) I ordered the only extra which was a poundie ( mashed potatoes and vegatables pressed together). It was good but luke warm. It had been sitting. So was my burger. Some people at the table got hot meals and some got warm to luke warm.

The apple/celery juice was perfect though... I never had celery juice before and never heard of it. They did it perfect. A good place but not a great one.

As a side review we went to Red Parrot for lunch in Newport Ri and we surprised how good the lobster nachos were and how much lobster chunks they gave us! Everyone's meal there was predictably okay, not exceptional with the lobster nachos being a standout.

Help! Need cute clam shack or otherwise quaint New England-y place near Newport vicinity for lunch.

I went to Aunt Carrie's once and here's a sort of funny story for you... I liked the food. That's not the story though. What I ordered was a lobster roll and stuffed clams and both were good I'd go back for sure. BUT my kids and I saw on the menu that they had indian pudding for dessert. I've tried nearly everything dessertwise and was willing to try it and my kids who normally never try anything were intrigued - I think I noticed a topic about this type of dessert on Chowhound around the time ( last year) - so we all got indian pudding with high hopes. None of us liked it. I usually finish whatever I order and couldn't stomach it. Not a fan of the indian pudding there by any means. Not sure if I order it anywhere else either after that experience and to be fair it was probably our ignorance as we did not understand the taste would be that way (spices and such), BUT we liked everything else:) Very good lobster roll and very good stuffed clams.

Northampton area updates and places to try (?)

I like Mulinos. Never had a bad meal there. Usually I get the bolognese sauce. Nice to sit out on the balcony.

[Mystic] Flood Tide

Harter, thanks for your reviews of these various restaurants. I enjoyed reading them and plan on going to a few that I haven't been to yet such as Bravo Bravo and Flood Tide. Good job.

Drink... Diverticulosis?

I've got diverticulosis and was wondering not only if people still drink with it but what do they rec'? I grew up watching people drink milk then some sort of beverage with ulcers. That's not my style so is there any drink that might be easy on the stomach?

May 02, 2012
Nickmerill in Spirits

Newport Ri... Pasta Beach?

I've eaten all over Newport RI and someone ( a nonchowhound type person mind you;)) said it was good. I've never eaten there and therefore intrigued. The menu seems good to me, but on the other hand I'd rather not waste a meal if i could be eating at one of the other places we all like. Anyone been there and rec' it?

New London and / or Mystic .....Where do locals eat????

Thomshap, you are right there are shoreline/shore-area restaurants that are very worthy and as good as some of the restaurants in other places. This is why I occasionally travel to that area. I live in Northern Ct and good places to eat are few and far between. What the average person around here thinks is good pizza is usually pretty bad when compared to people who eat at New Haven joints. You want good mexican food... the average person around here will thrill and compliment Taco Bell. Try to get in the Olive Garden on a Saturday. TRY.

So I occasionally take the family to a trip to say Mystic and like S&P or Azus or Go Fish. And I just want to defend myself and not be out of line suggesting any of those places. I've eaten some places around Mystic I wouldn't go back to... You were spot on about Anthony J's. About 20 years ago it was my fave spot - hands down. I haven't gone there in several years because I've noticed a decline although it might be awesome now for all I know(having not returned in years). I'd love to live in the area because there are as many good restaurants as bad ones when compared to the ratio of largely subpar up here (although there are a couple of okay places). If I lived in an area with such restaurants I'd get around more and definitely have stronger, more diverse opinions.

No big thing. And not an argument. I'm just sort of saying I kind of like S&P but I only eat there once a year. But I never recall it being anything but good. When I go to an area over an hour from where I live I have certain expectations and if the place is bad or "off" for the night or even mediocre I'm not likely to return again. I usually go off this site and opinions such as yours and have not been let done yet. I'll try some of the places you suggested, but this lengthy reply is just to say that I don't think I'm too out of line for suggesting a place or two that I think is pretty good.

New London and / or Mystic .....Where do locals eat????

Yeah, I'm not sure about the out of line comment either - I've eaten a few times at S&P ( not Packer though). I guess everyone has an opinion but I don't live in NYC or New Orleans or Paris or a place surrounded by awesome eateries. I live in an area where chain restaurants rule so I branch out to find okay to excellent eateries. I think S&P is fine and I wouldn't say I was out of line saying this when compared to 90% of the other stuff out there. Never had a bad meal there. I also think the location is a plus.

3 breakfats, 2 lunches and 2 dinners in Newport. Please advise.

Plus one for Gary's. I like it.

Grub Sandwich Shop in N'hampton

I want to thank several members of the board particularly Magiesmom for jogging my memory on Serios... I had forgotten that place having only gone there once last year and for an odd reason not thinking about it again. I was considering going to No Ho for the Grub Shop but your posts on Serios made me go there again and I ordered the meatball grinder... it was very good. Worth the money and very good. I'd get it again!

I had gone to Serios once but bought grassfed ground beef there and never ordered a sandwich. Now I'll order the sandwiches. So thanks.

Newport, RI Restaurant Itinerary Recommendations

I'd just like to add to all those really really good choices... Sardellas. I always have a good meal there. I never see it talked about much on the board. It's not too expensive and a few times it won some kind of local award ( Italian food).

Northampton - where to eat past midnight ? and breakfast the next morning ?

Saintp gave a solid option. Here's mine... Go to Packards ( located near Woodstar) and have a drink and order something on their menu. Not sure how long this bar serves food but I believe it'll be close ( check on it) and I've eaten there pretty late ( not sure midnight though). They have an okay menu and the fries are good. I usually get the roast beef club. Sit and eat/drink, then hang out listen to music and order another drink.

Breakfast is hard because all the really really good ones are a wait like what was mentioned of the Green Bean. I like Sylvestor's alot. Haven't been to Jakes in a couple of years ( it closed for a while) but it was good. Plenty of places to grab a quick coffee and donut or bagel though if you're on the go.

Plus at late night do not discount a quick slice of pizza at any number of places so you can be on your way to the bar.

Family Friendly Restaurants in Newport, RI

I'd also add Red Parrot because it has a HUGE menu.

Heading to Mystic CT(staying in Groton) with 2 kids

All good choices... let us know where you went ( feedback).

Heading to Mystic CT(staying in Groton) with 2 kids

S&P Oyster

Mystic has a ton of good places in my opinion for the family. Coming from Westchester NY you'd probably want to avoid Mystic Pizza unless you're a huge fan of the film(which is played on a loop as it's a tourist destination) because the pizza is not New york worthy.

I like AZUs which is in the center of the town. I like S&P Oyster Restaurant (never had the oysters or any seafood there though) which is right by the famed drawbridge and a nice place to eat outside in great weather. I've never eaten at Bravo Bravo but heard praise about it. I ate at Pizzetta's and wanted to like it but it's not that good ( in my opinion). I've eaten at a few other restaurants there and they were all okay, but Azus and S&P are standouts for me.

In good weather my family likes to get ice cream from the Drawbridge Ice Cream shop where you can get sandwiches as well. But I think the ice cream there has gotten a little pricey but since there's no carvel or other ice cream chains in my area I don't know if it's the norm anymore.

Hope this helps. Lots of solid places out there.

List of Newport rest' On Thanksgiving

Possibly going to Newport RI Thanksgiving and was wondering if anyone knew who would be open for early Dinner in 2011... I saw Viking Hotel Restaurant...

Best Pizza Newport...?

Been meaning to get to Pasta Beach. I didn't mean to get into pizza delivery... I meant pizza suggestions and explained I once had A-1 which is supposed to be pretty good and thought it was actually not-so-good ( not bad though).

Pasta Beach
7 Memorial Blvd, Newport, RI 02840

Best Pizza Newport...?

What's the best pizza in Newport RI? I sometimes get a pizza at Red Parrot and it's good, but red Parrot is a restaurant not a pizza place. One time during a rain storm I got pizza delivered to the hotel and it was fair from a place called A-1(? I think), but I wouldn't get it again. Anyway, in a town with good food and drink I was just wondering what people's favorite pizza places are in Newport?

Red Parrot
348 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840

cocktails Amherst/Northampton?

Yeeesss, the Tunnel Bar!