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Best Pollo Asado in Twin Cities?

Help! I am looking for places with great roast chicken in the Twin Cities. My kids are somewhat picky eaters but they will wolf down a good roast chicken. They love Brasa and really like Holy Land for the roast chicken but I want to branch out a little. My holy grail would be a place with good roast chicken they will eat and (ideally) a great Latin/Mexican menu where there are other more exotic things I can sample. Any suggestions?

MSP Review: Keefer Court Bakery & Cafe

I love the roast duck with noodles. It a dish I crave once every couple months or so and beeline over to Keefer Court whenever I do. It is a little greasy, but delicious.

where did the smoked trout from mpls farmer's market go?

I believe the guy you were talking about was Jesse from Trout Air in Forest Lake. Good guy and great fish! I used to buy from him every week. What I heard is that they had a fire in the winter of 2008-9, and decided not to re-build. While I really miss Trout Air, I agree with the Star Prairie Trout reco. Star Prairie is available at the Mill City Farmers Market (bought some today) and The Wedge and other co-ops.

Mill City Cafe
2205 California St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

Best samosa in TCs?

A friend is a hosting a party with Indian food, and wants to serve samosas. Everything is else will be homemade, but she wants to buy samosas. I used to think the best ones were at Asia Imports on Central Avenue, but they have closed. Does anyone have another recommendation?

Puerto Morelos/PDC - finding great ingredients

I wonder if the fish markets I read about in Puerto Morelos are more like stands or trucks where fishermen come in and sell their catch. Judging from my limited knowledge of Spanish it sounds like they might be more like that (with limited hours) than actual markets.

Huckfinn, I really appreciate all of your great tips. I can already taste the arrachera!

Feb 18, 2010
Josh Resnik in Mexico

Puerto Morelos/PDC - finding great ingredients

These are great recos; I really appreciate it. I did a little more research and wondered if huckfinn or anyone else on the board could help me out with any of the following questions:

Grocery all-purpose: Would you recommend the Chedraui over San Francisco, Wal-Mart, Soriana, and Mega?

Produce: You mentioned two places - Marsan and Dac. Is one better than the other? Or does one specialize in one thing vs. the other?

Fish: Oceana sounds like a good bet. I read about two places in Puerto Morelos - Mariscos del Puerto and Sociedad Cooperativa de Producion Pesquera. Anyone familar with those places?

Farmers' Markets: Are there any farmers' markets in the area that I should check out? If so, what days do they run on?

Bakeries: I read about a couple -- Panaderia del Carmen and Les Petits Mervielles. Are either of those worth checking out? Or are they no better than the grocery store bakery?

Italian deli - Sapori di Casi. Typically I stick to Mexican food when in Mexico but if this is supposed to eb really good I would give it a shot.

Specialty - What exactly is Pacsadeli? I saw that it supplies restaurants. Is it worth checking out?

Pizza - I imagine with 7 little kids we might want to ge tthem pizza one night. Is there a good place in PDC for take out pizza?

Feb 15, 2010
Josh Resnik in Mexico

Puerto Morelos/PDC - finding great ingredients

Later in February I am going to be renting a house with some friends about halfway between Puerto Morelos and PDC. We are all very into food. However, dining out will be limited because we have 7 kids under the age of 7 across the 4 families. So I envision us cooking a lot of meals at home and want to know where to get the best ingredients. Specifically, please let me know if you have recommendations in Puerto Morelos or PDC for:

- great fish market
- great produce
- great bakery
- great meat market
- best all-purpose grocery store

Appreciate any advice.

Feb 09, 2010
Josh Resnik in Mexico

Pizza/Crab-cake place off of I-95 in North Maryland

Thanks for the tip. Real salt of the earth place that we would never have found without Chowhound. The pizza was okay -- nothing special -- but did the trick fro my 2 and 4 year old sons. But the crabcakes were excellent. Tons of crab meal and very little filler.

Cheesesteaks or Italian deli near Haverford/Conshohocken

My wife has her college reunion at Haverford this weekend. On Saturday night she is going solo to the reunion and I am taking my two sons (2 and 4) to dinner. I want to find somewhere very casual with good Philly food out in the western 'burbs. I'd like to find something between Haverford and Conshohocken -- where we are staying. I know there are tons of posts about cheesesteaks on this board, but I am not that familiar with the geography. Any recos?

May 26, 2009
Josh Resnik in Pennsylvania

Favorite sugar cereal? :)

Oh, those Golden Grahams!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 11, 2009
Josh Resnik in General Topics

High End Resto in downtown Minneapolis

La Belle Vie!!!!

Sad loss for the Minneapolis Food Community

I heard some sad news this morning. Tim Kordner, who sold his specialty melons at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market, passed away last weekend. His farm was called Brewery Creek, but it was also known as De Vine Melons. For regulars of the Minneapolis Farmer's Market Tim's delicious melons were as much a part of summer in Minneapolis as walks around a lake or ice cream at thelocal scoop shop. Tim was as well known for his bushy mustache and his sense of humor, as he was for his incredible commitment to artisan farming. In addition to over 40 varities of melons (from Conrad B to Marie Antoinette), Tim sold heirloom tomatoes and heirloom potatoes as well. I am not sure what will happen with his farm, but even if someone else keeps it going, the city has lost one of its real personalities at the market. We talk a lot about the importance of small farms and people who do things the right way, Tim was a perfect example of that.

Memorial services are being held Wednesday January 21 from 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. They will be held at Kolden Funeral Home in Belle Plaine at 219 N Willow St.

Attached is a link to a video from the Star Tribune web site where he discusses his craft. It gives you a real appreciation for specialty farmers.

Jan 20, 2009
Josh Resnik in Food Media & News

Middletown, CT - O'Rourkes and pizza

I am going to be in Middletown this weekend for a couple parties with my extended family. In between the festivities I have 4 meals - 1 dinner, 1 lunch, and 2 breakfasts. I will be with my wife and my 3 and 1 year old sons. A few questions on Middletown dining:

1. O'Rourke's - I have been for breakfast but never dinner. What is the dinner menu like? Seemed like a place you could bring kids at breakfast or lunch, what about at dinner? What would be the expected waits for a table at 8 a.m., noon, and 6 p.m.? My recollection of the old place was that it was all booths, so pretty tough with a party of more than 4. We have a few others joining us for a couple meals, would O'Rourke's be able to seat a table of 5 adults and 3 kids under 3?

2. Pizza - What is the best place to get a pizza in town?

3. Other - any other good casual spots that you recommend that would be kid friendly.


Westport, CT - Birthday Dinner

Coming into town from Minnesota for my father's birthday and want to take him out to a nice place for dinner. I am a little out of touch on the restaurant scene in Westport. I was considering the following places, and would appreciate any advice on which one you would pick:

Dressing Room
Via Sforza
Blue Lemon
Meigas (Norwalk)

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

MSP - Taco's on Lake Street

My vote is for Taqueria La Hacienda. The barbacoa tacos are outstanding. I typically get 2 barbacoa and 1 al pastor.

Wausau (WI), Rhinelander (WI), Iron Mountain (MI)

I am taking a road trip in a week from Minneapolis through Wisconsin and up to the UP. Depending on when we hit the road, I figure we will want lunch somewhere between Wausau, Rhinelander, and Iron Mountain. I am prepared to eat early or late and go a little out of the way if there are any great recos. I am looking for some thing casual and quick that has great local flavor. Any advice is appreciated.

Rotisseria - Crazy good chicken

Yes!!!! That place is great. I do not normally love roast chicken, but it is delicious there. Last time I was there I got one order of the fish and one of the chicken. The fish was good -- kind of like the walleye plate at the state fair, but not great. The chicken is the real star of the show. My only disappointment is that I now have to drive further since they left Uptown.

60th and Nicollet, Minneapolis

There are two restaurants at 60th and Nicollet that I have been curious about for a while. One is a Mexican seafood place called Perla del Pacifcio and the other is a Persian restaurant called Shiraz. I have seen little about them on chowhound or in the popular press food reviews. Has anyone tried either of these places, and if so, would you recommend them? If so, what would you order?

MSP/Burnsville-Graduation Dinner

From one Carleton grad, to a soon-to-be Carleton grad, let me offer my congratulations.

Now onto the food. If you are looking for very good Italian -- south of the city, your best bet is to hit Osteria i Nonni in Lillydale. It is not too far up from Burnsville just off of 35E. They serve some of the best Italian that you will find anywhere in the state. There are enough options to please meat, fish, and other food eaters.

If you are not set on Italian or on staying in the immediate Burnsville area, I would recommend you go up to Minneapolis. The night before my graduation 16 years ago we went for dinner at Lucia's in Uptown, and I still think that is one of the best restaurants in the city. The menu is small, and changes with what is in season. But I have always found the food very good.

My favorite restaurant in the city is Restaurant Alma. I was actually there last night and had an outstanding meal. Like Lucia's the menu changes pretty regularly and is relatively small. They have a great three course tasting menu where the first course is more of an appetizer, the second course tends to be a pasta, and the third is the entree -- last night they had artic char, halibut, pork tenderloin, and duck.


I am going to be in Lille for a business meeting in a couple weeks. I am looking for a casual restaurant or pub where a large group of 10-12 people can gather. It would be great to find a place with good food that is typical of that region, but would prefer to avoid very fancy places. My search of the board found nothing on Lille so hoping someone out there can help me out.

Mar 27, 2008
Josh Resnik in France

MSP- We need pie!


Nice dinner in Red Wing, MN

The group will be about 12 people. I believe we are going to the St. James the other night. What are the others that are on the edge of 15 minutes? If they are very good, we would go 15 minutes.

Nice dinner in Red Wing, MN

I am organizing a dinner for work in Red Wing and want to find out what the nicest restaurant is there. I had heard positive reviews a couple years back about the Staghead, but have not heard as much recently. Is it still good? Are there other places that are better? We would go outside of Red Wing, but probably want to stay within 15 minutes.

Naples Citrus

I am fearing there may be a massive outbreak of scurvy in Southwest Florida. None of you Florida chowhounds have suggestions for some good local fruit?

Feb 28, 2008
Josh Resnik in Florida

Naples Citrus

If I want to load up on citrus in the Naples area, what place is my best bet? I have read about Temple Grove, Stoney's and South Naples Citrus. Is one of these better than the others? What varieities are in peak season right now?

Feb 26, 2008
Josh Resnik in Florida

Marco Island - food shopping

I am going in a couple weeks to Marco Island. We are going to be staying in a group with 9 food enthusiastic adults and 7 young kids. While we would love to sample the fine dining of the area we will probably be doing a lot of cooking and some casual lunches out. I have done a lot of research on this site and others, but would love some advice on any of the topics below:

Seafood Markets:
My ideal meal on vacation is fresh fish or shrimp simply prepared. If I am staying on Marco, what is my best option for fresh seafood: Paradise Shrimp, Kirk Fish Company in Goodland, or somewhere else? Are there certain specialties at either of these places? Is Swan's or Captain Jerry's in Naples much better and worth the drive?

Stone Crabs:
If we want to eat stone crabs one night, what is our best bet: Stone Crab Company in Goodland, Capri Fisheries, other?

Citrus Groves:
I love fresh citrus. I have read about a few groves/markets in the area and plan to make the drive to one early in my trip. Is one of these best: Temple Grove, Stoney's, or South Naples? Any others that are better?

If we were to get takeout pizza one night which one of these is best: 5 Brothers, DaVinci's, and Joey's? Others?

Farmer's Market:
Is the Wednesday Farmer's Market on Marco Island at St. Mark's Episcopal Church on Collier Blvd worth a visit? If so, any vendors you would recommend?

Seafood shacks:
While dinners out are not likely to happen, would love to get out for a couple casual seafood lunches. The two that caught my eye were Pelican Bend on the Isle of Capri and the Little Bar in Goodland? Which one has better food? better atmosphere? Kind of mixed reviews on Captain Bryan's; should we avoid that one?

Key Lime Pie:
Love it, but could not find any recos. Where is the best place in the area?

Also did not find a lot. Any you would recommend for bread? muffins/scones? desserts?

I read a little about Abondanza. How are the sandwiches there? I also read about a place called the Gourmet Shop. What is that? Any good?

Okay, ton of questions. I appreciate any advice you can give me. Also, please include any great recommendations of places I have missed. I will be sure to report back.

Feb 15, 2008
Josh Resnik in Florida

MSP-- restaurants around Crystal

Crystal Bistro is great. A perfect chowhound place. The eggplant dish is my favorite.

MSP: Dong Yang Korean

Dave, this may be late for your trip, but for others here are my favorites: 1) kalbi beef -- glazed beef short ribs, 2) the seafood pancake, and 3) bulgogi beef. This place is the ultimate ethnic food find.

duplex - minneapolis

While it is less than half a mile from my house, I have only been once. The meal we had was bordering on awful. One dish was so overly salted it was almost inedible. And the other dish suffered from what seemed like frozen vegetables -- and not good frozen ones like Green Giant, but second tier ones. The space itself is cozy and inviting and price points are attractive but we found the executuion pretty bad.

MSP: Which D'Amico Restaurant?

I would definitely go with Cucina. I like Lurcat for the bar better than the restaurant, but that would be a pretty distant number two.