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The Hungry Haven Charlestown ,R.I. Best Breakfast in Area

I was with my family and some friends on Saturday heading up to R.I. on Route 1 to Misquamicut State Beach.

We all were hungry and wanted to find a place for Breakfast that was not McDonalds or Ducan Donuts .

So i decided to go past Westerly after getting off 95 North .

I headed on Route 1 North and my friend noticed a place across the otherside of the road called The Hungry Haven .

So we decided to go on the turnaround and get on this side rd called South Conty Trail.

This Hungry Haven was on the first right with a Giftshop Village type setting next to it.

We had a 20 minute wait and the place was packed which to me is always a good sign that the food is good.

Finally we had our name called and sat down .

This is place is very down to earth and has homestyle feel to it.

The Staff is very friendly.

Anyway to the food .We all ordered different things .

I ordered one of the daily breakfast specials on the menu which included 2 eggs,homefries,toast and a choice of meats.So I asked for a serving of Bacon and Sausages.

The plate was loaded with a nice portion of each item .

My breakfast was excellent and it cost me on this one item because I added Sausages an extra $2 dollars.

They also serve lunch and dinner aswell.

The prices are resonable and you get a good portion of food that will fill you up fast.
They also have Pancakes,French Toast,WafflesOmelettes,breakfast sandwiches a nice little menu for kids .

The lunch menu includes Soups Salads and what they call starters.

Dinner is served Wednesday thru Saturday 2;30 PM-9 PM.

Next time we drive up .I plan on trying something else on the menu for lunch or dinner.

Its a very relaxing place .

I am sure alot of local folk go there based on the R.I . plates in the parking area.

I noticed some from out of state aswell like ourselves .

If you want some good local cooking .

I highly suggest trying the Hungry Haven .

They are located at 5000 South County Trail off Route 1 North in charslestown,R.I. at the corner of Rt.1&2 in the Charlestown Village Plaza.There phone is (401)-364-3609

Hungry Haven
5000 D S County Trl, Charlestown, RI 02813

White Castle Hamburgers in Connecticut

I love White Castle Hamburgers when I go to New York always sit down and chowdown some of the best little burgers on the planet.

White Castle from what I foundout is going to open 1 or 2 on the Boston Post Rd in Fairfield County here in Connecticut.

As along time craver I can't wait .

I will certianly travel to Fairfield County to get my White Castle burgers which will be better then driving all the way to the Bronx which is the closest one over the boarder.

I also enjoy the fries aswell .

You can eat 15 of this burgers and still not get full .

Aug 11, 2010
FriedChickenLover in Chains

M.J Dukes Famous Philly Style Cheesesteaks Opens First Location Wallingford Conn.Route 5

Hi folks its been a while since I last posted on M.J. Dukes .
I went for lunch today and ordered just a Philly Cheesesteak samwich with just onions and american cheese.
The portion of Steak loaded on the samwich was alot more then when they first opened.

They also have a breakfast menu now aswell which I have yet to try.

I can certianly say this samwich rates a 5 plus .

They plan on expanding and opening other locations .

If you want a good Philly Cheesesteak this is the place to go in Connecticut.

Connecticut Pizza

For me the best Pizza outside of Pepe's and Modern is a place called Christos Pizza in the Wallingford Plaza on Route 5 .
I love there cheese pizza and I would say it almost as good as Pepe's or Modern .

They have a thin crust and its cooked to prefection.

Also in Wallingford Fratelli's Pizza and Little Italy on Route 150 make a good pie.

Christos once you try it you will see why its the best kept secret in the area.

Christos Pizza & Restaurant
970 N Colony Rd, Wallingford, CT 06492

Christos Pizza Wallingford Plaza-Wallingford,CT Review

I've been eating over the years at different Pizza Places here in Wallingford .
Which has many to choose from .
So just a while back I heard about this place called Christos in the Wallingford Plaza .
I like good Pizza like I get in New Haven at Pepe or Modern.
Well I was pleasantly surprised .
We ordered two different pies for the family .
One was a regular Cheese and the other had everything on it accept the anchovies .
The pies came out first bite I had was the cheese.
The crust is thin and not floppy and the sauce ,cheese and oil used to make the Pizza was perfect.
The one with everything on it also allowed me to taste a bit of all the topping they have to offer.

The wait Staff is great and very friendly atmosphere.

Like I said I compare all Pizza I eat to Pepe's and Modern .

If you do not want to drive to Pepe's or Modern I can highly suggest you try Christos.

The Pizza is the best in the Wallingford area even better then Fratelli's and that used to be considered my number 1 spot for Pizza in Wallingford.

Christos is located on Route 5 here in Wallingford ,Ct in the Wallingford Plaza.

Christos Pizza & Restaurant
970 N Colony Rd, Wallingford, CT 06492

White Castle Hamburgers Frozen Review

I have had a number of times the White Castle Hamburgers when I lived in the Long Island area.They are all over the place.
I have always preferred the fresh cooked to frozen.
Since living in Connecticut .
I have had to resort to th Frozen ones in a box that you can get at most major Supermarket chains.
White Castle is the kind of thing that you really like them or you hate them .
A person who likes the White Castle Burgers are known as Cravers .
Because we crave the taste of these mini burgers .
Its something with the Onions when they cook them with 100% beef.
So I have been eating these frozen ones and they do not taste bad at all .
Still I would rather have a fresh White Castle over frozen anyday.

So my question is this have you tried the Frozen product and do you like them ?.

White Casle only has Drive Ins in 11 States but I guess you can buy the frozen ones in the Supermarkets.

Jul 28, 2010
FriedChickenLover in Chains

Checkers Drive In Coming to Connecticut

Hello Folks,

I remember having a Checkers Burger years ago on a trip to Long Island .
It was pretty good.
Just wondering if anyone else has had Checkers Hamburgers and how would you compare them to other Chains in America?
They have that retro-double drive thru for auto's which I thought was cool.

Jul 28, 2010
FriedChickenLover in Chains

Sonic Drive In Comes to Wallingford ,Ct Food Review

Again I am not comparing Sonic to these other Fast Food places that are local to your own State I am comparing Sonic to McDonalds ,BK ,DQ,Arby's,Wendy's etc National Chains not local chains or Independents

Jul 22, 2010
FriedChickenLover in Chains

Sonic Drive In Comes to Wallingford ,Ct Food Review

well with over 900 Sonics in one State that is one to many7 regardless of the Fast Food Chain.

I bet if Texas only had maybe 20 throughout they would all be open.

On Sonics location map Texas they show has 900 plus Sonic's .

That are still open .

Jul 22, 2010
FriedChickenLover in Chains

Sonic Drive In Comes to Wallingford ,Ct Food Review

I resepctfully disagree about the grease .I have had McFats burgers and I can tell you they have alot of grease.

Jul 22, 2010
FriedChickenLover in Chains

Sonic Drive In Comes to Wallingford ,Ct Food Review

Just had the Sonic Onion Rings they were slightly sweet tasting not greasy and really good the other night when I went through the Drive Thru.
I highly suggest the Onion Rings when you come to the new Sonic on route 5 here in my town of Wallingford.
I also heard that White Castle might be coming to Wallingford aswell .
I grew up in Long Island and love White Castle Burgers .
If that happens Will be in Burger Heaven .

Jul 16, 2010
FriedChickenLover in Chains

Sonic Drive In Comes to Wallingford ,Ct Food Review

mels the big difference is this .We are not reviewing the down fall of Krispy Kreme.

Sonic is not like Krispy Kreme and honestly besides good marketing they truly do have great food not just great drinks.

Sonic will be around for many years in Connecticut .

To try and make a comparison between both is unrealistic .

Compare Sonic to lets say McDonalds and Burger King who has a better non greasy Burger? In my humble opinion having Sonic for the first time I would truly say the Sonic Burger had no greasy taste at all.

When I in the past used to eat at McDonalds the burgers are always greasy.

There is a big difference

I know you have been used to seeing Sonics where you used to live and they were everywhere so you got tried of it .

Here in New England its a different ball game .

You will that people in New England will love this for a very long time to come .

Jul 16, 2010
FriedChickenLover in Chains

Sonic Drive In Comes to Wallingford ,Ct Food Review

I finally for the first time was able to after a few years of seeing commercials go to the Grand Opening on Wednesday of Sonic on Route 5 off exit 66 Route 15 ..
It was worth it .
I remember in the 1960's seeing some drive Ins with Car Hops but years later none .
Well I got there and was in line for a Car Hop Booth.
The Menu board is pretty extensive . You have to press a red button to order and then they come over with your food on Roller Skates and deliver your food.Which I enjoyed.
So I ordered a Coney Dog with Chilli and Cheese with Fries and some of the Sonic Tator Tots.
I also tried a Super Sonic Cheese Burger and it was fresh with Lettuce,Tomato,Mayo and Onions it was juicy and not greasy like the other Fast Food Chains .
For a Drink I decided to try the Sonic Slush which come in many flavors and combinations.
I just went for a Grape and Orange Slush .Both were good and my brain did not freeze which is a good thing.
Next time I will go for breakfast.That Menu for Breakfast is an all day one.So you can order Breakfast items all day and night.
I am not comparing Sonic at all with Independent Drive Ins thats another Topic.
Just Fast Food Chains.
If people need info on the new Sonic in my neck of the woods here is a link ,they also have a very active Facebook site aswell . .
Thats my review of Connecticuts first Sonic Drive In.
If you go to this Sonic I would be interested to know what you tried on there menu liked etc.

Jul 15, 2010
FriedChickenLover in Chains

Best Fast Food Drive In Burger in Connecticut

I am really interested in Chains that are Fast Food not the Independents.
I've alays enjoyed the Independent Fast Food places in the area .
So I would like to after Sonic opens just compare the quality of there Burger ,fries etc over the ones I memtioned .
We have all at one point or another eaten at a McDonlds,Burger King ,Arby's,Roy Roger's and even 5 Guy's which I do not consider Fast Food . I like Five Guy's its ok .
Also another Burger chain is coming or is already in Connecticut called Jakes but there again I do not consider that Fast Food.
That's why at least for Connecticut I am only using the names I've listed and the Roy Rogers which I had thought had all closed in Connecticut and became Arby's .
So I will be reading the posts on this .

Jul 10, 2010
FriedChickenLover in Chains

Best Fast Food Drive In Burger in Connecticut

This should be interesting .There are many places to eat in Connecticut that have burgers on there menu and many of them are good.
My question is this .Rating Burger drive Ins which one is your favorite for Burgers .Arby's Burger King ,McDonalds,Wendy's .These are the four national chains in Connecticut .
I will add Sonic Drive In's because they are opening in Connecticut next week and your review of there Burgers will be interesting to hear.
Are all Fast Food Burgers the same or is one better then the other?

Jul 09, 2010
FriedChickenLover in Chains

Wallingford, CT To Get A SONIC Drive-In

They are opening next week July 14th .I plan on tasting the tater tots and the steak and cheese if they still have it on toast.
I love a good steak and cheese.

Wallingford, CT To Get A SONIC Drive-In

Yea i saw that can't wait to try a Toasted Steak and Cheese samwich.

M.J Dukes Famous Philly Style Cheesesteaks Opens First Location Wallingford Conn.Route 5

Hi folks been a while .
I like M.J. Dukes but for the price they need to load up the samwich with alot more steak then they currently do and keep the price the same .

If they do that the Philly Steak and Cheese will be filling .
Thats the only down side .
Next anyone goes in suggest they put more meat in the Philly steak at the same price.

M.J Dukes Famous Philly Style Cheesesteaks Opens First Location Wallingford Conn.Route 5

A few weeks ago I noticed a new restaurant called M.J. Dukes which was formerly Donut Delight/Blimple's.

One night my wife and I decided to try them and see if the Cheesesteaks were any good.

Well they were made fresh and tasted great.

I cannot compare this to the famous Philly Steak places in Philadelphia but this was really good.I had Steak with American Cheese and oinions on it . It was a 9 inch but you can order a slider which is half of that .

My wife had the slider with what they call a Cheezewhiz topping and onions.

They have a full menu which includes the Philly Steak Sandwiches ,Hot Dogs that are 10 inch long dogs,Soups and Chili.

For kids they have a Childrens Menu which includes a choice of mac and cheese,Hotdogs,soup or chili kid size.

Next time I will try the 10 in dog with all the toppings.

Prices are reasonable and the people at the counter that take your order are friendly and you can watch your food being cooked aswell.

They said plans are to open a second location in Connecticut where I do not know.

They are open Sunday-Thurday 11:00 AM -9 :00 PM Friday and Saturday 11-10:00 PM and are located at 684 North Colony Road in Wallingford ,Ct which is (Route 5 ).

I give this place a 5 stars for great Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches.

Wallingford, CT To Get A SONIC Drive-In

I just found this out .Have for many months been trying to get Sonic to come to Wallingford at that very location.
However they decided it's great that Wallingford will be the first location in New England of Sonic .
They picked a wonderful location I can't wait to park the car and try the food .
Which I hear is really good .
I am certain people will come for miles within Connecticut to try this place and maybe other area's of New England when traveling through.
I bet they will be open in Spring because driving by there nothing seems to be going on yet.