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Toki Underground is an awesome little place

I wonder if it helped that it was summer. Although Toki has an insane wait time almost all year round. I was once told it would be a 5 hour wait (needless to say I went elsewhere)

Ba Le Vietnamese Bakery Deli Falls Church

I also prefer Banh Mi DC despite it not being in Eden Center.

Howard County, Montgomery County Tortas

The tortas at Taqueria Distrito Federal in downtown Silver Spring are good. I don't think it's traditional but I always ask for a substitution of carnitas in lieu of deli meats. They owners are happy to oblige.

Oyamel, Daikaya or Zaytinya

Daikaya is delicious but I've only had the dumplings and ramen, no tasting menu. Also see if you can get the backroom as the main area is crowded and loud.

Hill Country DC

The prices are very high, I'd be strategic about your sides in order to save money. The moist brisket is very good.

Where to find fresh shishito or padron peppers in Mo Co or nearby?

one vendor in takoma park farmer's market was selling them last week. Maybe try your luck there?

Most interesting chocolate covered item?

Chocolate covered potato chips!

Jul 21, 2013
msjess in General Topics

Best chocolate milkshake in the DMV?

Pretty sure you can get a dark chocolate milkshake at Bobby's Burger Palace up in Colelge Park and ask for malt powder

Quarry House Tavern - Silver Spring

I got to Quarry House on a monthly basis. Great neigbhorhood bar. My friends and I like Taco Tuesday where you get three tacos and a margarita for ten bucks.

Snacks near The Basilica of the National Shrine

Menomale is excellent. But it's more of a sit down restaurant. if you are looking for portable snacks then Union Market would be a good bet.

Visiting DC for a short trip, looking for suggestions

My husband is a consummate beer nerd and here are some of his favorite places for unusual and awesome beers

-Birch and Barley- great food (mostly contemporary american) with a really amazing beer list. Kind of a splurge
-Granville Moores- awesome mussles and frites with belgian beers
-Menomale- it's a neighborhood pizza joint with a killer beer list. Leland

Kid-friendly/best take-out pizza in Bethesda?

I'm very fond of Mia's Pizza. Their pizza is excellent and they are pretty family friendly.

Bethesda dinner options - with parents

Assagi Mozzerella or Grapeseed are good options. Well Grapeseed is more of a hike.

In need of good stew suggestions

I'm having friends over for dinner on Sunday and I'm having menu planning block (Is that such at thing?). I want to bake some beer bread and do some kind of one pot stew but I can't settle on any particular thing. I don't think I want to go the Irish route so no corned beef/cabbage for me. Maybe some kind of chicken or lamb stew?

My only caveats is no shellfish (allergies) or olives (yucky)

Mar 14, 2013
msjess in Home Cooking

Washington D.C. Food Itinerary

Shakes at good stuff are in fact pretty good. The toasted marshmellow one is worth the sugar high. Also the sodas at "we the pizza" are pretty good.

Looking for a fun or interesting restaurant in DC

You might like Coco Sala which is a desert themed place and has multi course deserts.

Thai Cooking Class Bethesda or NW

L'Academie is very good but very expensive.

Gluten Free Doughnuts?

I want to have a Hannukah get-together this week with doughnuts. My sister in law was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. Any hounds have a lead on gluten free dougnuts? Or should I just get her a pint of ice cream

Authentic Roman cuisine in the DC area?

I think Dino's has served carbonara before but they also serve a lot of venetian/tuscan food

Chinese food catering in Silver Spring

I am having a party and want to get a Chinese restaurant or take out cater several dishes (lo mein or sesame noodles, dumplings) in portions big enough to serve about 30 people. Does any hounds know of a Silver spring Chinese restaurant who would do this?

Beating the crowds at Momofoku Noodle bar/Ssam

no with my husband

Sep 11, 2012
msjess in Manhattan

Beating the crowds at Momofoku Noodle bar/Ssam

Hey chowhounders, I am traveling to NYC for my birthday. I'd love to eat at either ssam bar or noodle bar. However I'm only in town for the day and will need to catch a train that evening. Since they don't take reservations can someone give me an idea for what the average wait time would be for early Saturday night? Would my best bet be showing up as soon as they open?

Sep 11, 2012
msjess in Manhattan

H Street NE -- Atlas District (Toki U. in particular)

I can't compare Toki's to Ippudo or Momofuku but the ramen I had was excellent.

My recomendations for enjoying Tokis

Go in a small group, not only is it easier to get seats but the way the tables are set up you are likely to end up sitting next to your dining companions.

Put your name in, give them your phone number and go find a bar to get your drink on while you wait. liked Fruit bat, but sadly it's gone away. (I haven't been to the new bar it's apparently all arcade games and such?)

Don't be shy about ordering the extras.

Moving to downtown Silver Spring - a summary, please

The food at Quarry is almost too good for a dive bar. They do very delicious things with Tater Tots/

Up Georgia ave from silver spring is York Castle Ice cream is another highlight. They do amazing tropical flavors.

Also in Wheaton is E Pollo Rico, which does amazing salvadorean chicken

affordable dinner near Union Station

Art and Soul might work, they have allow dogs on their patio and even have a pooch patio menu

It's not super affordable but it's not terribly expensive either.

Menu items that have "jumped the shark" in DC

I think the chicken and waffles obsession is that almost every restraunt has chicken on the menu as a concession to picky eaters but fried chicken is more fun than roasted.

"Least Favorite Vegetable" Poll

Green peppers, yuck! And I don't like fennel either.

May 20, 2012
msjess in General Topics

Chicken and Waffles in DC

They serve brunch all day on Sunday. I found that out one time by accident when I booked a reservation for Sunday evening. they do serve more savory things around dinner.

Chicken and Waffles in DC

I've had birch and barley's and they were indeed very very good. They had excellent fried chicken, very flavorful.

Founding Farmer's would be a distant second for me.

Menomale-a preview

First off a disclose, I was invited to the "friends and family" preview because I know the owner.

Menomale is a new Neapolitan pizzeria in the Brookland/Rhode island avenue neighborhood. The first thing you see when you walk in the door is their huge brick oven that can cook a pizza in less than a minute and two pizzaolos making pizza. You round the corner to see a small cozy restaurant and bar. The bartender is a self professed "beer nerd" and serves all kinds of unusual brews such as Japanese wit beer, florin sours. They also plan to serve wine and mixed drinks but they haven't gotten all the t 's crossed and i's dotted on the liquor licence.

For dinner we sampled their margarita pizza which is a great exercise in simplicity- a dough made from bread, salt, water and air, sauce made from marzano tomatoes and salt, topped with a restrained amount of buffalo mozzarella, basil and (at my behest) a sprinkling of Parmesan and chopped garlic. When the restaurant opens they will have more topping options including different cheese (after I had sung the praises of ricotta on pizza), vegetables and smoked meats. Since one of the owners is vegan they also had a pretty decent vegan cheese option. My one complaint is that they might want to hold off on the sauce a little so the pizza is less soggy. The flavors were delcious, the crust was chewy, sauce was sweet but not overly so and the garlic added a great bit.

Besides pizza the Menomale plans to serve salads, calzones, brick oven sandwich and deserts. They are working on the final details as well as getting a liquor licence so they hope to be open within a month.