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Chicken Wings with Explosive Chile

LOVE spicy hot foods, hate deep fat frying. Can anyone suggest a good baking, broiling recipe morph for this?

Dec 05, 2010
Chilipepr in Recipes

Superseed Bar

I'd love to see this recipe morphed to accept prunes rather than dates. I imagine due to the difference in liquid content between the fruits there would have to be adjustments otherwise. Maybe decrease the amount of brown rice syrup? Other suggestions?

Sep 05, 2010
Chilipepr in Recipes

The Basics: How to Make Veggie Risotto

@mrbigshotno.1 - It's filed under "Recipes:The Basics" and it's called "Recipe-free cooking". A change of pace from the standard recipe format.

@arobmadrid - regarding your comment about Parmesan not being vegetarian, the recipe was not listed as vegetarian, rather as "Veggie", meaning pertaining to vegetables. Vegetarian is not even listed in the tags for this recipe.

As for the recipe, I agree with others that a quality rice is key here, and my vote for vegetable broth would be a homemade version, fresh and tailored to your own liking. Simple and delicious, thank you!

Jan 31, 2010
Chilipepr in Features

Honeyed Cashews with Kosher Salt

hmmm... not so easy to find "raw" cashews in my neck of the woods. Did anyone use regular (roasted, salted) cashews from a can? If so, did you alter the recipe at all the compensate? Thanks!

Jan 07, 2010
Chilipepr in Recipes


Isn't it our own ego that allows us to judge others?

...and can't we all just get along?

Back on point, thanks for posting this recipe. I am looking forward to trying both recipes, the original post and sans nuts as hanna5 suggests. Though I'm curious; without the nuts would the proportions of the other ingredients change?

Jan 07, 2010
Chilipepr in Recipes

Abalone Sauce Recipes

Hi chefmomma,

Maybe I can help with one recipe. Interestingly enough, I was looking online for where to purchase or how to make abalone sauce as I just found a recipe from 'PF Changs China Bistro' restaurant that calls for it. Maybe we can help each other out! The recipe I came across is for Shrimp Dumplings. I have attempted to attach the .pdf file that I downloaded from their website, but if that doesn't work you can go directly to their website and download the .pdf of the recipe yourself. Copy/paste this into your web browser: and just click on the "Shrimp Dumplings" link. As long as you have Adobe Acrobat or some other .pdf reader, you should be good to go! I hope this helps you out. Now, any clues where I can purchase or how to make abalone sauce? Thanks!

Jun 23, 2009
Chilipepr in Home Cooking