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Blue Moon Sports Grill/A Taste of Mediterranean PHX

Having been somewhat of a regular for the last few years, I have talked with Mr. Susan regarding his place. The restaurant menu (and chef) is the same as it was before the fire. Regardless of what others say, the gyros and stuffed grapes leaves (#5) menu item is delicious and enough to feed two people. Mr. Susan simply needs a way to repay the cost of the rebuild. In today's dollars that means extra hours. His restaurant menu switches to a more "bar food" menu in the evening (9:00-ish) and he stays open later to serve that crowd.

The cost of a Budweiser isn't more than anyplace else. Plenty of big screens and everything I have eaten there has been worth the cost.

Personally, I like Mr. Susan (his military honorable discharge papers hang on the wall) and I support ToM and Blue Moon whenever I can.

Jun 23, 2009
ustation1 in Phoenix