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XO Taste

2 People we had dinner around 6:30pm

Ordered Steamed Dumplings (just because) nothing special about them very doughy won't order the next time.

Sizzling Black Pepper Sauce Beef (as Alkapal mentioned very tender) I wish it was a touch saltier, and the sauce is too much for me, I know the corn starch etc, the beef itself was great, for $16 good portion for 2 people, not spicy at all.

Roasted Pork on Rice (i ordered the one that comes with the skin), I love pork, and I love chinese Roasted pork (with the red spices etc), so it was delish, I think it has a bean sauce on the side kind of sweet it gave a nice touch to the rice but just the pork and what I believe was steamed bok choy was great by themselves.

at the end they offered a sweet black bean & corn soup, give it a try! it takes a while to get used to it but it goes great in contrast with the meal you usually order.. I didn't finish it but had half of it... it was a different taste.

I will definitively go again!

DC Chownhound going to NYC

Thanks so much, I just was a little sad they remove my previous post so I dont think I can even put the date I will be in NYC =S (next weekend).

Dec 09, 2010
helenahimm in Manhattan

DC Chownhound going to NYC

ok so there r like tons of rules to post something like this.. ill keep it quick.

2 people from DC going to Manhattan, will try Street food... please send an email if you are around the area and want to join us.

littleladycook (at) or jc (at)


Dec 09, 2010
helenahimm in Manhattan

Vienna Virginia Too late

I will try the Asian options the next time, I've been to Metro 29 & Bob & Edith's.. I really didn't like their food at all but thanks!


Vienna Virginia Too late

I wish I had know about these options... I was around 11:30pm in Arlington starving after a concert.. I won't even say where I ended up eating I was really really hungry...

The next time Yechon will be my salvation =)

Flavors a real Soul Food Joint.

You guys are right, my description of the place seemed rather scary and sketchy, but it is not true I mean at least I just have a huge imagination and my boy is very picky with the places where we actually eat, for example he can't eating at Super Pollo, so we always take to eat, or at the Charrito Caminante, he can deal with the share table at Pho 75, but no at Flavors or Super Pollo even less Charrito Caminante, so it is just to give you an idea of who I was eating with =D

It is a joint afterall and if you expect higher ambience the price will go up I bet so I take this appearance any given day and just take the meal home, for those lucky that don't have a picky-place-location eater then just enjoy Flavors, the Frieds chicken again was amazing!

Flavors a real Soul Food Joint.

I'm not good with all the long writing so here we go.

Fried Trout and Fried Chicken.
Sides: french fries, bread, corn bread.

The Trout good taste and I have no idea where do they get their fish, considering how the place looks like I am afraid of asking.

The Chicken was SUPERB!!! I would go more often if I would dare to ask about where do they get this stuff... I would rather not find out and go once in a while, you know the classic, close your eyes don't ask questions. I have no reason to go to a fast food chicken place with Flavors around, a little more expensive BUT way better in taste and it is still very cheap.

The sides, forget about them, do not order them. you can order just the protein which is an awesome option.

TIPS: If you want to try their food, call ahead order and pick it up, have at home ready salad, biscuits and such because really the sides are cheap but terrible, awful.

I guess if I go again and there is a lot of people I would feel more comfortable with the idea of eating there, but that was not the case when i went, it was just me, my boy and the guy behind the fryer plus the cashier lady, they were nice but i was just waiting for a serial killer to show out of nowhere with the mood and the appearance of the joint.

Best Chicken in Columbia Pike I've tried!

Thai/Asian Market in Arlington area?

I have a bag of around 4lbs for sticky rice, to test a recipe I don't need the rest, send me an email to littleladycook (at) if you want it!

if you need more than that you could buy it were I got it at the Store of Bankgok 54 on Columbia Pike!

Good luck =)

Go to Pupatella!

Their arancino is very decent indeed!

I won't drive to Orso unless someone else pays, 2 Amys on the other hand their suppli still delish delish...

Orso vs. Pupatella?

I've been at least 10 times at Pupatella and around 4 to Orso.

Main Reason, price because they both have fantastic pizzas.

When I go for pizza and I care a lot for appetizers and etc I drive all the way to 2amys, honestly Orso has good stuff and is a little less loud thatn 2 Amys, but their Suppli is nothing like 2Amys and that\s my favorite thing after Pizza when I visit these restaurants.

Pupatella hands down, delicious & cheaper!! =)

5104 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22203

Jarritos in DC?

I just have seen them at the Charrito Caminante in Clarendon, VA area.

Pizzeria Orso

I went to Pizzeria Orso last Wednesday 21, it was nice to see the same waitress who has taken care of me at 2Amys now she works for Orso. The GM of 2Amys moved to Orso and her husband is the Chef as far as I know.

My experience, 3 people we ordered Suppli, cold, uncooked rice, flavorless sauce, cheese wasn't even melted, it didn't seem fresh and I am not expecting to be the same suppli as 2Amys, I just wanted it to be great or good at least and it wasn't.

I ordered the special Pizza, chanterelle, garlic & grana... the dough is great, the next time I do need melty chewey mozzarella, but that was my fault ha!

Other person order the Pizza Bianca and the other person order the Pepperoni, they were both happy but wishing their pizzas would have stay a few secs longer, but taste wise delicious.

I will try it again when feel like going for a drink or a big group to hang out since their service is really friendly! and have some Grote sel Sol wine which I love... but for now I will stay with Pupatella because it is closer a drive, or 2Amys just because their Suppli are the best!


5104 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22203

Tomate de Árbol, Tree Tomato or Tamarillo in DC area, VA or MD?

I've been looking for this fruit and I read US is growing it, does anyone know if I can purchase it either the fruit a paste or the compote anywhere near DC area?


Vietnamese Wedding- Need Help Finding a Restaurant

I really hope you find a place, this sounds is going to be an amazing Wedding!

Best Pizza in DC?

Oh yes, I havent tried them but they are supposed to be a big deal... maybe i should give them a try someday =)


NYC to Clarendon/Ballston Area-Need Some Help

Welcome to NoVA area! if your boy and you want to join my boy and me we love going out for lunch on Saturdays and early dinner for Sundays (annandale, falls church, etc,)

On Clarendon they mentioned it (Lyon Hall, Liberty Tavern, coffee at the Northside Social (all these three places same owners). Minhs's, Rays Herll Burger, The Italian Store (very long walk or a short drive).

Steve has mentioned Chez Manuelle which I haven't tried yet.

China Garden for dim sum, though I have read that the good stuff is in Wheaton, MD

Pupatella just opened a pizzeria just passing Ballston, they used to have a cart outside the Metro, I think is one of the best in Arlington, though my favorite pizza is the good old 2 Amys in DC.

Thai Square & Bangkok 54 for Thai food on Columbia Pike I find is better than the Ballston/Clarendon area stuff.

Quick bites Charrito Caminante (stay with the tacos & pupusas (except for the chicken taco). Dont order the Tamarind or Horchata, if you guys know the good stuff don't waste your time on their drinks, maybe some soda pop =)

Anything specific you guys are hoping to find in the area?

2500 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

Thai Square
3217 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA 22204

Italian Store
3123 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22201

The Liberty Tavern
3195 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22201

Ballston Cafe
4601 Fairfax Dr Lbby 2, Arlington, VA 22203

Bangkok 54 Restaurant and Bar
2919 S Columbus St, Arlington, VA 22206

5104 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22203

Persian in DC

CoconutMilk, what's your take on Astors?

Sweet Plantains

Does anyone know where I could find Sweet Plantains (yellow) in Porto. banana culinaria?


May 18, 2010
helenahimm in Spain/Portugal

Anyone going to Taste of Arlington this Sunday?

Lyon Hall will be there, I am not sure what the other restaurants will be offering but this one will be offering Bratwurst as their facebook page says here!/ph...

Food carts?

On Rebel Heroes, well not a cart but a truck, they were good, I still think my favorite has been Pupatella, though I havent tried the Fojol Brothers or District Taco.

Here is my take on Rebel Heroes


La Caraquena -- Falls Church

If i am not mistaken, i have seen fresh sapote at the Harris Teeter onGlebe Road, on the international fruit & vegetables section.

Hank's or Tacklebox?

Now I have to go to Kinkead's!

Kinkead's Restaurant
2000 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20006-1812

Hank's or Tacklebox?

For Lobster Roll, Hanks a little pricey but delish (the po-boy the caramel bread pudding, the fries, the salad i love Hank's, but Liberty Taverns was darn good and way cheaper for lunch, Tacklebox not my cup of tea.

The Liberty Tavern
3195 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22201

Chez Manelle in Arlington - Report

I will try this week, I have seen that restaurant but I don't know why I didn't even bother to do research about it, I just thought it would be another bad joint, glad to read your report Steve!

Lyon Hall new Restaurant?

I hear you, it bothers me when a waiter is removing my plate and I haven't finished it =(

Lyon Hall new Restaurant?

HI ktmoomau, they sent the food too soon?

Northside Social Coffee and Wine in Arlington, VA (Murky Coffee)

Ohh I tried Mario's twice mostly because everyone said it is a tradition in the area, but i would rather have a KFC Double Down that their pizza ever again =( it was really really bad, eventhough the Pizza Makers are really nice and seem to put their heart into it, you would be happier with a frozen pizza from Digiornos =(

Northside Social Coffee and Wine in Arlington, VA (Murky Coffee)

We ordered 2 capuccinos and we found them way too wet but the next time we will just ask for them a little dry.

On the dessert I ordered the Passion Fruit Mini Bundt and though it needed more texture and maybe some sort of glaze the flavor of passio fruit was written all over it.

I respect that they make their own goods, I still prefer the coffee over Java Shack!

Lyon Hall new Restaurant?

Has anyone tried this place yet?

Songkran (Thai New Year) Festival 2010 in Silver Spring Tomorrow (April 11)

I can't believe I missed this.