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Group dining for 150 people?

Just to clarify, it will be for DINNER, not lunch. Sorry I did not make that clear. So the LA Live might be an option (but I find the general neighborhood atmosphere a bit sterile). But that could also rule out Spago, from what I understand. Thanks for the WP catering tip!

Jun 12, 2009
cedichou in Los Angeles Area

Group dining for 150 people?

Haven't been to Yamashiro in almost 15 years, but thanks for mentioning it, it brings back memories. Great suggestions, thanks a lot.

Jun 12, 2009
cedichou in Los Angeles Area

Group dining for 150 people?

It's going to be a Saturday in November. Thanks for the feedback, this is very useful!

Jun 11, 2009
cedichou in Los Angeles Area

Group dining for 150 people?

Here are some other recommendations I received:
- Gardens on Glendon (westwood)
- Shanghai Red (marina del rey)
- La Bodeguita de Pico (mid-wilshire)

Any idea how these would compare against, say, BoHo or I Cugini? I understand the food is all over the place, but I mean in terms of value, atmosphere, staff friendliness, etc.?

Jun 11, 2009
cedichou in Los Angeles Area

Group dining for 150 people?

Yes, it's per head. It's a ballpark figure though, not a hard ceiling. And guests are from all over the world, I'm organizing some meeting and we have about that budget to thank them for coming.

Jun 11, 2009
cedichou in Los Angeles Area

Group dining for 150 people?


I'm looking for a place to take a super large party, 150 people. Preferably a fun place. I think the budget should be under $100, including wine and drinks. I guess for that size, I'm not expecting super high quality food, but it would not hurt. Also, we'll be busing these people from USC to LAX, so somewhere in between or on the west side would help. I'm at loss with coming up with a place, any recommendations?


Jun 10, 2009
cedichou in Los Angeles Area

breakfast in Palo Alto

Thanks for the info!

breakfast in Palo Alto

I need a place for a breakfast meeting (only a handful of participants) in a few weeks in Palo Alto. I thought Maxine Cafe was what I was looking for, but there's closed on Mondays. I need something relatively low key, walking distance from the University Ave CalTrain station, open early on a Monday. Any suggestions?

wine shop in PA

I need a wine shop to find a bottle of Sauternes near Palo Alto caltrain station (preferably walking distance). Any good recs?

Woodhouse Seafood, San Francisco..adds fried combo plate

How much for the combo?

Michelin Unveils San Francisco Ratings Today

Or you are biased favorably towards Italian food, and against French food...

Oct 04, 2006
cedichou in Food Media & News

where to eat dinner in centreville/chantilly/fairfax area

I just wanted to thank all those you gave me some advice. Unfortunately, I was not able to capitalize on it, so I cannot report on any places. I ended up having social event at the hyatt in reston, nothing too exciting for sure. Anyhow, thanks a lot!

where to eat dinner in centreville/chantilly/fairfax area

On an expense account, so price is not really an issue (well, within some reasonable bounds) but looking for a few happening places to check out early this week. Something local and idiosyncratic preferred. Thanks!

Parcel 104?

I had a disappointing lunch there. Dirty silverware, absent minded service, and food that lacked inventiveness and spark. They were trying to upsell some house-made specialty lemonade drinks that were ok, but not super exciting. The setting is pretty drab, in a windowless room in some marriott hotel conference center wing. I would not call it romantic or special occasion-ish. There are many places in the area I would try before going back to parcel 104.

Little Star pizza coming to the Mission

It opened tonight at 5:30pm. I did not see much going on in there when I stopped by, but pizza was offered in exchange of money.

"One Hit Wonders" - restaurants you only go to for 1 or 2 items?

On the subject of swordfish: check if it imported or not. Local line-caught swordfish is sustainable, but there's overfishing of swordfish in other countries.

HORRIBLE experience @ Bar Crudo

I am always impressed at the care Delfina takes of its customers. I had a small mishap with them, nothing major, but the way they handled it was plain amazing. They more than compensated me, they converted me!

Overrated disappointments

You cannot go back to Hawthorne Lane, they are shutting down. Will remodel, reopen as "22" according to inside scoop.

Delicious Croissants

Frozen, ships overnight.

Sounds strange. But $40 + taxes + $8.50 shipping for 24, that's more than $2 per, you're better off getting to delanghe or tartine in the morning.

Aug 29, 2006
cedichou in General Topics

where to buy rose water?

Thanks to all. Eventually found some at Golden Produce, across from the market safeway. I was on my way to Rainbow, whom I had called and does indeed have it on its shelf right now.

where to buy rose water?

In SF preferably, open on Sundays as well. Thanks!

TEN: a new (Korean-style) JAPANESE restaurant in the Sunset

strange, the service was pretty good when I went there. The okonomiyaki (we had the green onion version) did not shock my Japanese dining companion. It was quite huge, we could not finish it, took the leftovers home.

Beard Papa - other flavors? [Moved from S.F. board]

the pumpkin was surprisingly good.

Aug 06, 2006
cedichou in Chains

sanmi (geary @ spruce) in the old BY Grill location

sanmi means three seeds or three pods, per the kanji that you show. It also means acidity.

What is the latest on Woodhouse Fish Company?

Probably because it is not crab season right now? I noticed a difference in the crab between my two visits. The second time, it was more watery texture for the meat, and less flavorful.

Strange that they would be stingy. That's not the adjective which comes to mind when I recall my meals there. And I had that crab/prawn dish.

What is the latest on Woodhouse Fish Company?

Rworange talks about dropping hints re: a combo plate? How about spelling it out?

Bar Crudo Query

This won't work anymore, there is only the last 40 posts on the page, and few if any will mentino crudo. Google: ''

best place to go for something sweet in north beach?

Best chocolate gelato in the hood? Better than the peppery chocolate at Naia? The one which I cannot spell, but if I tried would look like 'xoclatl'. That was some darn good gelato.

Ame. Have you been? How are the desserts?

Desserts are boring as hell. Not to eulogize Winterland one more time, but they had darn good desserts.

Unless it has changed dramatically since the winter, Ame's desserts use first rate ingredients, amazingly beautiful ingredients, into predictable desserts that totally let me down.

I had a carrot cake/cheese cake?? because I thought the question mark would indicate some twist, some surprise, some creativity, some imagination. Nope. It was a good carrot cake atop a good cheesecake. Very dull.

I had an ice cream sunday (again the name was inventive, someting about a monkey tail, and indeed there was a money shaped cookie hanging from the side of the tall sundae glass by its tail). The ice cream was excellent, there was some liquor in it, some whipped cream obviously whipped fresh. But it's a dish I can make at home, except with lower quality ingredients.

Bullshead in the Castro

I saw the signs a couple weeks ago, are they open already?