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Recs for Thermador service in SF?

I have a 10+ year old Thermador with two ovens, six burners and griddle. We've had problems before with various burners and the ovens maintaining a temperature. We used Mars Appliance at Thermador's recommendation but didn't get great results. Now my bigger oven has stopped working completely just in time for Thanksgiving. Please share recs so I can get this fixed before December! My daughter will be crushed if we can't bake Christmas cookies!

Thanks in advance.

Food trucks for Half Moon Bay bday

We're in the city but doing our daughter's birthday party at Pastorino Farms in HMB. I thought a food truck would be fun but don't get south much so beyond Curry Up Now I don't know what's available. And I don't want to spend the $2k on Sam's Chowdermobile when half the guests will be 3 and under! Any recs for a truck that does great food and would have more reasonable mins for a quick lunch would be appreciated, esp tacos/pizza/sammies/other kid friendly eats. Thanks!

Where to buy Thai sweet dark soy in SF?

Thanks to everyone who replied. In case anyone else is looking, Battambang on Eddy has multiple brands and varieties. I paid less for two huge bottles and some rice noodles than I would have just for shipping if I had bought online!

Where to buy Thai sweet dark soy in SF?

Thanks for the tips! Will try the two places in the city before sucking it up and driving to Daly City if I don't have any luck.

Where to buy Thai sweet dark soy in SF?

Would like to be able to make pad see ew at home for very picky two year old. No luck at the markets I've tried on Clement and would rather not spend $7 shipping a $5 bottle. Thanks!