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Vidalia or Georgia Brown's?

DC Restaurant Week is up (, and I've been meaning to get to both Vidalia and Georgia Brown's. I suppose I have two questions here: 1) which is better overall, and 2) has anyone had a great or not-so-great restaurant week experience at either?


Two Days in Baltimore - Obrycki's? Eastern Shore?

I will be heading from DC to Baltimore in a couple weeks for a Saturday night game at Camden Yards. I'll have pretty much all day Saturday and Sunday in the Baltimore area. Despite the cliche, I think I want to do crabs/seafood at least once if not for every meal... I'm planning on Obrycki's for dinner Saturday night. Any better options near Camden Yards for crabs?

Also, I'd appreciate any other suggestions for Sunday brunch, lunch, or dinner anywhere else in B-more. Finally, I think I might be going out to the Eastern Shore for some beach time - any restaurant recs out in that direction?

Thanks in advance!

Good Stuff Eatery - capital hill

I've been a few times... Burgers were consistently good. Not greasy, well cooked, etc. Fries have been so-so at best. Onions petals might be the way to go...

Plus, there's something to be said for having a mayo bar....

Help! - Where to buy half smokes while Eastern Mkt is moving?

Totally appreciate the input... Just called Tortilla Cafe and it was a no go, at least the woman who answered the phone was very nice...

Sushi in Dupont

I agree that Sakana is average and is nowhere near excellent. It has never been terrible, but I do not think it compares with old Sushi Taro, may it rest in peace. I also find eating there pretty unpleasant - it always feels stuffy and there is pretty much no lobby area to wait for a table (matters more in the winter). As take out goes, it is a serviceable option.

I think Kaz is worth the walk, although it can get pricey. They regularly have real wasabi, which is pretty cool.

Favorite piece of cookware in your kitchen?

5 quart enameled dutch oven! soups...stews...braising...sauces...even just making pasta (it holds so well the water returns to a boil quickly after adding pasta)...

Jun 22, 2009
congressionalfoodie in Cookware

Help! - Where to buy half smokes while Eastern Mkt is moving?

I'm hosting a nationals/red sox watching party for former boston people now living in DC, and I was hoping to serve half smokes from Canales over at Eastern Market (which are fantastic) and Boston beer (Harpoon, Sam Adams). I was pretty disappointed to see that the market was closed this past weekend, although happy the original facility will be reopening this weekend. Anyway...does anyone know somewhere other than Eastern Market (ideally around Dupont Circle), that sells uncooked half smokes?