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Agriturismo near Bologna without a car?

Hi folks,

I've been scouring the boards for an upcoming trip to Bologna, and lots of people recommend trying an agriturismo outside of the main towns. We're planning on doing a week in Bologna (with day trips to Ferrara, Parma and Florence), but we really really don't want to rent a car. Does anyone know of a good agriturismo that one could actually reach without one? The options I can imagine would be train, taxi, even bicycle. (Though I'm not sure I'd want to have to bike miles back to Bologna after a big meal!) Thanks!

Apr 03, 2012
chspls in Italy

park slope-ish dinner good for a group of 8?

thanks everyone! good ideas all around. if the rest of the party is into that kind of food, i think i'll recommend korzo or milan's. i've been to both and really liked them, and had somehow forgotten them. i've only had korzo's brunch, so i'd be interested to see how their dinners are.

Sep 24, 2010
chspls in Outer Boroughs

park slope-ish dinner good for a group of 8?

hi folks, can anyone help me think of a restaurant in the park slope area (could also be in a close-by neighborhood like prospect heights, south slope/windsor terrace) that would be good for a group of 8 to actually be able to have conversations? things i'm looking for would be a relatively quiet environment so we can hear each other and preferably tables that are either round or would accommodate a person at the head and foot of the table. maybe in the $15-20 entree range - don't want to go much above that because some folks in the group are on tight budgets. ideas?

Sep 24, 2010
chspls in Outer Boroughs

Europea lunch prix fixe?

i'm heading up to montreal from nyc this weekend for a week and plan on eating A LOT. my budget doesn't quite match all my cravings, so i was thinking of going to a superfancy place or two for their more affordable lunches and going cheap for dinner those nights. europea seems to get raves for a 3-course prix fixe lunch, but i looked at their website and only see a 2-course table d'hote - is this a change, or is the 3-course prix fixe just not advertised? if it's not around any more, would folks recommend perhaps decca77 instead? or someplace else? i like pretty much everything except for the heaviest of heavy foods (thinking of skipping au pied de cochon, for example).

any other tricks to save money and still eat very well are welcome!

Jun 21, 2009
chspls in Quebec (inc. Montreal)