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Best warm lobster roll in Connecticut?

Great tips on the Lobster Landing. We stopped by yesterday for lunch on our way down I-95 from Providence and it was divine.

Perfectly cooked lobster served warm and simply dressed with butter on a perfectly toasted New England style roll.

Definitely worth the trip, and a very short & easy ride from I-95.

Highly recommended.

Lobster Landing
152 Commerce St, Clinton, CT 06413

Jun 29, 2011
Zobot in Southern New England

Half Priced Wine in Fairfield County, CT?

Pine Social in New Canaan also does 1/2 price wine bottles on Sunday.

The Pine Social
36 Pine Street, New Canaan, CT 06840

Apr 26, 2011
Zobot in Southern New England

Morelli's Pizza Now Open in Stamford, CT

Have to agree Lou, been to Morelli's a couple of times now and it is "very pedestrian" -- certainly not a place I'd make a point of visiting.

The best thing it has going for it is the price. It's $3 for a very large slice, which is a reasonable serving size for lunch.

Not sure if Sabatiello is involved. The only thing I'd heard was that Luigi Morelli opened up the pizza shop specifically because he wanted something smaller & simpler than the old Cafe.

Mar 24, 2011
Zobot in Southern New England

Filling Station Co coming to Stamford!

I just caught the news on CTBites that New Canaan's Filling Station Co ( has signed a lease at 3 Landmark Square (corner of Atlantic St & Broad St) to open a 2nd location.

I'm trying to picture the terraced bier garden location and I'm a bit stumped as to the specific location where Filling Station will be opening.

In any case this is great news for Stamford, though I wish it were Burgers, Shakes & Fries moving in instead. :


From CTBites:

Filling Station Company just gave us the word that they have officially signed a lease at 3 Landmark Square in Stamford. FSC's second restaurant is located on the Atlantic Street side of the Landmark Square, just opposite the Palace Theatre (and attention movie-goers-a direct stones throw from the Majestic Cinema complex). The location features an outside terrace for about forty guests that will serve as a bier garden featuring local beers. Here's the best news...the 1800 sq. Ft interior space will accommodate about 40 diners. For those of you who frequent the New Canaan location, you can now comfortably seat your matter how big the posse.

Burgers, Shakes & Fries
302 Delavan Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

Landmark Square Cafe
4 Landmark Sq Fl 1, Stamford, CT 06901

Filling Station
19 South Ave, New Canaan, CT 06840

Mar 11, 2011
Zobot in Southern New England

Morelli's Pizza Now Open in Stamford, CT

As of yesterday afternoon, the new Morelli's Pizza spot is open on Broad St in Stamford (in the old ice cream shop location next to McDonald's)

I haven't had a chance to stop in, but talked to someone today who enjoyed their slice.

Looks like it'll be a nice quick lunch option for downtown workers and teens alike...

Has anyone else had a chance to stop in yet?

Morelli's Pizza
114 Broad Street, Stamford, CT 06901
(203) 324-4911 ‎

Mar 11, 2011
Zobot in Southern New England

Fairway (Stamford CT) Four Months Later - Thoughts?

We are there at least once a week, it has become our primary grocery store. I stepped foot inside a Stop & Shop yesterday for the first time in months and felt claustrophobic.

I agree with the others who've said it's a great addition to Stamford, and particularly to the much maligned South End neighborhood.

+ Cheese counter is amazing, and the mongers are generous with samples
+ Great selection of olive oils
+ CT milk (reduced the need for trips to Stew's too)
+ The tossed-to-order salad bar is a hidden gem back in the corner of the prepared foods area

- Deli staff is borderline incompetent and definitely belligerent with customers & each other.
- At first I liked the "traditional" and "specialty" breakdowns, but agree with others that the way products are split is often arbitrary and difficult to predict.
- Bakery has been a disappointment, except for the (occasional) 99 cent baguette
- The prices on many everyday items (cocktail sauce, for example) are astronomical.

I often think it takes the patience of Job to shop at Fairway, but I still think it's worth it.

Feb 22, 2011
Zobot in Southern New England

Batali coming to Westport, CT (Abbondanza)

I'm really hoping that "Tarry Lodge Enoteca & Pizzeria" means that this new location will have a more casual menu with a major focus on the pizzas which are the overshadowed crown jewels of the Port Chester Tarry Lodge outpost.

That would be outstanding.

@sibeats - My guess is that it's just a mistake on -- Tarry Market is part of Tarry Lodge in Port Chester, it's the relatively new (opened in November) Italian speciality store that sits on Main St. I don't imagine that they would completely eliminate the well-established Lodge name from Port Chester.

Feb 10, 2011
Zobot in Southern New England

Batali coming to Westport, CT (Abbondanza)

Hey Suzy, yes, I have been to the Tarry Lodge a few times.

I think the food is really good, and I'd go so far as to say that their Truffle, Egg, and Guanciale pizza is easily one of my most favorite pizzas anywhere.

However, if I'm being critical, I do think their service is pretty poor and the prices, well, it's a Batali restaurant, so it's no bargain.

Just my two cents though.

Feb 08, 2011
Zobot in Southern New England

Batali coming to Westport, CT (Abbondanza)

Just caught the post over at CTBites that Mario Batali has apparently signed a lease for Westport's old Abbondanza Restaurant/Specialty Food space.

No details yet, but this is certainly interesting and excting news. Westport's definitely become a hot town for restaurant growth in Fairfield County.

I'm curious though what this means for the long-rumored Batali/Bastianich place on the Post Road in Darien. It's hard to imagine that Batali would open restaurants in both Darien & Westport in 2011.

Here's the blog post on Batali's arrival:

Feb 07, 2011
Zobot in Southern New England

Looking for a review of Lola's in Stamford

If you don't like the "fluff" places and and can't tell them apart why even comment?

Yes, Los Molcajetes serves much more authentic Mexican cuisine than Red Lulu or Lola's. So do Stamford's truly excellent Casa Villa and El Charrito.

I respect that you have a strong stylistic preference when it comes to Mexican food, that's totally cool, but if the other places don't matter to you, why comment except to continue to rep Los Molcajetes.

What Lola's and Red Lulu's and their ilk offer is an altogether different experience from places like Los Molcajetes.

That doesn't make them bad necessarily, just different. They may be bad all on their own (and Stamford1234 would certainly say Lola's is!), but they're not bad just because they are different from Los Molcajetes or Casa Villa.

Casa Villa Restaurant
182 W Main St, Stamford, CT 06902

Feb 07, 2011
Zobot in Southern New England

Looking for a review of Lola's in Stamford

A point of clarification here: Lola's is not owned by the same group that owns Red Lulu.

Red Lulu is owned by the group that operates Lolita's in Greenwich, not the group that owns Lola's in Stamford.

The Lola's ownership group also owns BUtterfield8 in Stamford.

Feb 03, 2011
Zobot in Southern New England

Pepe's is coming to Danbury, CT

We went on on Saturday during their soft open and yes, they were giving away pizza (1 small pizza per person) and salads.

We were really impressed. The staff is very organized and professional and definitely did not act like a place that had only been open a few days.

It's a bit smaller inside than I would have expected based on our visits to the other Pepe's, but it's otherwise just like you'd expect.

Pizzas came out just like we expected.

Feb 02, 2011
Zobot in Southern New England

Darien, CT New Restaurants

The former Centro re-opened as Harper's last June. It was Harper's that was originally in that space before Centro moved in and the son of the former owner bought the place and returned it to it's classic American-fare roots.

I'd been to Harper's a few times and thought it was a nice spot, but nothing special. I recall enjoying a nice dinner salad, and they claim to have the best margaritas in town. (though I don't think there's much competition!)

Jan 24, 2011
Zobot in Southern New England

Any good donuts in the Hartford, CT area?

I'll be the first (of many I suspect) to recommend Tastease. They make really great donuts.

They're at 70 New Park Avenue in Hartford

Jan 18, 2011
Zobot in Southern New England

Kokoro Modern Asian Bistro - Duo/Plateau reincarnated! (Greenwich CT)

Just caught a post on old friend StamfordTalk's blog that Chow favorite Duo/Plateau, which closed in Stamford last year, has been reopened on the Avenue as Kokoro Modern Asian Bistro.

I'll quote from StamfordTalk here:

"A quick glance at the website shows a resto that looks a lot like Duo and a menu that's a mix of both Plateau and Duo. Happily, the amazing Spicy Tuna Pizza appetizer is still served! "

I'm very happy to see these restaurateurs make a comeback in the area, Duo/Plateau was a great restaurant in a terrible location. Hopefully Kokoro works out better for them.

Stamford Talk Blog:

Kokoro Modern Asian Bistro:

Jan 06, 2011
Zobot in Southern New England

Need restaurant in Stamford area for BDAY party

I agree with CBAM, cuisine and price range would definitely help narrow suggestions

If you're looking for more upscale dining both Market and Napa are popular and offer private dining options for a group of 25.

If you're cool with Spanish Tapas style, I don't think you can go wrong with Barcelona Wine Bar.

For more a casual bar style, but still nice environment, I'd look into BUtterfield 8.

By April we'll also have the new Bar Rosso and they'll be able to do private parties for 25 people as well.

Jan 05, 2011
Zobot in Southern New England

El Charrito announces second location (storefront)

Wish they'd done a sit down place, but still great to see them with a permanent location to go along with the truck.

Between Bar Taco, Lola's, and El Charrito it's a pretty exciting time for FFC Mexican foodies.

Jan 05, 2011
Zobot in Southern New England

Looking for a review of Lola's in Stamford

It is definitely worth checking out.

It's not the most authentically Mexican spot in town but for folks looking for far better food and atmosphere than Mary Ann's or Riviera Maya I think it's an excellent option. It's owned by the same group that operates BUtterfield 8, so the vibe is similar - very contemporary and comfortable.

Their taqueria menu (3 tacos for $8) is an excellent value as are their margarita pitchers.

I can definitely see making this place a regular stop, but I don't think it's going to satify anyone who's looking for a true Mexican restaurant. In my opinion the menu's not quite Tex-Mex and not quite authentically Mexican. It's perhaps best described as Mexican-inspired with a reasonable smattering of the traditional Mexican food dishes we normally expect.

That said, both times we went the food we had was all very good.

You can check out the menu at

Lola's Mexican Kitchen
135 Bedford St, Stamford, CT 06901

Jan 01, 2011
Zobot in Southern New England

Western Fairfield County CT - Anyone Home; Where are the posters

Right on cue, Stamford Patch has a little preview of the Stamford Bar Taco, and says it's opening this summer.

Happy New Year!

Jan 01, 2011
Zobot in Southern New England

Western Fairfield County CT - Anyone Home; Where are the posters

Myrna's owners closed the falafel restaurant and are currently working on an upscale French Lebanese Fusion restaurant in Darien called Cafe D'Azur, which I believe is going into the old Cosi spot on the Post Road.

An El Charrito storefront would be an excellent addition to the area. I know that Chris Preovolos at the Advocate has said he's aware of 3 Stamford/Greenwich Mexican restaurant changes on the horizon, and of those I think the Casa Villa move is the only one he's made public so far.

I think Barcelona's new Bar Taco restaurant just opened this week in Port Chester. We'll be checking that out soon and hoping that the Stamford location actually comes to fruition in 2011.

Casa Villa Restaurant
182 W Main St, Stamford, CT 06902

Dec 23, 2010
Zobot in Southern New England

Western Fairfield County CT - Anyone Home; Where are the posters

I agree with others, this board got less interesting when we were moved to Southern New England. It's just not worth the hassle.

Has anyone been to Lola's Mexican Kitchen in Stamford? It's not the most authentically Mexican spot in town, but for folks looking for stuff better than Mary Ann's or Riviera Maya I think it's a good option. It's owned by the same group that operates BUtterfield 8, so the vibe is similar.

I'm can't wait for Casa Villa to open up in the old Myrna's spot, that'll be a reason to celebrate.

Mrs. Z and I are doing the Feast of the Seven Fishes at Tarry Lodge on Christmas Eve. I sorta feel like I'm cheating going to TL and not getting the absolutely amazing guanciale, black truffles, and egg pizza.

Casa Villa Restaurant
182 W Main St, Stamford, CT 06902

Dec 22, 2010
Zobot in Southern New England

A good restaurant for a birthday party in Stamford,CT

Price might not be a big issue, but how many people will be attending? There are plenty of nice spots for a 25-year old woman to celebrate, but a lot depends on how many friends and family she'll have at the affair.

Dec 11, 2010
Zobot in Southern New England

New Years Eve in Fairfield County

There is a well-known and very popular restaurant in downtown Stamford in the Marriott Courtyard hotel that unfortunately we're not allowed to discuss here on Chowhound. We've done their New Year's Eve meal a couple of times now and recommend it. It's formal enough, but comfortable enough, and certainly you wouldn't be the only young couple in the restaurant.

They do late seatings, so you can dine until midnight and ring in the New Year with the other patrons.

Dec 12, 2009
Zobot in Southern New England

Coalhouse Pizza - Stamford

We went over for dinner tonight and the place was packed. The owner mentioned they were hoping for a soft opening, but they were tossed right into the fire.not

We started with the Honey BBQ wings with cucumber dill sauce. The wings are breaded with Panko, which provided a very unique texture and flavor. The cucumber dill is unusual but plays very well with the wings.

Pizzas come in 12" & 16" sizes and range from your typical margherita and pepperoni varieties to several more adventurous varieties (white kimchi, for example). Pizzas seemed to be coming out of the kitchen quickly and featured the crisp thin crusts you'd expect from coal ovens. Pizzas were flavorful with a good mix of sauce, cheese, and toppings.

Never know what to expect on opening night, but the place held its own and we'll definitely give it another try.

Oct 26, 2009
Zobot in Southern New England

Pizza - Greenwich?

This is correct, the ownership has already changed hands.

Sabatiello is out of the restaurant business again.

Sep 27, 2009
Zobot in Southern New England

Pizza - Greenwich?

You need to try Sabatiello's in Riverside on East Putnam. He may not have had much success with a full service restaurant in Stamford, but he makes an absolutely killer pizza.

Jul 25, 2009
Zobot in Southern New England

The Catch, Ridgefield, CT closed?

Yes, it's closed.

There are signs in the window that indicate it's being replaced by something like "The Bar and Grille on 7"

Sad to see it go, it was a nice seafood resto, of which there are too few in FC.

Giordano's / Anthony's / Giovanni's Steakhouse, Stamford, CT

We had dinner at Madonia last weekend. It was okay, but not great.

The Lobster Bisque was good. The Crabcake appetizer was unusual (in good a way) and tasty.

The entrees were disappointing The Veal Salt’in bocca was okay, but the meat was tough and difficult to cut with just the table knife. The Mushroom Risotto wasn't very flavorful and ended up being largely untouched during dinner.

The dessert of the evening was Tiramisu, which was very good.

Our server was friendly, though service sometimes seemed slow. Though he did not stop at our table, the owner/manager was very visible in the dining room, which I consider a good thing.

I'm sure we'll give the restaurant another try, but it's not a place we're going to hurry back to visit.

Hildebrandt's-went for best burger/found best malted

Danbury -- what are the best 3-5 things to eat?

You're not going to be around too long so you need efficiency!

To that end, for one-stop shopping for Pizza and Ice Cream you NEED to go to the Soho Pie Company and its neighbor, Dubl Twister. They've been discussed, and loved, here:

The only Mexican I've ever had in the area was Pancho & Gringo in Brookfield (779 Federal Rd), but it's nothing special.

The Windmill Diner (14 Mill Plain Rd) is a good spot for breakfast.

I'd only recommend Rosy Tomorrow's if you're willing to sit at the bar. The barkeeps are great, and much more reliable than the table staff.