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New Yorker looking for quintessential Toronto cheap eats

Try Faley for inexpensive Hakka cuisine at the NE corner of Overlea and Beth Nealson.
The bus stop is almost at the door.

Faley Restaurant on Overlea

Thanks, thought I had missed something.
The Bombay Chicken is very good though I have not tried it dry, I will soon.

Faley Restaurant on Overlea

I didn't know they did Tandoori Chicken at Faley. Do you mean Curry Chicken?

Faley Restaurant on Overlea

At HG I got it wet.
At Faley I usually get it wet but also like it dry on fried rice.
Because I prefer plain steamed rice I like the gravy at Faley.

The HG gravy was as you say a starchy slurry lacking depth, this si not the case at Haley IMHO.

Faley Restaurant on Overlea

I have been to Faley 25-30 times in the last 2 months and have tried virtually all their spicy chicken dishes.

Chili, Manchurian, Garlic and Faley Special Chicken are my favourites. They have excellent depth of flavour, are served piping hot and are reasonably priced.
Lunch specials with rice are under $6 and include tea or iced tea. Under $7 at dinner but no free iced tea (until you are a regular).

The place appears to be very clean and the front staff members, especially Flora, are very nice.

I went to Hakka Garden last night for the first time to try the Chili Chicken and was very disappointed. The flavours were muted and unexciting, the dish lukewarm at best and about 40% more expensive. I also found the staff a bit confused, the place not quite as clean and the room a bit dreary compared to Faley.

I took one for the team!

Going to Jacobs and Co tomorrow - Learn Me On Steak!

If you order "Chicago" style you can specify the degree of doneness.
In my experience people most often order "Chicago" Blue, Rare or Medium Rare.

Faley Restaurant on Overlea

Will check out spicy Indian fish, likely tomorrow.

Faley Restaurant on Overlea

They do take debit with a $0.50 charge if less than $10.

Faley Restaurant on Overlea

Thank you 'hounds and Estufarian.
I visited Faley for the first time today at lunch and thought it was outstanding.
The hot and sour soup ($3.95) was very rich and quite hot with a generous number of shrimp.
The chili chicken on rice ($5.75 lunch) was superb, spicy and again a generous portion.
The chili sauce is seriously hot!
I will be returning to try more of the menu and would welcome recommendations.

Best Lasagna for Take out in Toronto?

Pasta Pantry
1997 Yonge, 2 blocks north of Davisville.
Very good and very reasonable.

Stein, Burger and Koop (Richmond Hill)

If my order isn't taken within about 60 seconds of my being ready and I am being ignored in favour of a server gabfest I will approach and interrupt.
I am not the least bit patient under those circumstances and ultimately the quality of the service is reflected in the tip.

Stein, Burger and Koop (Richmond Hill)

Thanks Davwud.
Look forward to trying this place.
They appear to have some very reasonable wing and wing + beer specials too.

Fat Phil's Marlee no more-R.I.P

Fat Phill's is open on Yonge 4-5 doors north of Davisville.
This is great news for those who prefer burgers cooked over a flame as opposed to the flat top.
7 oz. burger on toasted bun $6.50 very reasonable.

Where to buy cheap bulk charcoal

I need to buy a lot of lump charcoal.
Has anyone seen any deals?

'Skyview Fusion Chinese' - Sorry folks! Another relatively new kid on the block. This one could be the best 'early-bird' Dim Sum in the GTA?!

The head chef and the manager, Carl, were both at Dragon Boat for a long time until it was sold last year.

Are There ANY Quality Hot Sauce Stores In Toronto?

Perola's in Kensington is very good and very reasonable.

New Dim Sum at Yonge & St. Clair?

If you live in or near midtown Kwan is a pretty good place to satisfy a dim sum craving without getting yourself to Spadina or Thornhill and points northeast.

The average price of $5/plate is tempered by the reduced travel and elegant and clean surroundings.

Very good Har Gau $5, generous Siu Mai $5, tiny Ham Zoi Gok $4, dry Cha Siu bao $3, quite good ribs $3, excellent and non-greasy stir fried sticky rice with pine nuts $8.

The almond based deserts were a hit too. Great flavour and mouth feel.

The bar and dining room are clean and nicely transformed to a light handed asian fusion of Rhodes and Didier.

Unless things go downhill I will be clicking my chopsticks here fairly frequently instead of making the drive to either the 'burbs or downtown.

Galette des Rois

Thobors will have them for sure.

Does anyone know how to make the chili paste/oil at Congee Queen?


Does anyone know how to make the chili paste/oil at Congee Queen?

Sorry! Usually I am a better proof reader.

Does anyone know how to make the chili paste/oil at Congee Queen?

They will seek the oil to you.

I have never made it but the version from Congee Queen contains hot chile peppers and the secret ingredient is star anise.

Worst thing eaten this year in Toronto??!!

Rose and Sons was easily the worst this year.
Horrible cold flabby supposedly jerk wings with some burnt bits and a cheese bread thing with charred bread and cold hard cheese inside.
Unbelievably bad and about $30 with tax and tip.

ISO Downtown's best dim sum

Sorry T Long I meant New Treasure and perhaps it was a Monday I saw it was closed.
I have not been a fan for many years.

ISO Downtown's best dim sum

I walked by recently and it appears to have closed and not a moment too soon.

ISO Italian grill or grate in the GTA

Also try Tap Phong.
You can use a wok on them.

Memphis (Style) Smoke House

Sure wish I had consulted Chowhound first!

Was at Yonge and Sheppard to pick up a pair of eye glasses today. It was lunch time and I had a 15 minute wait.
So I thought a quick sandwich would be a good idea. I spotted Memphis Smokehouse across the street and thought what the hell why not.

I ordered the smoked brisket sandwich off the absolutely filthy sticky menu and went to wash my hands!

There was not a hint of smoke in the stringy, cold, tasteless meat. The BBQ sauce had no character either.

There is nothing to reccomend about this filthy little place except to avoid like the plague!

London Ontario cheap and cheerful?

Thanks for your great ideas Prima.

London Ontario cheap and cheerful?

Thanks for those great ideas Prima.

London Ontario cheap and cheerful?

Thanks very much Prima and Ibbi.

Barakat has become a regular haunt and he has been to Than Kiew (sp?).

He will be delighted to hear about Congee Chan since Congee Queen is his favourite chinese place in Toronto.

Massey's buffet could be fun too. It is always amusing to see him and 2-3 of his 300 lb friends at an AYCE. The restaurant doesn't make much money but it helps keep the food fresh.

Folia Grill: pork gyros is not your typical gyros...its ridiculously amazing

Ben bought Kramer's and Steve is working with him.

I haven't tried the food yet but am very optimistic. Previously the food was atrocious.

They are improving the decor of the place as time and money permit and there is a roof top bar which is quite attractive.