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Cesare al Casaletto – solo dining?

Thanks @vinoroma. hopefully i will be back to rome for another visit and get to Cesare al Casaletto! Now for more research

Feb 07, 2015
miss_anthrope in Italy

Cesare al Casaletto – solo dining?

At the end of the month, I will be in Rome for work, traveling solo for 3 night (maybe a 4th). After reading this board, I would really love to try Cesare al Casaletto. Do you feel it would be worth it to go alone? In the reviews it seems everyone orders so much; and alone, I can only eat sooo much. And, is this the type of place that it would be okay to dine solo?

(I travel quite a bit for work and eat alone quite frequently, so that isn’t an issue. Just some places seem more suited for solo dining than others)


Feb 06, 2015
miss_anthrope in Italy

Montauk end of October - where to eat?

thanks everyone!

i'm going to start calling today (traveling next week) and see what's open. I'll start with Inlet

Montauk end of October - where to eat?

We will be driving out to Montauk and staying for a few days at the end of October (have a car). Trying to plan some meals while we are there, and it seems that a lot of places that I had intended to trywill be closed for the season so I'm hoping that you all can provide some back-up plans. This will be the first 3 days off Mr.Anthrope and I have had together in almost 3 months - we've had a tough fall work schedule and are really looking forward to relaxing and hopefully being glutenous for a couple of days. While we aren't looking for anything particularly romantic, we'd just like great food. Seafood is a must at least 1 night

added level of difficulty: we'll be there Mon-Wed, and I am noticing that a lot of places are closed Mon and Tues

While researching dinner plans for 2 or 3 nights, South Edison was been recommended to me and I really wanted to try but i fear they are closed. Is there another spot that might fit the bill with a similar menu?

Also, Fresno in East Hampton was on my list but they are closed Mon and Tues

Was thinking that we'd stop at the Lunch Lobster Roll Restaurant for lunch on the way, but just looked and realized it too closed. I know, i know, it's late in the year, but is there another place in the same vein that we might be able to have a lunch 1 day? Lobster rolls, chowder, casual etc. Any other lunch spots?

Finally, any diner type places for breakfast? Mr. Anthrope would love pancakes/waffles. I'm more coffee and toast so, I'm easy on this one

Since we have a car, driving to Amagansett, East Hampton, Sag Harbor, etc. is not a problem at all


Milan: Dinner for 1, shopping and gelato

i think i will be free on Tues, so maybe i'll check out the Viale Papiniano market. For shopping i was thinking something more along the lines of Peck (though, i've heard mixed reviews) than a larger grocery store.

Aug 23, 2014
miss_anthrope in Italy

Milan: Dinner for 1, shopping and gelato

I will be in Milan for 3 days in mid-September, traveling alone for work. My hotel is near Porta Genova, but for work I'll be near the Duomo and visiting a friend near Porta Venezia - so various spots in the city. Looking for recommendations for dining alone 1 night, gelato and food shopping.

Eating alone 1 night
A colleague suggested Trattoria Madonnina and Osteria del Binari. I see one mention on this board for Trattoria Madonnina, but really not much. any thoughts on either of these two? Other options that might work (under €75pp would be preferable)

I have the following two gelato places, anything else to add?
- Il Massimo del Gelato
- Bianco Latte

Maybe most important, I'd like to find a Salumeria / Macelleria. I would go out of my way to stop and buy stuff that i need to sneak back home! I saw Faravelli mentioned here, but any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Finally, I'd love to find a local market (not just Salumeria), maybe near my hotel to buy parmigiano, balsamico, oil etc. Any recommendations?


Aug 20, 2014
miss_anthrope in Italy

Trip report: Emilia Romagna & Rome

First let me appologize for my write-up on Armando. re-reading that, i realize it came out all wrong. When we walked in they did seem a little huffy about our no-reservation, however after that the staff was beyond lovely! took their time to explain the specials in English (my italian is passable, but sometimes details are lost). They did not rush us one bit, we shared a bottle of wine and had two courses followed by coffee (which was the best caffe I think i had!). i'm sure we went past our allotted time slot. All in all - i was thrilled

No, a friend told us of Gambero Rosso when we were talking of the drive from Imola to Rome. I was sort of unaware of the "tre gambero" status, but once i looked it up, i thought, darn!

Jul 04, 2014
miss_anthrope in Italy

Trip report: Emilia Romagna & Rome

We just returned from a lovely 10 days in Italy. First a thanks to everyone on this board for your help and knowledge. I’m more of a lurker, but I got to read a lot of past posts which were super helpful (A special shout out to @michinilli for your help and recommendations!)

Our trip was a bit all over the place as we were attending an event near Siena and had a few requirements in the middle which dictated our plans. After a relaxing few days at the villa near Siena we drove to Savigno, then on to Dozza (near Imola) and departed from Rome.

Amerigo dal 1934
Reading this board we came across Amerigo in Savigno. We spent one night at the Locanda and had reservations for dinner. We both chose the traditional menu, though I drooled when the table next to us had the seasonal menu. We started with pate di fegatini and tigelle con gelato di parmigiano. The pate was divine and Mr.Anthrope might have had a little trouble sharing. It was balanced and rich with just enough sweetness and fat. Then we moved on to tortellini in brodo & tortelli con crema di parmigiano. The tortelli might have been one of the better pasta dishes I’ve had in my life. Meanwhile, Alberto (the owner) had set us up with a tasting of local E-R wines, which accompanied each dish well. We might have overdone it a bit and had Guancia & Coniglio as well. I was too full for dessert, but we split an asparagus panna cotta which was actually just the right amount of dolce to end the meal. All in, I think it was about €80 and I highly recommend

Marina & Alberto at Amerigo were fantastic. They arranged a couple of visits to local vineyards and other producers in the area for the next day – which were wonderful. We wish we’d stayed an extra night

Osteria dal Cinon - Zocca
Since Alberto had sent us up into the mountains for our ‘appointments’, he suggested that if we need lunch we stop in Zocca at Osteria dal Cinon. This turned out to be one of the wonderful little surprise - a quaint and delicious Osteria. We arrived right at 12:30 when they opened and we were seated outside in the shade. We shared plates of Ca’lumaco lardo (black romagnola pigs raised and slaughtered just down the road), prosciutto and culatello. then I had rugu al romagnola mora. Really just a lovely dish - maybe a little heavy after all the meat we ate to start and on a hot day. We shared a large bottle of Birra Curmi 32 - light, crisp and drank easily on the hot day.

We spent a few nights in Dozza and had a nice meal at La Scuderia. The antipasti were nice and the pastas were good. Mr.Anthrope had ‘castrado’ and I both had a game hen (I think, i don’t have any notes to reference). Both secondi were serviceable, but sort of a disappointment after the pastas and antipasti. Too full for dessert we finished our wine, and they brought over a bottle of limoncello and some little cake. The cake was actually really light and just a little sweet. Went really well with the limoncello, and actually was a nice way to end the meal

Hosteria Giusti
We had a mid-week reservation at Giusti and made our way to Modena. I am really thrilled that we planned part of our trip around this meal at Giusti. The food was at once simple and incredibly complex and overall fantastic. I would highly recommend to any friends traveling near Modena. We started with Lambrusco (Opera 02), between us we had Gnocco Fritto & fiori di zucca fritti to start. The zucchini flowers were served with what can only be described as a tomato & basil jelly. This ‘jelly’ exuded the essence of tomato and with an after-taste of basil. it was divine and i literally licked the plate with my finger. The meal progressed nicely from here into our primi dishes - Mr.Anthrope had “maccheroni” with ragu and i had a “simple” pasta with tomato, which was complex and delicate. We ended with ½ portion of the polpette and rabbit. Mr.Anthrope is a butcher and he was amazed at the color and taste of the polpette. The outside was crisp and the interior warm, but bright red. Incredible meaty taste that is nothing like we’ve had in the US.

One day, in Ravenna we had a nice light-ish lunch at Ca’de Ven with sampling many Romagnola wines. And late one afternoon we had gelato at Funivia in Bologna. Mr.Anthrope might argue that the best thing he ate was the melone gelato at Funivia. I was also amazed at how delicious this place was, but he went back for seconds!

Locanda al Gambero Rosso
Gambero Rosso in San Piero di Bagno was possibly my favorite meal of the trip. We were driving to Rome, with really no destination in mind. We left Bologna area a bit later than we would have liked, but fortuitously it put us in Bagno di Romana about 12:00. We planned to stop at a specific shop, but was already closed for lunch (and since it didn’t open again until 5:00pm, we were out of luck). We decided to take a chance and drive up the road to San Piero di Bagno for lunch. The meal was simple and elegant and I wish we weren’t driving onto Rome that night so that we could have indulged in more wine with our food. We had local antipasti with salame etc. Mr.Anthrope claimed it was the best of the trip. I had the Polpette di nonna, light and satisfying. We also had tortelli con formaggio di fossa - the only way to describe is that they tasted like the forest - in an amazing way. I wanted to order another plate. We will return! (A huge rain storm was passing through, so we had more wine and waited it out)

We had a reservation for dinner that night in Rome, but after our huge lunch at Gambero Rosso, neither of us wanted or could have another multi-course meal, so we sadly canceled. While driving Mr.Anthrope took my phone and used the EAT ROME app (thanks @michinilli !!!!!) and found Pizzarium. Only funivia has made him as happy as Pizzarium. We let the staff choose about 7 different pizzas (over 2 trips to the counter) - a bit too much - and drank lovely Cirale beers. We stood outside and gorged on pizza with artichoke; prosciutto; eggplant. The crust is something other-worldly and i couldn’t choose a favorite

Armando al Pantheon
On our last day, we made no plans (except for dinner) and found ourselves near the Pantheon at midday. With no reservation we walked in and the staff seemed a little annoyed, but gave us a table requesting we leave in 2 hours for another reservation. fine with us! My only request had been to have carbonara and boy did this satisfy my craving. Another fantastic EAT ROME selection

A chef friend had recommended Pierluigi to Mr.Anthrope and he’d made a reservation for our last night. We sat outside on the piazza, ordered a lovely bottle of biodynamico Vogelmaier Moscato Giallo. We started with the soppressata di polpo - light and delicious, tasted like nothing else i’ve had. Then had Risotto a crema and a huge grilled - umm, yeah, i forget the fish. it wasn’t something i knew, but it was sweet and perfectly prepared. We ended with a vinsanto, and Torta di cioccolato. It was indeed one of the most expensive meals of our trip, but we sat there for hours on this beautiful piazza drank ate, drank some more. A really lovely way to end our trip

Sorry for the length and thanks to all for your help. Can’t wait to return and continue this thread...

Jul 04, 2014
miss_anthrope in Italy

Lunch stop between FCO & Siena

We arrive about 10:30am from New York. I'm imagining a good 90 min. between customs, baggage and picking up the rental car. Which I know might seem ambitious. Then it seems another hour and a half to Orvieto. Going straight to Siena would be nice, but knowing my partner, we likely wont make it that far without having to eat :)

Thanks for both La Polomba and La Pergola recommendations - I will check them out.

My partner is a "macellerio" here in Brooklyn, and we also plan to check out some Macellerie in Tuscany and Emeilia. maybe there is a nice one Orvieto too!

Apr 14, 2014
miss_anthrope in Italy

Lunch stop between FCO & Siena

Mr. Anthrope and I will be arriving at FCO, renting a car and driving directly to Siena. Any recommendations for place (town) or specific restaurant to stop at between the two for lunch? Nothing specific in mind, except good food. We have to be in Sienna as soon as we can, so unfortunately, there's little time for long side trips or driving out of the way to find a specific place.

Thinking Orvieto. Maybe La Palomba or I sette Consoli? Thoughts?

maybe further south? or further north in Montepulciano?

Anything up to 50EUR per person is okay. It is likely we wont drink much since there is the jet-lag from the overnight flight, we are driving, and have an event in the evening. We arrive on a Thursday in June, if that is helpful.


Apr 13, 2014
miss_anthrope in Italy

tasting menu help! what haven't i thought of?

I love Stone Barns! Unfortunately, since i have weekends off and he has days off midweek, i think we'll be confined to the city this time around. I am sort of embarrassed to say that we've been there a couple of times - over a number of years.

You should (need?) to go - I loved the summer menu with all the amazing farm vegetables.

Mar 12, 2014
miss_anthrope in Manhattan

tasting menu help! what haven't i thought of?

We have been to Brooklyn Fare, however it was a while ago, maybe 2011/12 - they were still BYO. It was fantastic and loved it all. Would you think it would be worth another visit now?

I left Torrisi of the list, but have been there too - opps

Mar 12, 2014
miss_anthrope in Manhattan

tasting menu help! what haven't i thought of?

My partner’s birthday is mid-April and I am going to take him out. I’m having a major block in where to take him this year and turning to you all for help.

Criteria: He wants a tasting menu (doesn't want to make decisions ) and a bonus if there is a beverage pairing. Also, he wants to go somewhere new where he hasn't been before. It can be fancy (& expensive) or casual, but it’s a special birthday, so something a little not-every week. However, the best food/experience is most important

This is the list of where we've been in the last few years
Ko (last year’s birthday)
Per se
Le Bernardin
*there are many others – but these come to mind or have been suggested by other

Outer borough (just as an FYI)
Chef’s Table / Brooklyn Fare
The Dover

For whatever reasons he’s not interested in The Nomad, Daniel, Bouley, Masa, Atera,

Some inital thoughts are: Sushi Nakazawa or Annisa (which, I know nothing about) or Jungsik. However, I’m not really sold or super excited about any of these. Could you either convince me that one of the above is great or help me overcome this block and think of additional options. Thanks!

Mar 12, 2014
miss_anthrope in Manhattan

Davenport or surrounding area - gift certificate for Dad?

Brooklyn chowhounder looking for help. My father and step-mother will be renting a house in Davenport early next year for a week. This is their yearly vacation to relax and play golf. I'd like to get them a gift certificate to a local area restaurant to use while they are there. It will be my step-mothers 60th birthday during the trip, so this is also doubles a celebratory meal

I'm looking for a local place (no chains please - that's where they eat at home), preferably american-ish or mexican. Bonus points for local / season menu. Since it is a birthday, it's fine for it to be a bit on the nicer side, but nothing where they'd need to be dressed up. keep in mind they are a bit meat & potato's type - but really do appreciate good food and good service. Total around $100 including tax and tip (but excluding drinks).

After my initial search I was almost 100% set to call the The Ravenous Pig. Seems exactly what i'm looking for, but i'm worried that Winter Park is too far from Davenport. or, is it not? (They will be driving around to play golf at different courses each day)

I've searched the boards in Davenport, Kissimee, etc. but many of the post are quite old or asking for kid friendly recs. I'm having a bit of a problem finding exactly what i'm looking for.

Thanks for your help

Dec 14, 2013
miss_anthrope in Florida

Berlin itinerary review & help filling gaps

thanks for the Les Valseuses tip, looks really interesting. i'll see if i can get there Wednesday night before I leave.

do you happen to know of any farmers markets that might be running on Sunday's? if possible, would like to peruse, buy some food stuffs for my hotel room. if possible that is -- (thinking something like The New Amsterdam Market

Will report back on RP, Katz and where ever we end up with the dinner that's being booked

Feb 15, 2013
miss_anthrope in Europe

Berlin itinerary review & help filling gaps

I’m arriving in Berlin on a Sunday morning and leaving Wednesday night. Primarily this trip is for work, but will have a lot of free time. Will be with a friend from work, both of us live in Brooklyn and are adventurous eater. Have done some research so would love thoughts on choices, but still need some help filling in some gaps. Do you agree with the choices, or have any other input?

Sunday Brunch: Arriving TXL @ 10:00am, will drop bags at hotel and go out. Thinking one of these 3
- Anna Blume
- Café Morgenland
- 3 Minutes
Now I understand they are all over the place location-wise, but we have no plans for Sunday during the day and will happily take venture out. Or, steer me in another direction?

Sunday Night
Either Renger Patzsch or Noto. Have emailed both about a reservation. Thoughts?

Monday Night
Dinner is being planned by my colleagues, no idea where we are going yet

Tuesday Night
Katz Orange

Maybe thinking Turkish, is Hasir worth it, or is there another place?

Thanks for the help!

Feb 14, 2013
miss_anthrope in Europe

Tokyo - last min planning

thanks for this suggestion. I'm a New Yorker, and for no apparent reason have never been to Yasuda here in the city. this might be a good option.

edited: i've sent 4 or 5 of these options to our hotel concierge and said go. i'll post again with a report

Another question:
Fuku vs. Bird Land? I'm leaning towards Fuku for some reason, but could easily be swayed. Are reservations required at Fuku? it seems that reservations are a must for Bird Land.

Apr 03, 2012
miss_anthrope in Japan

Tokyo - last min planning

thanks for the quick response. Will try this route with the hotel concierge

will the language barrier be a *huge* problem at any of these? (we have no allergies or dietary restrictions or anything of that sort to communicate)

and i will likely post more with follow up questions once i've done a bit more research for other eating options

Apr 01, 2012
miss_anthrope in Japan

Tokyo - last min planning

Just today finalized a trip to Tokyo next week (ack - so last min!), and I now have to scramble to put together our eating itinerary. This is very exciting. But the lack of research time makes me anxious! I'm sure I'll post again later with more questions, but for now I'd like to ask about the best no reservations sushi. The boyfriends birthday is while we'll be in Japan so in an ideal situation we'd splurge on this meal.

From reading this board the last 24 hrs, and other research I would love to try a place like Sushi Kanesaka or Sawada, but know that there is no possibility of getting a reservation this late. So, where is the best place to try to go for sushi next week with no reservations? Willing to spend up to 20,000 JPY (for both).

We are staying in Ginza, but as I love mass-transit, willing to travel to eat. Neither of us speak japanese


Apr 01, 2012
miss_anthrope in Japan

berlin - recommendations for a solo traveler

thanks for all your suggestions. as for brunch - i am happy to travel. i'm only in mitte b/c that is the hotel they booked for me (i would have chosen something else). any good brunch recommendations would be appreciated!

ahh, alas i haven't been to berlin in oct. i've been twice, but both times in the summer and a number of years ago. loved prater for being able to sit drink a beer, read a book, people watch, drink another beer, read and eat. however, i guess i won't get that same experience now. any other (warmer) spots for an afternoon beer i should try?

Oct 11, 2009
miss_anthrope in Europe

Birthday cake for Manhattan Concierge type

bouchon bakery

had a cake from bouchon for my birthday. 6 months later people still talk about it. good luck

Oct 10, 2009
miss_anthrope in Manhattan

berlin - recommendations for a solo traveler

i've loved reading this board for years and have gotten some great advice (however this is my first time posting!) NYC food junkie traveling for 4 days to berlin on business next week. I'll be staying in the Mitte and looking for some great recommendations. willing to travel, actually prefer to spend more time in other neighborhoods for eating & drinking. Suggestions would be great for the following:

1) good, moderately priced lunch places - under 20 euro
2) sunday brunch spot - will be there on a sunday, and not working so a great brunch is a must.
3) place to get a perfect schnitzel & beer
4) turkish spot in Kreuzburg
5) sadly i think Prater is closed in Oct, yes? is there a similar place?
6) one spot for a more fancy dinner - no more then 50 euro (food only) - would prefer german cuisine. but will most likely be alone, so a good spot for a solo diner. perhaps a place with a great menu but has bar seating.

Since will only be there for 4 days, i might not hit all the spots i am asking about, but hey, a girl can try!
many many thanks

Oct 10, 2009
miss_anthrope in Europe