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Restaurants in Museum District

A clarification of my Aug 19 inquiry "Restaurants in the Museum District". Our function is actually a wedding of an older, long together, couple, combined with a family reunion - about 20 adults from around Texas and Calif. We are using the ZaZa Hotel because brides parents were married there in 1937 when it was the old Warwick Hotel. We are wanting a group dinner after the wedding, and then breakfast/brunch the next morning before everyone goes home.
This doesn't seem to be working with ZaZa because of minimums, cost, and space availability so we are looking for outside alternatives. We apparently will have plenty of wheels available, so reasonable distance is not a problem.
Really appreciate your ideas, guidance and time. BK (the groom)

Aug 22, 2015
Bruce Kerr in Houston

Restaurants in Museum District

Will be staying at ZaZa hotel with friends in Feb and would like ideas for dinner and brunch, hopefully within walking distance. LA ch would appreciate your ideas.

Aug 19, 2015
Bruce Kerr in Houston

Cooking Classes in L.A.

A few years ago, I researched all the classes in LA. The standout was Chef Erics Culinary Kitchen, near Pico & Overland. You can schedule most anything could want --- from a single one subject class, to a "mini" professional chef's course, to full blown chef's or baker's courses. I've taken probably seven classes over the years. Chef Eric is not just a great chef, he is a truly great teacher. Classes are small (8-12). Each class begins in the classroom with a review of what you will be doing, then moves to the kitchen where it is all hands-on cooking of usually about
6-7 dishes, then moving back to the classroom for some really great food.
(I think it is - Enjoy

May 12, 2015
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area

Sunday brunch/breakfast ideas

Two couples want to meet somewhere between Pasadena and Venice for a Sunday brunch. Any ideas ??

May 07, 2015
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area

Marina Del Rey - Great, new (to us) cafe

Killer Cafe, on the east side of Killer Shrimp & Bar on Admiralty, near Palawan and Washington. I don't remember what this used to be - it was forgettable - so haven't been there for a couple years. We tried it again recently when friends wanted a "waterfront" breakfast and it was excellent. We've been back five times since, dinner and breakfast, all excellent. Food quality, menu ideas & selections, cooks flexibility with requests, and especially AAA service.
Also - the prices are very,very reasonable, they have their own, free, large parking lot, and they serve to 10 PM. (Maybe soon to be open 24 hrs)

Feb 23, 2015
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area

Matzo Ball Soup Challenge

The best we've found on the Westside is Izzy's Deli in Santa Monica and Lenny's (x-Juniors} on Westwood.

Feb 06, 2015
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area

breakfast and coffee

Thank you to all who posted. Still have many more places to try on the next trip, but we were especially impressed with 222 and Cafe 21 for breakfast. We were late heading back to LA, wanted expresso for the drive, but couldn't stop downtown. Accidentally found James Coffee on India at the northbound 5 onramp (by Laurel ?}. It was excellent !!!

Jan 11, 2015
Bruce Kerr in San Diego

breakfast and coffee

L. A. C/H will be in S.D. this coming week, looking for; 1. a good coffee house near the Manchester Hyatt, and 2. good breakfast "joints" anywhere within a half hour drive of downtown. Thank you for your time. P.S. Maybe a favorite C/H dinner spot downtown

Jan 04, 2015
Bruce Kerr in San Diego

Pepy's on Venice

I sure miss Pepy"s --- Has anyone heard from Pepy or any of the staff, or any plans for the future ??

Sep 30, 2014
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area

Where Are the Joints? aka smaller, individually run neighborhood places?

Not L.A., but if you are in Long Beach (2nd & Orange}, "At Last" I believe is exactly what you are looking for - fine food, but not overboard fancy, the dream of a great chef / owner for the last half of his career. Parking is tough as it is in a dense residential area, but well worth a couple blocks walk.

Jun 14, 2014
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area

The Best Butter Available in Los Angeles?

If it is convenient, SPRING HILL FARMS, from Petaluma, usually has a small supply of their homemade butter, along with their wonderful cheese's at the Santa Monica farmers markets -- Saturday, downtown and Pico and Sunday, Main St (possibly other farmers markets also}

Mar 21, 2014
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area


If you are looking a wonderful neighborhood cafe in the Marina, don't forget about Panini Grill, tucked away in the corner of the shopping center at Glenco and Maxella, by a Pavillions grocery. We have been going there for years, and it just keeps getting better. The menu is not large, but so varied that we always find something wonderful. Last night was a great lamb chop (4) salad, excellent soup, a light, tasty beef stroganoff. Highest price dish, NY steak @ $25, 1/2 roast chicken @13.45. Also a real interesting breakfast menu. Order at the kitchen and served to the table.

Jan 14, 2014
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area

damn good cake?

Angel Maid Bakery, Centinela, between Washington and Culver. Always our first choice and a great selection.

Dec 06, 2013
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area

french pastry in Los angeles

If you are on the West Side, Sunday 8-2:00, the farmers market on Grand View and Venice has a great french bakery - it is our first choice for all kinds of breads and pastries.
We just wish they were more available, but we think they are worth waiting for -

Nov 24, 2013
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area

Thai in the Marina

At last, a very good Thai restaurant in Marina Del Rey --- new to me at least, Tahntawan Thai Kitchen, 523 Washington Blvd @ Ocean, upstairs in the shopping center. Large, interesting menu and friendly service.

Sep 21, 2013
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area


Visiting in Seattle - would appreciate the names of a couple great coffee houses. Could be downtown or in one the fun neighborhoods.

Jul 31, 2013
Bruce Kerr in Greater Seattle

CHEAP LA Breakfast/Brunch Buffets?

Surprise, surprise - I was pleasantly shocked to find an excellent breakfast brunch buffet (all the usual, plus custom omelets, lox, benes) for about $22 at the LAX Marriott - and excellent, friendly service.

Jun 23, 2013
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area

BEST COFFEE in downtown LA

Another vote for G&B - went there last week. They have a great location, just inside the west (hill st ?) entrance and close to the comp'd market parking.

Jun 15, 2013
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area

strawberry shortcake?

After growing up with my mom's real shortcake, I have just found the only one that is even better (only because they are able to use Harry's Berrys). AXE on Abbot Kinney in Venice --- Real shortcake (like Russ Parsons wrote about in the Times) Real whipped cream, all prepared and presented perfectly.

Jun 15, 2013
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area

Are there any delicous non-pork breakfast sausges to be had in Los Angeles?

Try Lindy & Grundy on Fairfax, McCallls on Hillhurst, or in the Farmers Market (3rd & Fairfax - see their website) there are two great butchers and two great poultry shops that might do it for you - I think you would be happy with any of these fine shops

May 17, 2013
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area

Fresh Lamb or Goat Meat in LA?

I think you are pretty close to McCall's Meat & Fish, 2117 Hillhurst (just below Los Feliz) - IMO, one of the 3 best butchers in LA. Anything you want in lamb, don't know about goat.

Mar 22, 2013
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area

What's the great places to go now for dinner in Long Beach/Seal Beach/Lakewood area...for really delilcious food...anything!

Near downtown LB (Orange @ Broadway) is the small, chef owned, "At Last", a locals real favorite - reservations and parking are tough, but well worth it. On Main St, in Seal Beach are two great favorites - Walt's Wharf for seafood, and Cafe Lafayette for American/Continental. Between downtown and S.B., (PCH/Loynes), Enrique's for great, upscale Mexican

Feb 09, 2013
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area


Anyone know where to buy fresh duck eggs ?

Feb 03, 2013
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area


Would highly recommend Bistro Laurent, 3936 Sepulveda (Venice/Washington}. A longtime breakfast favorite, that recently (?)is now open Thur, Fri, Sat for dinner. A small, but well designed menu - 2 steaks, 1 chicken, 1 pasta, salads, a few really great crepes, and daily specials - all with wonderful service. We had salmon crepe, mushroom/bacon crepe, salads, vegetables, potatoes, and got out for just over $21 + tip. Everything prepared perfectly. But, watch their hours - at this time they are only open 3 nights for dinner and Th-Su for breakfast/lunch 8:00-2:30. (I think they do a big, french bakery, wholesale business)

Jan 06, 2013
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area

Best THICK CUT Bacon in LA

Marcondas Meats in Farmers Market, 3rd/Fairfax, will slice to order, including the wonderful slabs from Holland. In Santa Monica, Bob's Market on Ocean Park I'm sure will slice to order.

Jan 03, 2013
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area


Need a recommendation for tonight - Nothing fancy, just good American food, reasonably priced.

Jan 02, 2013
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area

Best breakfast during the week near Santa Monica?

My favorite is Sauce on Hampton - (nr Rose/Main) Great food, priced right.

Jan 01, 2013
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area

Cooking class for teenagers in Los Angeles/South Bay area

Call "Chef Eric's Culinary Kitchen" 310-470-2640. I've had
8-10 classes there, including sending my granddaughter - all very successfully. It is in the Westwood/Pico area.

Jan 01, 2013
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area

Breakfast in Grapevine area of Dallas

Thank you all for the words on Main St and Old West - you were right on! I especially loved the Migas at Main St.
I should have asked about Jakes Burgers - It has our vote for "loser of the year". Poor quality food, badly prepared, and totally unprofessional service.


Does anyplace still serve stewed chicken, gravy, and dumplings, the light, fluffy ones, about the size of a pool ball ? The last I found this dish was the Alpine Inn in O.C., ten+ years ago. Appreciate any thoughts.

Dec 21, 2012
Bruce Kerr in Los Angeles Area