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2 dinners MSP: Alma + ?

Enjoy. It's without a doubt the best restaurant in MN.

Pho in San Antonio?

I moved back here after 7 years in Chicago and Minneapolis. We just have to come to grips with the fact that we can't find food here that would compare to the most mediocre restaurants in Chicago (especially ethnic food (not Mexican)). What I miss most are good midwestern American restaurants, small portions and refined. Here it's all gigantic portions and "American" is a bad burger.

Aug 26, 2011
SpursDynasty in Texas

Peruvian Food is AWESOME!

Their lomo saltado is a horrific rendition of the dish. They might as well call it stir fried French fries with cilantro stems

Aug 22, 2011
SpursDynasty in Texas

2011 SA Restaurant week August 20-27-What's on your wishlist?

Gwendolyn's probably the most underwhelming meal I've ever had, and I wasn't expecting much. Plain as plain can be. Coffee was terrific, though.

Jul 30, 2011
SpursDynasty in Texas

Lunch in Austin

Ended up at La Condesa. Awesome Cubanita torta. Thanks for all the advise.

La Condesa
400-A W 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701

Jun 20, 2011
SpursDynasty in Austin

Lunch in Austin

We're meeting anywhere in Austin. Just looking for the best lunch available. I'm accustomed to fine dining in Chicago and her in DC. Reading over the reccomendations in this forum I've seen a ton of amazing looking restaurants, but the vast majority of them do not appear to be open for lunch.

So, any part of the city and just looking for the best food possible for lunch. Don't care if it's a dive, doesn't serve alcohol, or ethnic/homestyle/whatever

Jun 17, 2011
SpursDynasty in Austin

Lunch in Austin

Visiting an old friend in Austin Monday (neither of us live there or have been in TX for 7 years). Suggestions for a great lunch?

Jun 17, 2011
SpursDynasty in Austin

Restaurants everyone loves--except you

I wouldn't say you should expect "great" things from $80 (although that's readily available some places, like Piccolo) but the biggest shame on La Belle Vie is that I've lived here for 3 years and their menu is basically identical

La Belle Vie
510 Groveland Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55405

Craving Duck

Any recommendations or good spots it's on the menu?

Best Pho?

Trung Nam French Bakery on University west of Dale. And grab an amazing croissant on your way out.

Trung Nam French Bakery
739 University Ave W, St Paul, MN 55104

Heidi's 2.0

To both of you (and anyone else who has been to the new Heidi's): did you order a la carte or tasting?

Best bĂșn (Vietnamese vermicelli noodle salad)?

Ngon and it isn't close. Bona in Stadium Village for #2

Babani's & Sawatdee, Downtown St Paul

God, that soup is so good. Love to get a bowl of soup and a small Tanyata.

Bar La Grassa

The most tragic thing at BLG is they've changed their Pasta w/ Sweetbreads. What used to be simple and otherworldly is now covered in some foul red sauce with giant strips of otherwise flavorless tripe, all of which now overpower the incredible sweetbreads which I could just order a bowl of

Jfood visits Haute Dish - It Has Potential

Easily the worst restaurant I've been to in the past 5 years. The steak tartar was bland, the char-cuts was a pathetic attempt at charcuterie, the mac and cheese was worse than anything at the Noodles chain, there was no pork flavor in the pork n beans, and the hautedish was alright, but nothing special. Plates were cold, service was awful, and the bill was over $100. Absolutely foul.

Travail in Robbinsdale

Sorry for the over-broad use of "fine dining." I guess I was expecting it to be on par with Victory 44 and it was nothing close

Victory 44
2203 44th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN

Blackbird is Open.

Was it good before? What was it like?

Thanksgiving in Minneapolis - Open with regular menu?

It's Saint Paul, but Kincaid's has both their regular menu and a special Thanksgiving menu.

Travail in Robbinsdale

Totally agree with the Piccolo analogy (was there last week). Let's hope you're right about 6-12mo till consistent excellence.

Travail in Robbinsdale

Tried Travail for the second time. Went back to make sure I wasn't missing something.

After all the praise here and in the paper, i was thoroughly disappointed. There were a few good (not mind-blowing) dishes: the steak and potatoes and the octopus. There were plenty of misses. I've never had the delicious flavor of pork belly overpowered and dominated like the cranberry sauce and gingerbread did. No pork flavor, and it was overbooked to all hell. The scallops had good flavor, but had to be the world's 2 smallest scallops, and they were not properly cleaned. The chicken was probably the worst thing I've had to eat in 2010. There was such a complete lack of flavor I sent it pack. Food coming out at right temperature seemed to be a problem as well.

The dessert tasting was abysmal. The first three offerings were just plain foul. Thankfully the apricot tart with fig and goat cheese was very tasty.

I really wanted to like Travail after reading all the reviews. Between the 25min drive to Robbinsdale, the wait (no reservations), and really really poor service, I would not recommend Travail to anyone that enjoys fine dining.

Best corned beef hash

Al's without a doubt. Pretty sure it's the only place that can boast it's won the highest award in cooking for their CBH

Looking for a Good Indian Buffet

Lately I've been having a big craving for Indian food, and typically I like a buffet since I usually eat alone and like to be able to try a little bit of everything. Any recommendations?


The pastrami on rye. $10 and change after tax, so just rounded up. I thought it was really small. Maybe I need to order it New York style next time, but I don't know about spending $14 for a sandwich.


Just got back from Be'wiched. Didn't particularly care for it. The flavor was average, but my biggest complaint was price. The sandwich alone was $11, and afterwards I felt like I had room for another. I'm not a particularly big eater, either.

Samurai Sushi - San Antonio

Has anyone else been here? I go often and there are never more than 4 other tables in the place. It's in the Medical center, right at the corner of Babcock & Wurzbach. It used to be a Burger King, and doesn't exactly have your expected sushi ambiance, but I think it blows every other sushi spot in SA out of the water. The lemon roll with salmon and a slice of lemon on top is deliciously refreshing, the ultra tuna roll rivals any spicy tuna I've had, and I love just about every other offering they have.

If you've been, has anyone tried Omakase here? I'm a little intimidated because the sushiyas aren't particularly talkative and I'm guessing are Mexican, but that still shouldn't deter them from delivering a delicious tour of their best available items, right? Maybe it's the decor that's a little off-putting and makes me think Omakase isn't a realistic option. Thoughts?

Jun 27, 2009
SpursDynasty in Texas

SA - Local Pizza?

Went to Dough last night and absolutely hated it. Very limited menu and extraordinarily overpriced compared to other certified pizzaria's I've been to. The only highlights were the excellent service and the dessert -- a challah gelato panini with nutella.

Jun 20, 2009
SpursDynasty in Texas