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Tampa - Hidden Gems?

Being a fellow foodie we LOVE hidden gems! Just came from Pizza Suprema in Lutz... convenient drive from Carrollwood and DEFINATELY worth it...corner of 54 and collier pkwy...while takeout is their mainstay, grab a table and be sure to order something from every part of the menu... garlic cheese bread thick and hot, meatballs the size of your fist served piping hot and nothing here is frozen everything is fresh. Get ready for a food buzz from the chicken saltimbocca or anything's been a really long time since we've tasted food this good, pack up a few cannoli too, prices are impressive enough you'll want to take the bum boyfriend more than once. Enjoy!

Sep 22, 2013
Jen Tkalec in Florida

Estelas in Tampa

Have to say I'm a fan of Estella's but I read the fine print on the menu and ordered my chile rellnos prepared authentic style with white mexican cheese and not the american cheese. I found the sangria tasty and our service telepathic, bringing everything we were just about to ask for...I will go back and review additional items. There are so many arguments on what is "authentic" mexican, and since Tampa lacks a plethora of choice in this cuisine, I found Estellas as close to my many dining experiences in Mexico City and Monterrey than other other local place. I'd definately like to have a bit more cilantro throughout, but overall, no complaints. Also, great touch on the serenades...perfect background without being too loud or annoying.

Mexico City Restaurant
645 Beal Pkwy NW, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

Jul 11, 2010
Jen Tkalec in Florida

Ceviche - Tapas Restaurant in Tampa, fl.

A big two thumbs down on Ceviche 1502 S Howard, Tampa. I agree with the ambiance, and decor when you walk in I was filled with expectations. They soared higher as our friendly, bubbling waiter came over and took our drink order. Since the place only had about 6 tables occupied, I never dreamed it would be over 10 minutes before our beverages finally arrived.

After our order was placed I can only echo my disappointment in the quality of the food, drowning unrecognizably in sauces, so much so that the spinach salad resembled soup, and the 5 pieces of cut chorizo for $9.00, resembled an oily stew.... my 6.00 omelette with machengo and tomato was bereft of tomato.,.now I don't mind paying for good food and have the credit card bills to prove it, but this is one of the few times I left a restaurant not only hungry, but nauseous. Good tip on the cleanliness, madrusec, may explain why I probably have a slight case of ecoli.... I won't be back. I'll stick with Vizcaya on Dale Mabry where I have yet to leave feeling hungry or disappointed; or in a pinch, Tina Tapas in Channelside. Ceviche Tampa, I'll sum in one work...Yuk!

Jul 11, 2010
Jen Tkalec in Florida

Finally tried Datz...oh good...

Datz' food never disappoints, neither does the service, but lo on the parking...lo on the waiting....and a real real lo on the "we close on Sunday at 3pm" c'mon, a major wtf on that one Datz, plenty of us roll out of bed at noon on Sunday after our 100 hour work weeks....

Jul 11, 2010
Jen Tkalec in Florida

Sushi in Tampa Bay

Finally tried Zen on recommendation of a friend. Loved the zen garden holes under the plexiglass but my enchantment ended there. Sorry, I can't get into bad service, not poor mind you, just bad. The sashimi was excellent the unagi and himachi were right on, they skipped our two specialty rolls, just ignored them actually. never delivered, never mentioned. They kept us there for over 2 hours and refilled our water once. We were pouring back the sake and would have ordered another bottle, if we could have found our waiter or if he had even offered, but now it just became a matter of principle... i'm more than happy to drop a chunk of change down for sushi or sashimi, or any equally fine fare, and i figure Zen lost about another $50 from our bill by the lack of service. Sorry, gfr111, I didn't attempt the martinis...but this experience begs the question... do you prefer mediocre food and great service? or great food and bad serivce? It's a question difficult enough for even the foodie bhuddas to ponder...
That was my first and last visit, I'll go back to Toki's on Dale Mabry. Sit at the bar and ask the chefs to make you something special, they specialize in creative off the menu and NEVER dissapoint.

Aug 20, 2009
Jen Tkalec in Florida

Wow, the $19.99 Rodizio Lunch at Boizao!

Dinner there is amazing. Be sure to fill up on the exotic selections on the salad bar which will h ave even your vegan friends groaning in delight. Double yes to the lamb. We found the ribs to be way overcooked. Having tried everything there, we were past groaning on the lamb. A few good glasses of wine will also help the digestion, or at least, you won't notice as much.
When you're already over the top there is no good reason to stop, so be sure to get the Creme de Mango for dessert. Heaven.

Jun 21, 2009
Jen Tkalec in Florida

Best Cuban in Tampa?

We've been on a personal quest for about 3 months now and argue over the best cuban in Tampa. (Anyone remember the Silver RIng in Ybor? ) Hard to beat that memorable taste.

Post your recommendations so we can go taste testing

Jun 20, 2009
Jen Tkalec in Florida