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Best Eggs Benedict on the Northshore?

Thanks for your suggestions :) This weekend we tried the Gloucester Benedict at Alchemy which was pretty good. The eggs were cooked to perfection though the lobster was a little tough. Would be psyched to check out their newest lobster Benedict. Also psyched to try the eggs Benedict at 5 Corners now that they have re-opened. Red Rocks also has pretty good lobster Benedict ... Always up for new places and new takes on delicious food.

Best Eggs Benedict on the Northshore?

Ready, Set, GO!!!!!!!!

The Best Eggs Benedict on the Northshore is where?

An even better, possibly more difficult question-
The Best Lobster Eggs Benedict on the Northshore is?

Thanks for your help :)

Looking for a great bowl of French Onion Soup on the Northshore

Hi Folks -

Fall is here! Craving that deliciously comforting bowl of french onion soup. Any recommendations for a place in the Marblehead, Salem, Peabody, Beverly area?

Thanks for your help!!

Is there a Boston equivalent to NYC's Sweetiepie?

Hi All!

I would like to take my toddler and her friends out for a Saturday afternoon treat. I would love to take her to a place like Sweetiepie's.

Any suggestions?


Need ideas for a toddlers day in Boston

THanks, everyone!! Both Flour and Cupcake Tea are fantastic ideas! Although, I think we may skip Children's... We're hoping for a nice day to cruise around the Public gardens or somewhere in the city...

Need ideas for a toddlers day in Boston

Hi folks!

I was hoping for some advice. Let me give you the basics.
My daughter is turning two next month. We decided not to have a party (as they overwhelm her.) We live on the northshore and our daughter adores Boston. We thought a day or an afternoon with a few of her friends (and their parents) in the city might be the perfect birthday event for her. Ideas for places for lunch...a little more fun than the ordinary lunch outing? Ideas for places for a little indoor fun? I was thinking the Childrens musuem, but that may be a little chaotic.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated!! Thanks for your help!!!

Where are the Best Cheese Fries????

Hello All!

I need your help! I've had one of those days.....and I am desperately craving amazingly (unhealthy) delicious cheese fries!! (in the Cambridge/Somerville area)!!!


Thank you!!!!

Need advice on Bars, Restaurants (for lobster) & Afternoon Entertainment for Bachelor Party !

Group of 6 guys looking to spend the afternoon around Boston tomorrow, have lobster dinner in the evening, and then a night out on the town for a bachelor party for an old friend, which has been relocated at the last second from Portland, ME. Any suggestions?!? Thanks!!!

Boston Bars and Lounges Advice needed

How is the Enormous Room?

Boston Bars and Lounges Advice needed

I am relatively new to the Boston area. My friend is coming in for a visit this wkend. Looking for recommendations for a fun girls night out. Some place you would suggest to out-of-towners who should be in awe of Boston.

In need of ideas for hors d'oeuvres!!!


I'm throwing a party at my place this weekend and I've come to a dead end in my party planning. So far the list includes- crab-stuffed mushrooms, the usual chips and veggies with dips and hummus, a cucumber and onion salad, sun-dried tomato and peas on endive spears...

I was looking for two or three more dishes. Any suggestions would be immensely appreciated.


Jan 28, 2008
garlicandeggs in Home Cooking

Need advice on restaurants for baby shower!

I'm actually looking for a place to throw a baby shower too. All the sites I've researched bring me to the same pricey establishments. Are there any affordable place to have a baby shower these days??