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Visiting San Jose -recommendations dimsum/szechuan/bbq/cambodian/etc

Just found out Anjappar (S,Indian) has opened in Santa Clara near Orenchi...much easier trek for us.

Please share favorite recipe for an egg casserole/strata

I made a breakfast casserole recently for the first time & used first recipe in this thread:


Came out quite well. I used a 1 lb French loaf & trimmed crust. Next time, I will add chopped onions & red pepper to sausage mix.

Dec 22, 2014
ceekskat in Home Cooking

ISO, $10.00 Red Holiday Wine

Afraid I'm not familiar with that one.

Dec 19, 2014
ceekskat in Wine

ISO, $10.00 Red Holiday Wine

Didn't know how widely the 2010 Cune Crianza Rioja was distributed; otherwise, I would definitely have recommended it. This is probably my qpr bottle of the year.


Dec 19, 2014
ceekskat in Wine

ISO, $10.00 Red Holiday Wine

Keep meaning to buy these as they have pretty good reviews...2012 Bogle Essential Red and the 2012 Columbia Crest H3 cab. Have had the latter in an earlier vintage and thought it was good qpr. I did buy a 2012 Blackstone Merlot for $5 at Costco recently for cooking and was pleasantly surprised at how well it drank.

Dec 19, 2014
ceekskat in Wine

Jeffrey's in Menlo Park - now open

Called Trader Joe's twice yesterday morning to see if they had something & no one answered and thought it was odd. On way back from gym, several lights were out on ECR and noticed power outage at TJ's as well as pretty much entire Santa Cruz ave.

Learned later there was a 2 hr outage.

Have Le Cirque down, would appreciate other suggestions including bakeries

Yes, we will have a car. Good to know about Manan & Rincon sounds great for lunch. Thanks.

Dec 08, 2014
ceekskat in Las Vegas

Have Le Cirque down, would appreciate other suggestions including bakeries

Read the positive reviews here for Veranda but ruled it out for dinner thinking it may not be lively enough for girls.

I just looked at Raku Sweets...for some reason I had just seen the prix fixe part; good to know they have a la carte and open during the day on weekends. Even if we don't make it to Raku, will definitely try to go for sweets.

So many places to eat, so little time.

Thank you.

Dec 08, 2014
ceekskat in Las Vegas

Have Le Cirque down, would appreciate other suggestions including bakeries

Coming for a few days after Christmas with two teens, ages 16 & 18, staying at Aria. Our princess has discriminating taste and unfortunately is the one with most dietary restrictions: allergic to shellfish, abstains from beef, and has aversion to cheese*. She does enjoy lamb, pork, sushi and probably other meats, just hasn't had opportunity.

Based on menu variety & Ellenost's glowing review, Le Cirque seemed the obvious choice for 16th birthday dinner. Birthday girl also has a fondness for desserts as well as a love of baking.

Any way to try a high end restaurant just for dessert? Not looking for a dessert "meal".

Lastly, I have Nobu, Raku & LOS on my list. Suggestions for non high end on Strip appreciated; upscale ok. Milos? Holsteins? Coming from Bay Area...kids' favorite restaurant is Perbacco. They *adore* pasta.**

*i can recall as far back as age 3
**after less than stellar service in NYC & LA, I would prefer not to patronize any of Batali's establishments.

Thank you.

Dec 08, 2014
ceekskat in Las Vegas

Dinners in SF with foodie toddler

May be for lunch you can try Slanted Door, contemporary Vietnamese. Located in the Ferry Building, it would be a fun outing for your toddler considering its next to water with view of Bay Bridge.

Our family just went last week: highlights were cellophane noodles with crab, vegetarian spring rolls, crispy imperial rolls, green papaya salad, pork ribs.

Thanksgiving with Ottolenghi sides?

Thanks to this thread, we made this & it was a hit!

Dec 03, 2014
ceekskat in Home Cooking

Best Seasonal/Holiday Trader Joe's Items.... for 2014

Weisella gingerbread cookie is the only holiday item my family looks forward to...saw them today & stocked up.

Nov 23, 2014
ceekskat in Chains

Yank Sing Settlement Labour Dispute [San Francisco]


"There are a lot of violations like this in the restaurant industry," UC Berkeley research economist

"During this process we unintentionally overlooked laws that require even foreign employees to be paid based on local U.S. standards." What bs. And only a $3,500 fine????

Thanksgiving with Ottolenghi sides?

Grrrreat question!

Nov 20, 2014
ceekskat in Home Cooking

Dinner after Nutcracker - Large group, kids and food allergies. Help please! [San Francisco]

Looks like prices have crept up a bit since I've been, but take a look at Town Hall. Also Perbacco & Zero Zero.

Best martini olives?

Is this available in stores? If available online for purchase, could you please provide a link? I enjoy making martinis for my husband :) Thanks.

Nov 18, 2014
ceekskat in Spirits

Help Please, Sunday 28 December

Uber is also an option.

Recs for Thermador service in SF?

I was happy with Otto's Appliance Service located in Millbrae (they do service SF).

Kid-friendly restaurant in SF?

If you need to take the baby outside, you would have to go downstairs & bathroom is *tiny*. Just not convenient imho.

Check opentable for La Mar, Slanted Door, A16, Zero Zero, Yank Sing. Early dinner at Perbacco might work.

Help Please, Sunday 28 December

As already mentioned, Slanted Door and La Mar are good options for lunch in SF, as is Zuni. If you find yourself in the MP area for lunch, there's the casual upscale Pizzeria Delfina in Palo Alto. Of course this could also work for dinner (not a better option than Flea St, just different). Wine list may not be great but you could potentially pick up a nice bottle from nearby Beltramo's or KL Wines to take to dinner.

I am not knowledgable about wine availability/buying in Toronto, but wine shopping could be something fun to do since both have nice selection with excellent prices (KL a little better).

It is allocation season. What do you have coming?

I recently joined and am anxiously awaiting my first few bottles!

Oct 30, 2014
ceekskat in Wine

Lunch rec for San Jose...

There are some great suggestions on this thread. Depending on how famished you are, there is an In-n-Out burger right next to the airport though I'm not sure how feasible it is for someone without a car.


Food jokes - list

Think I heard on The Daily Show last week:

Son says to his dad, "Dad, what does Champagne taste like?"

Dad responds, "Son, I don't know, I'm a Dodgers fan."

Oct 28, 2014
ceekskat in Not About Food

French single malt - who knew?

Based on a rec from our local wine shop, I bought their version for my husband's birthday, yesterday. DH loved it (I enjoyed it too though I'm not a scotch drinker). The rec was based on the fact that the salesperson knew my husband was a fan of the now discontinued Johnnie Walker Double Black (he also likes Laphroaig & countless others; Macallan not so much).

My notes fwiw: supple, velvety, some sherry, not too sweet, not smokey. And here's the store's writeup:


Oct 27, 2014
ceekskat in Spirits

Sweet 16 Birthday Dinner in SF/area?

I just realized you said mid-December...ice skating in Union Square & Embarcadero may be open. You could do dinner nearby & go skating afterwards. Zero Zero may work for this.

Sweet 16 Birthday Dinner in SF/area?

El Mansour, Zero Zero & Ozumo were some of the venues for my daughter's friends' 16th birthday parties. I recall one small dinner, at A16, included visits to Crissy field & Coit Tower (for nighttime viewing).

Private room for 15 people (San Francisco)

Radius, though I don't know about cost.

SF: What's Left to Do?

Hit the taquerias again? :)

Where to get good bread in the south bay?

I haven't seen Acme bread in RWC Costco in quite sometime; not sure they carry it anymore.

OP: try Mayfield Bakery, Town & Country, PA

Masterchef US Final 3 tonight--conclusion (expect spoilers here)

Seriously, and who buys Louboutins & complains about student loans??? Ashamed my foot...aargh!

Sep 17, 2014
ceekskat in Food Media & News