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Halal Chicken in Sunnyvale area

Halal Meats on De Anza just south of 85. Rose Market, Mountain View.

Once while waiting for Shah in Sunnyvale to open, recall a Mid East grocer next door with meat counter.

A few things to get off my chest ...

DH says skip the donut and pass him some chicken 65 or chongquing chicken with that scotch.

Aug 16, 2014
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Favorite Ice Cream 2014

Recently had a fantastic peach melba at Left Bank in Menlo Park. So good that I want to go back before it goes off the menu! Also prompted me to email to find out what ice cream they used...tahitian vanilla by Fiorello's Gelato. Creamy & not too sweet.

I normally don't eat vanilla but do appreciate a good version when used in pairings such as this, with warm gulab jamun, etc. Looks like the gelato may be available in local stores such as Draeger's.

(another) Napa Valley Itinerary Thread

Thanks for reporting back! Looks like you had a great trip.

Wineries/Tasting Rooms that belong on another planet?

Don't know if they're still doing it but Relic Wine Cellars' tasting is in a small airstream up in Spring Mountain, Napa.

Quixote Winery, Napa- website may be undergoing change due to recent purchase of winery by Chinese owned firm.

Aug 11, 2014
ceekskat in Wine

Peaches are SO wonderful right now...

Was thinking the same myself. Just had peach Melba for the first time at a local restaurant last week and thought it was absolutely delicious. And they used fresh, not poached or grilled. I think really good vanilla ice cream is key as well.

Aug 08, 2014
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Pork Ramen, what's the broth 'supposed' to taste like

Was afraid of that & will def ask, thanks.

Aug 07, 2014
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Pork Ramen, what's the broth 'supposed' to taste like

So, other than shellfish toppings, no real concern for a shellfish allergy sufferer? Have stayed away because of this.

Aug 07, 2014
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Food Recommendations Wanted!

Hi jc888, welcome to chowhound. Please do read some of the other posts from out of town visitors to see what kind of information they are providing to get helpful results. Hounds here and across the US are a helpful bunch, the home cooking folks have come to my rescue plenty of times.

To me, nothing too expensive nor exotic means Perbacco, one of vSF's best Italian. Given that you are coming from NYC, Italian maybe something you are trying to avoid. We don't know. We have good Chinese; but so does NYC. See what I mean? Make sure to get tacos/burritos in the Mission (La Taqueria, Taqueria San Jose) along with great ice cream from BiRite & delicious croque Monsieur & baked goods from Tartine Bakery.

Visiting for a week from L.A.

I do believe the Indo-Pak tandoori items in the Bay Area excellent, therefore I highly recommend Shan. Their tandoori chicken leg & fresh, thin naan with the right amount of crisp/chew are hard to beat (DD put this along with the goat karahi on her "top 10 list" for a college app. And I believe their haleem is worth a try as well. Biriyani is o.k.

I would then choose Anjappar so you can try the mutton dishes (based on Robert's rec/link, keep meaning to go haven't made the trek; have had original in Chennai). Otherwise, I was going to say Aachi Appakadai so you can get dosas/appam with the goat curry, but this thread surfaced today http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/983534. Have not been to this new place.

Lastly, if you have time (avoid rush hour) when you are in Palo Alto, you may want to try chaat at Chatpatta Corner just over the Dumbarton bridge.

Tough decisions, enjoy your trip!

ps. forgot to mention that I'm addicted to the sticky jasmine beef fried rice as well as the veg. five crop rice at Steam in Palo Alto. http://steampaloalto.com/

Visiting for a week from L.A.

Shan, Cupertino - tandoori chicken leg, goat karahi, & naan. Veg dishes are weak.

Saravana Bhavan, Sunnyvale - veg S.Indian

Aachi Appakadai, Sunnyvale - string hoppers were dry but goat curry & appam with chicken kheema were quite good.

Palo Alto Creamery - fellow hound turned me onto their patty melt. They also have tasty but huge milkshakes.

Cooking trom Ottolenghi's "JERUSALEM"

Thanks everyone for your speedy responses, I'll stick with the viognier.

Jul 25, 2014
ceekskat in Home Cooking

Cooking trom Ottolenghi's "JERUSALEM"

To Jen or anyone else who has made this successfully, may I know what wine you used please? I've made this twice, great once but the other just o.k.

I think I used Sauvignon Blanc both times but different producers (< $10 from Trader Joe's). Just bought Yalumba Viognier from Costco without realizing I needed DRY white wine. Been a while since I've made it...thoughts?

Jul 25, 2014
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Gateway Foods(dishes) to introduce foreign / ethnic flavours

Then may be a dosa...a savory crepe. And serve with coconut or tomato chutney, " a condiment."

Jul 21, 2014
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central location in city for good food and family with toddler and baby [San Francisco]

Where did you stay previously? Union Square should be fine. Walking distance to Ferry Bldg & Chinatown. Also, helps to visit during weekdays as parking is much easier in areas such as Mission district & Marina.

lunch recs for a week [San Francisco]

2nd Yank Sing

rosamunde sausage grill
croque monsieur at Tartine Bakery
Super Duper Burger
Taqueria San Jose
La Taqueria

Casual upscale- Cotogna, Zero Zero, A16, La Mar

Help picking Wine?

You should start by asking your boyfriend about his parents' preference. I have teenagers who've known forever that our preference is red wine :)

Also, you don't have to rely on Target & WF. Couple of great places to buy good wines at decent prices are K&L Wines in SF & Peninsula & Artisan Wine Depot in Mtn. View. In Berkeley, we really like the light, fun wines of Broc Cellars.

Ny'ers 1st time itinerary. Feedback welcomed

If you are not pastry fans, do try the croque monsieur at Tartine Bakery. It is their bread that is not to be missed! I've had their frangipane croissant, pain au chocolat & I'd say skip it. And they're huge! May be next time I'll try the morning bun but I'm not holding my breath. Have enjoyed their quiche.

BTW, their oatmeal choc. chip walnut cookie is almost cracker thin & not too sweet, highly recommend!!

you go away for a week, and the food you miss most is....

I'm with you on wine & Indian food; additionally, tacos from my local taqueria.

When I went to India last year, ate so many heavy meals that I was craving a nice big salad (which I never do :)

Help me pick two: Nico, Verbena, Stones Throw, Baker & Banker? [San Francisco]

From your list, I've only been to Verbena (Memorial Day). I highly recommend the restaurant. The sprouted seed bread, mole, dessert & excellent cocktails are reason enough for me to go back. One negative was the seared squash dish which, while beautifully presented as with all dishes, wasn't cooked thoroughly resulting in a raw middle. Service was also very good.

Not one for sweet or strong drinks, I had inquired with our server for suggestions to which he duly proclaimed, "all of our cocktails are balanced". I thoroughly enjoyed my Rocket & Rose & was pleasantly surprised at dh's Gilded Lily (apple scotch, vermouth, cardamom and ale). Now I know what a balanced cocktail is. I honestly don't think you can go wrong with any of their cocktails.

Four Days in San Francisco-- Please Critique (apologies for the long intro)

Yet another vote for Yank Sing. On our most recent visit in April, ladies were very nice, mindful of our shellfish allergy & were even kind enough to take a picture of our family. YS is a must whenever my elderly parents visit from Texas. Yes, do get get the XLB & finish off with mango pudding.

Lastly, call ahead to be safe. I've even called same morning.

Top 10 Eats From our Last Trip

Love your dessert posts...did you get any help with these? LOL. I could feel my waistline expanding just by looking at the pics!

Jun 14, 2014
ceekskat in New Orleans

Family with teens

Thanks for the breakfast recs. Hopefully no pizza during trip as we have a pretty good selection at home :)

Jun 14, 2014
ceekskat in New Orleans

Family with teens

Good to know about Sylvain, will do Herbsaint instead. And thanks for the heads up about the hotel.

Jun 14, 2014
ceekskat in New Orleans

Top 10 Eats From our Last Trip

Don't know whether to bless you or curse you for this timely report! Coming from SF, I too wanted to avoid Italian but now...

Going with teens & they do love pasta as well as desserts. Recs based on desserts if you had any...Sylvain, Peche, or Herbsaint?

Jun 14, 2014
ceekskat in New Orleans

Family with teens

K Pauls- meant our stay is Sun thru Wed lunch.

We'll be able to venture out for breakfast one or two days, thanks.

Jun 13, 2014
ceekskat in New Orleans

Family with teens

I think I have the dinners down...will choose among Galatoire's, Sylvain, Luke, Cochon, Peche. Would like to have tried K-Pauls, but no reservations available at preferred times (Sun-Wed lunch). Please let me know if I'm missing something.

DD1 has been to Commander's palace dinner so I thought we'd try something different. First visit for rest of us & sadly, two allergic to shellfish.

Staying at JW Marriott. Would appreciate breakfast suggestions (already have Cafe Du Monde on list). Lunch Cochon Butcher, may be Camellia Grill? Would prefer not to have lengthy lunches. Thanks.

Jun 13, 2014
ceekskat in New Orleans

Sno-Zen Shaved Ice Mountain View?

Stopped in for a quick treat with my girls as the older has been talking about it for some time. All I have to say is WOW! Seems to be a cross between shaved ice & frozen yogurt (it is a dairy based product). So pretty how this frozen treat is folded & layered.

They have various fruit toppings as well as option of adding plain condensed milk or black sesame condensed milk. Dd1 had taro w/ condensed milk & dd2 had mango with strawberries. I preferred the latter (not as rich) but next time, would like to try it with black sesame condensed milk as we were told it wouldn't be as sweet as plain.

Wonder how they chose this location...


Late lunch with prosecco?... [San Francisco]

Lovely suggestion but OP should be aware The Rotunda closes at 5:00 p.m on Fridays.

Dinner with vegetarians near San Jose/Mountain View?

Dish Dash in Sunnyvale...may not be loud if you go early.