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Going out for drinks in Sacramento

Hi there...

Used to live in Sacramento a long time ago. Am in town for the holidays with a sister and brother-in-law who now live in Europe. We all want to go out and get drinks, but aren't really sure where the great night life spots are in Sac anymore.

It'd be nice to be able to go to a place where we can hear ourselves speak. But it would be nice to have a place with some personality and good people watching as well.


Dec 23, 2008
Mongrel in California

Soup in LA - Preferrably West Side

Hey there, Hounders...

I am looking for the best place for soup in LA. Ideally, it would be closer to the west side, but we're willing to drive as well.

Also, the place doesn't have to specialize in soup, but it would be cool, if it did. I am anticipating a bunch of ramen suggestions -- that's totally fine, but we'd also like some non-asian cuisine suggestions too, if possible.

We look forward to tasting your thoughts! Thanks!!

Oct 15, 2008
Mongrel in Los Angeles Area

Scottish Meat Pie Company

When I lived in Sacramento I would make regular treks out to the Scottish Meat Pie Company. More often than not I would get bangers (tasty!). On occassion I would get the meat pies. The haggis is quite nice, but difficult to get from them sometimes. They are often out of stock. In fact, I don't think that they even make it most of the year. They only start making it in preparation for Robert Burns birthday. I would strongly recommend calling ahead to find out what they have in stock or maybe put in an advance order. Their hours aren't the most convenient and it's a long trip to make to go home empty handed.


(Semi) Upscale Lunch Spot in Manhattan Beach?

Hey there...

I have been looking at the boards a bit for restaurant reco's for El Segundo the Manhattan Beach area and it seems that most of the places that are mentioned are either dinner only or are a little casual.

Are there any tasty lunch spots in the area that have a slightly higher price point? Nothing too crazy $20-30 per entree, say?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Dec 19, 2007
Mongrel in Los Angeles Area

Squeeze Inn- worth the detour?

Yeah, see, I love the cheese. So, tasty!

Man, now I have to figure out when I can get up to NorCal to get one.

Oct 27, 2007
Mongrel in California

Odense and Aero, Denmark

Hello, everyone...

I am going to be in Denmark for a brief spell next month, spending some time in both the city of Odense and on the island of Aero.

Has anyone been to these two places and can anyone make some recommendations for tasty food? Traditional Danish cuisine preferred.

Thanks in advance!

Aug 21, 2007
Mongrel in International Archive

Squeeze Inn- worth the detour?


You've just rekindled the age-old Sacramento debate of who has the best hamburgers. The contenders are consistently Squeeze Inn, Nationwide, and Ford's. Whenever I have this conversation, Ford's is safely tucked away in third place, but the people who debate for either the Squeeze or Nationwide do so with a lot of passion.

I actually don't like Nationwide very much...I find their burgers rather run-of-the-mill, but their fries are much better than Ford's, which puts them in 2nd and 3rd respectively for me.

Clearly Sacto Damkier is a fan of Nationwide and I am a fan of the you can take it with a grain of salt. Just remember which one was on Food Network. *winks*

Jul 06, 2007
Mongrel in California

We need a lunch spot in Langkawi. Help?

We're going to be doing a day trip to Langkawi (unfortunately we can't stay longer) and want to know of a good place to have lunch.


Squeeze Inn- worth the detour?

The BEST greasy spoon burger you'll doubt about it! Get the Squeeze with Cheese and, if you're at all worried about grease, don't watch them cook it.

I would definitely encourage you to stop there, but be aware...they tend to cater to the working crowd, so their hours are spotty.

Jul 04, 2007
Mongrel in California

Restaurant suggestions for Penang, Malaysia?

Hey, all...

I am in Penang until July 11th and am looking for some restaurant suggestions. I am mainly interested in Malay food, but am open to Indian, Chinese, and anything else that the island is known for.

Please list any favorites that you might have--especially in the Batu Feringgi area!