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Range, Prospect, or elsewhere?

Upcoming (early Nov) trip to SF with only 2 nights for dinner out. Looking for a delicious mid-range place near/in downtown. Party of 4 and we like fresh, local fare. So far I have my eyes set on Prospect or Range. Any other recommendations or reviews on those two options?

Oct 18, 2011
kganc in San Francisco Bay Area

In-laws in town, need great atmosphere + food?

Looking for a good place to take the in-laws with great atmosphere, mid-expensive range. My husband and I just moved up here but so far have loved August, Blue Hill, and Hearth; just want to try something new (though similar feel) with them.

Jul 01, 2007
kganc in Manhattan

East side dinner, great (cozy, lively) atmosphere

Looking for a place that is reasonably close to the mid-upper east side (upper east side to grand central-ish). Mostly just value good (nothing fancy) food with great atmosphere - August/Po/Little Owl/Bouley Bakery feel but on the other side of town. Any recommendations??

Jun 30, 2007
kganc in Manhattan

Vespa, Spigolo, or Sfoglia - ITL on UES

Looking for a moderately priced but delicious italian dinner on the upper east side... Any votes on which of these is better? I'd also be interested in WVillage italian restaurants as well - I wasn't so impressed with Po and am looking for other options down there. Thanks!

Jun 28, 2007
kganc in Manhattan