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Reservations for Taranta Friday 6/26- what should we order?

The two dishes I remember best are the tuna dish and the pasta with lamb. Both are awesome choices if they still have them. It's a great restaurant - I send people there all the time. The food is always good and it's a little different than what the rest of the neighborhood offers.

Jun 24, 2009
deebo in Greater Boston Area

Temple Bar, Cambridge - Report (June 2009)

I've was VERY excited to try Temple Bar when I heard Chef Scelfo was there. I was a fan of his from his NSG days and was hoping he'd bring the same creative, authentic cuisine to Temple. After two recent experiences, I can say he did not disappoint and I will be making regular crossings to the other side of the river to enjoy his food.

First, I went with a group of friends to brunch on a Sunday, and it has to be the best and most creative brunch I've ever had. The crispy oyster omelette elevates a chinese food classic to places its never been. The omelette was topped with delicious crispy fried oysters and a spicy aioli - it's a must eat. And the pulled pork eggs benedict was ridiculously good - a perfectly poached egg, smoky pork atop an english muffin were an addictive combination. Both were great examples of how he puts his own creative twist on standards.

I then returned a week or two later for dinner with another group, and Chef Scelfo's creative genius continued to shine. I was psyched to see the tuna tartare was still on the menu, but there were also new menu items like smoked salmon fritters and the cripsy pork belly that showed his creative use of simple ingredients. I had the chicken dish with carrot latkes (even as a Jew, I never thought of marking latkes out of carrots). They were delicious! The saffron and carrot pairing was perfect making them savory with just a little hint of sweetness. Another big hit was the chicken sandwich with bacon, cheese, and a harissa aioli, which my friend still talks about to this day. And the panade that comes the pork chop was fought over at the table b/c it was so good.

Chef Scelfo used to be our North End secret, but it seems like he is in a great place to bring his delicious food to a wider audience. Lucky Cambridge!

Jun 19, 2009
deebo in Greater Boston Area