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all-you-can-eat sushi

Try Midori Sushi in Studio City- it's about $25 per person for all you can eat sushi, though everyone sitting at your table has to participate in the all you can eat (which can be a bummer). Though, the food is rather impressive, the sushi and rolls are always fresh and the service is always good. Expect to wait though, especially on the weekends. The last time I went was on a Sunday night and we had to wait about 45 min.

Happy Hour/Cheap Eats in Downtown L.A.

Hey all! I'm looking for some good happy hour/cheap eats in the downtown area, like my post says. I've been to Wokcano for early happy hour (4-7pm) and Cole's every now and then, but am looking for more places that have early and late happy hour deals in the area. I'm looking for places that are in $4-6 price range, that economy ya know! Lemme know what suggestions you all have! Thanks :-)