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Hatch Chile

Found some at Harris Teeter on MLK, Durham for 1.29/pound with VIC card. Enjoy!

Aug 15, 2015
FoodieinToronto in Southeast

Montego Bay- Local food??

Pork Pit - jerk everything with sides (plantains, rice & peas) and Red Stripe. Delicious and you can do take-out. On Hip Street, across from Margaritaville.

Allens vs. Via Allegro

Thank you everyone for your opinion! I am leaning towards the Eat at Globe and then onward to Allen's for drinks suggestion.

Allens vs. Via Allegro

I am looking for a restaurant for my husband's birthday dinner. He loves single malt scotch and these two restaurants - Allen's and Via Allegro seem to have a good selection. Any recommendation on which one is better? There are no price or location constraints so if you are aware of others, let me know. Thanks!!

Best Masala Dosa in Toronto?

I haven't tried Saravana Bhavan yet. But I prefer the dosa at Madras Masala compared to Udupi Palace. It probably costs a little more, but the dosa is bigger and better too. Yummmm, I love me some dosa!

World Cafe - Harbourfront

I checked out the numerous stalls inside the cafe on Canada Day. Everything looked delicious and fresh although I didn't get to try them all. I enjoyed the food at Amadou African cuisine. I got a little bit of rice, sweet dumplings, plantains - it was delicious! I am not sure if they have a restaurant / or if they are caterers, I tried googling but couldn't locate any info. Anyone know anything about them?
I might go again this weekend to try some other things. If you are interested use the link below to view the summer festival schedule.

New Street Carts - How are they doing?

I had some the other day and I got the same taste (of reheated food). It's 5$ but I am not sure if I want to try it again.

Prepared food in downtown?

Thanks for the tips folks!

Prepared food in downtown?

What’s everyone’s favorite place to pick up some food for either lunch or dinner when you are not in the mood to cook or have a sit down meal at a restaurant? I am looking for suggestions anywhere in the downtown area or places that can be accessed via public transit. I find myself in this situation often and end up usually walking over to Whole Foods which always leaves a big hole in my wallet!

Recommendations for Little India

My vote goes for Udipi Palace too. The restaurant atmosphere is basic, but service is quick and attentive. I liked their mango lassi and madras masala dosa. I also tried their stuffed potato uttapa which I didn't care for much.
For Indian sweets, I liked Mahar. When I asked for a 'not too sweet' item they suggested I try something they had on their counter. I am not sure of the name, but it looks crumbly and is brownish in color. I also ordered some samosas, which were very tasty and fresh.

Frozen Costco Appetizers?

I have served their spanakopitas, petite quiches and Mexican platter (includes empanadas, taquitos and mini tacos) as appetizers on several occasions.