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Ingredients derived from wheat

Maybe just ask the supplier if it is certified gluten-free? I have serious doubt. Celiacs may react to microgram levels of gluten.

Perhaps you could get a similar product derived from rice (Lundberg) or tapioca? These products should be mostly glucose, and practically fructose-free.

Full disclosure: I'm really anti-wheat. I don't have an acute reaction to it, but, the evidence against ingesting it seems overwhelming, and not just because of the gluten.

Nov 21, 2014
johnseberg in Special Diets

Where to Buy Fresh (as opposed to frozen) Turkey

There appears to be a good answer to this question on

If you have trouble finding it, let me know.

Nov 11, 2014
johnseberg in Phoenix

Occasional Treat?


I tried the cane sugar version of this (So Delicious Brand) product, and, again, had quite a bit of gas. The ingredient label seems to change quite a bit. What is on their website does not match what was on my container (agave vs. cane, chicory root extract vs. inulin [possibly the same thing]). So, maybe it was the inulin, all along. I'm still avoiding erythritol, though.

In either case, the gas seemed to develop in the lower GI, so, I guess it isn't fueling SIBO. Still, too much pressure can't be good. Hopefully, I'll tolerate these prebiotics better, going forward.

I make treats with canned coconut milk and berries and seem to tolerate those very well. Guar gum is the only weird thing in that mix - no added sweeteners.

Oct 22, 2014
johnseberg in Special Diets

Scottsdale - Staying at Hotel Valley Ho

Oct 21, 2014
johnseberg in Phoenix

Ugh --- I'm lactose intolerant!

And yet, people will buy an even more extreme product:

Oct 20, 2014
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Is reheated pasta less fattening?

Hi Melanie.

The article mentions the feeding of good bacteria. What it fails to mention is certain bacteria convert these starches into short chained fatty acids (SCFA), which are absorbed by their human host. If this process is efficient, calories are not really lost.

The good news is that these fatty acids are generally regarded as healthy, particularly for the colon. This process may also be the most practical way to get butyric acid into your colon. I'd prefer it to butyrate suppositories. Also, eating butter doesn't work if your upper digestive tract is properly functioning.

Then, there's the whole good calories / bad calories argument. The SCFA produced in the colon may help to blunt glucose / insulin spikes for several hours. Large mammals absorb most of their calories as fatty acids, not glucose, by this general process. Our smaller digestive systems are less capable of operating this way. We should probably eat a lot more fat, directly, yet, still find a way to allow the bacteria to do their thing in our colons for the many benefits. Just my opinion.

I'd opt for the potato salad, rather than the pasta.

My new favorite blog for information on probiotics and prebiotics:

Oct 19, 2014
johnseberg in Special Diets

Dining Solo in Phoenix

Use this link to help in your research. You can find old threads on many places within walking distance.

Oct 18, 2014
johnseberg in Phoenix

Hilton Tapatios

I suggest you start here:

Your hotel is in the "Sunnyslope & North Mountain" neighborhood, but, there is not a lot of "dining" options there. Some good cheap food, though.

Oct 17, 2014
johnseberg in Phoenix

Ads That Play Automatically

I'm taking a month off from CH. Ads have automatically played for the past three days in a row. The idea that you don't accept these ads is an insulting joke. Maybe, I'll see you in Nov.

Sep 30, 2014
johnseberg in Site Talk

I think I have a garlic intolerance, anyone else?

At 27, I accepted various digestive ups and downs to be normal. I probably had symptoms, as bad, or worse, than you are having, and never considered an elimination diet. On the other hand, it's easy to obsess about digestion, which is counter-productive. How seriously things are to be taken is a balancing act.

If your symptoms get worse, and seem to involve more foods, I would encourage you to study various protocols for determining and reversing intolerances. I think the information available in this area gets better and better, every day. Look for protocols talking about elimination, provocation, healing, and reintroduction.

For now, I like your strategy of continuing to eat a little garlic. I buy into the idea of eating smalls amounts of things on a regular basis, is helpful to tolerating them in larger amounts. I also believe garlic and related foods are quite valuable to gut health.

Sep 29, 2014
johnseberg in Special Diets

I think I have a garlic intolerance, anyone else?

What about the effectiveness of the DAO supplement? I thought you were taking it.

Sep 28, 2014
johnseberg in Special Diets

I think I have a garlic intolerance, anyone else?

That's a great chart - keep up the good work.

Are the diamine oxidase supplements and Prescript-Assist helping?


Sep 28, 2014
johnseberg in Special Diets

What’s So Bad About ‘Natural’?

Exactly, "natural" is a marketing term. Expect deception when present.

I think I have a garlic intolerance, anyone else?

Good point, but the OP has nowhere near enough evidence to conclude a sensitivity to garlic. Consider that garlic is just the most conspicuous of the stomach contents, but, not necessarily the fuel for fermentation occurring in the upper GI tract.

Garlic has been implicated as relaxing the lower esophageal sphincter (not sure I agree). The resulting symptom is heartburn or acid reflux.

IMO, if one is sensitive to garlic, causing burping and/or IBS, something should be done to rid the upper GI tract of the misplaced bacteria (SIBO). These bacteria should be in the colon, and happily consuming FODMAPs, contributing to one's good health, instead of causing this kind of distress.

Sep 27, 2014
johnseberg in Special Diets

GAPS diet

More GAPS links, good starting points:

Sep 27, 2014
johnseberg in Special Diets

GAPS diet

I should own the book, but, I don't.

What's not to like about a grain-free, gut-healing, probiotic-rich diet for a T2D? Well, maybe the part where you start the day with carrot or beet juice? I like the general concept, but, maybe the implementation needs to be tweeked for a T2D.

I'd find a pro that has significant experience with this combination, and consult.

I have generally positive thoughts about this approach, and I hope it works. Just, please be careful.

Sep 27, 2014
johnseberg in Special Diets

Fat Bomb Techniques

I thought I'd start a thread to get ideas for making fatty snacks. I'm sure there are a few of you that make these.

I've been making variations of the following recipe:

6 parts coconut oil
2 parts nut butter (almond, cashew, I've even used tahini)
1 part butter or ghee

Melt, mix, pour into an ice cube tray, refrigerate, and empty cubes into a jar. Store in the 'fridge for whenever a shot of energy is desired, or to chase down a low-fat meal. Keep a small container in the 'fridge at work (nobody ever steals these).

This works pretty good, but, I don't like using the plastic ice cube trays so much. They end up messier than I expect, and the fats are probably really good at extracting the BPA or other nasty plasticizers from the trays.

Another fatty snack I've enjoyed is the fudge from the The Wahls Protocol ( ). I can't post the recipe here, unfortunately.

I'm looking for other ideas.


Sep 20, 2014
johnseberg in Special Diets

Help - low-carb LOW BUDGET diabetic-friendly meals?

Here is a post of something I did with grass-fed beef shanks. You can get a lot of very nutrient-dense meats, cheap, that go a long way. Other choices are heart, liver, and tongue. Just be sure to cook most of these things low and slow, and they're great.

You might want to keep in mind that when you cook some veggies, like this, you break the indigestible carbs into simple sugars, which you might want to avoid. But, you can get good, tender, meats with just a little liquid, and very few or zero carbs.

Organs meats, bones, and cheaper cuts complement typical muscle meat amino acid, vitamin, and mineral profiles. By eating them, you're likely protecting yourself from micronutrient deficiencies.

Study report: Low carb for diabetes

I thought I'd add this, here:

From NPR: Diet Soda May Alter Our Gut Microbes And The Risk Of Diabetes

This links three of our favorites topics: artificial sweeteners, the microbiome, and metabolic disease.

This (kinda) confirms my fears about a poorly executed, low-carb diet.

Low-carb can be a great thing, if done right. I don't think it's complicated, but, it can take some effort.

Sep 17, 2014
johnseberg in Special Diets

Low carb for dementia/carbs/gluten cause of dementia?

Dr. Perlmutter's cookbook is out, and looks interesting. The preview on Amazon is a pretty good taste.

I'm a big fan of this guy. I thought his PBS info-mercial type fund raiser thing was better than most, and I think he is involved in the production of all kinds of solid content.

It looks like he will be appearing on Dr. Oz on 9/19 (FWIW).

Sep 11, 2014
johnseberg in Special Diets

Healthy Foods

Well, if you want to *know*, you need to learn *why*.

I like various recommendations falling under the umbrella of ancestral health. I don't like to use the word "Paleo", because I think it has lost its meaning.

I think most of the participants on this board would agree that the Standard American Diet (SAD) is too high in carbohydrate (even for a body builder), and too high in processed foods. Also, nutrient dense foods should be recognized and prioritized.

Through exercise, you'll be inducing stress and inflammation to meets your goals. You'll benefit from reducing other sources of chronic stress and inflammation, and diet can play a major role. You want protein you can easily absorb. You want to stabilize your blood sugar and reduce toxins and anti-nutrients. Get more energy from saturated and monounsaturated fats. Reduce polyunsaturated fats, and reduce / optimize your Omega-6 / Omega-3 ratio.

Somebody with much better writing skills can tell you more. Find something that is written in a way that is easy for you to understand without insulting your intelligence.

I read Robb Wolf's first book, and found it enjoyable. However, I wonder if his views are the same, today. I believe he has trained some world champion weight lifters or body builders. I love his podcast, except when they decide to talk about lifting. Greg Everett is often his podcast sidekick - he is the lifting expert.

Mark Sisson is a lifelong athlete and trainer. Now, in his sixties, Mark looks better than 99% of people that are 20 years younger. I find him very knowledgeable and articulate. I haven't read his books, but, I'll bet they're really good, based on his blog and podcasts.

Chris Kresser is *not* a body builder, but, I find his website to be the best for my particular needs. I don't know why I put so much trust in this guy, but, I do. Chris is not dogmatic about being low carb at all, and believes in finding the right diet for each individual. The website is pretty heavy on dealing with chronic disease.

The Weston A. Price foundation's diet might be the most liberal with grains and such, provided you are willing to do the prep work.

I tend to discount the one-size-fits-all solutions, but, an exception may be the Jaminets' Perfect Health Diet. I loved the book.

I'm kind of a computer geek, so, this guy is on my radar. He is an MD that deals with geeks that sit on their asses all day, like gadgets, and eat too much rice. I've been there.

Sep 11, 2014
johnseberg in Special Diets

When is 'sugar-free' NOT sugar-free?

Somewhere, yesterday, I saw an interview where the subject said there were 56 names for sugar on nutritional labels. I think it was somebody associated with "Fed Up" (movie). So, I found this, after a little googling:

I thought it was worth a look, for those not already familiar.

Sep 04, 2014
johnseberg in Special Diets

No carb snacks for child

The OP mentioned strawberries. If that's okay, jicama is probably worth a try. The numbers for jicama look better than strawberries. Total carb is close, but net is way better.

Sep 02, 2014
johnseberg in Special Diets

Can Good Gut Bacteria Protect Against Food Allergies?

I'm pretty interested in this stuff. It's a hot topic, in general, particularly is the area of ancestral health. I'm going to avoid the overly simplistic sound bites and just point to a couple of podcasts, for those who might be interested. It's pretty geeky stuff, though. Nerds only. :^)

Edit: These are of general microbiome subject matter, not particularly allergy focused.

Going Paleo for a month (kicking and screaming all the way…)

I agree, AIP is another level of difficulty. Enjoying life, and avoiding orthorexia is also important.

Going Paleo for a month (kicking and screaming all the way…)

I know very little about the Whole30, and assume it is about reducing inflammation and stabilizing blood sugar, like most flavors of Paleo. Or, just breaking the sugar addiction, temporarily, if nothing else.

I am concerned that it might not be the greatest thing for gut healing or allergies, based on the OP's affinity for nuts and eggs as proteins.

Maybe significant benefits will be realized, depending on from where one is coming. But, I'd be inclined to steer somebody with multiple allergies to an autoimmune protocol.

Sep 02, 2014
johnseberg in Special Diets

Help - no-chew diabetic foods?

Your personal experience is greatly appreciated. I wouldn't have thought to check several hours post meal.

For those looking for a few bucks from the Dreamfields class action lawsuit:

Your claim must be filed online or postmarked no later than September 1, 2014.

Aug 29, 2014
johnseberg in Special Diets

PHX area with 2 kids 8, 11

It would be good to know the general location of where you're staying, like a nearby intersection.

Aug 26, 2014
johnseberg in Phoenix

Going Paleo for a month (kicking and screaming all the way…)

I could get really long-winded, but, I'll try to be brief.

I didn't eat salt when following Cordain's Paleo Diet, and I believe that was a mistake (for me). If anything, I should probably have eaten more salt, and tried to get more minerals, in general.

I also didn't have enough variety. I didn't do anything like a "Whole 30", so, I cheated. Nothing egregious, and not frequent, but, I wish I had put more effort into meal prep. For someone who is prone to sensitivities, it is crucial to get a lot of variety and rotate foods. Sensitivity can come from chronic exposure. I also believe that getting a wide variety of fiber from real food is important.

I didn't eat enough fat. Now, I eat a lot of high quality ghee, clean animal fats, coconut oil, and some avocado. I have a little bit of tree nuts, but, I try to keep the PUFA low, in general. Getting over my fear of saturated fat was an obstacle.

I thought it was all about diet (not to mention supplements), and neglected the other concepts of Paleo living. This is still a problem, but, getting better.

Aug 23, 2014
johnseberg in Special Diets

gluten free cooking

My feeling is the subject is too serious for TV.

Aug 20, 2014
johnseberg in Special Diets