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Long Beach Island, NJ?

This has happened to me in the past, Which is why we will never go back to Yellow Fin.
If you are Not in the IN Crowd.. Fuhgettabout it!
It is a shame.
Why not try to be accommodating the the customer???
I cannot understand the logic( if there is any?)

Jul 25, 2010
vealstew42 in New Jersey

Tenampa Mexican in Toms River very disappointing..

We were extremely dissapointed in the Tenampa in Manahawkin also.
I Think this was their first restaurant.Lots of Locals say it is very good, But My wife and seem to disagree.
One night for Take out. Extremely poor food. Freshness and Quality both lacking.
I came down with some Montezuma's Revenge later that evening..
Will never go Back

Jul 13, 2010
vealstew42 in New Jersey

good eats on long beach island - nj

LaSpiaggia Has been our Favorite for many years.
Excellent Service along with very Superb Food.
Finer Dining Italian fare.
A nice change from the hustle and bustle of LBI.

Jun 25, 2010
vealstew42 in New Jersey

Tuscan House Toms River

It is a Shame that these restaurants spend all this Money on a Beautiful Place, YET have NO IDEA how to Prepare FOOD!!!!
Lets hope they find someone who KNOWS how to cook Good Quality Italian Food. Until then Please Stop going .....
I think it is the same owner as Tiffany's(another JOKE)
Stick with Broadcasting football games and leave the coking to the Professionals....
I have been to both Places aND YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL....

Jun 23, 2010
vealstew42 in New Jersey

Best "Casual" ITALIAN in Toms River please.......

hi Anne,

I just checked out Lenny's Pizza website.
Very Nice.

One thing bothers me. not with only this website but most Pizza Places.
Why is it that Veal, whether it be Parmigiano, Marsala, Pizziaola, Francese, Picatta is only $17.00. ?
Then you have Chicken dishes served the same styles as the veal for $16.00 ..

There has been discussion many times on these boards about this practice.

We all Know the Veal is in most cases is at least 5 times more expensive than chicken breast. This is a modest number(5 Times).

average chicken cutlet= $1.50 per pound
average Veal for scallopine $8 to $ 15 per pound(depends on which cut these places purchase)

Here comes tha age old discussion.
How can these places possibly charge only $17 for VEAL?
and yet get $16 for Chicken?

I am afraid that some pizza restaurants think it is OK to serve some sort of Pork Loin in place of that ever so covetted Veal.

I am not saying that Lenny's does this( I hope and think not), I just happened to see their menu ( website ) on this forum,
I have never been to Lenny's and I am sure it is Excellent.

Just think about all the places that charge the same price for a product that actually costs at least 5 times more.. How is this feasible or practical???

I am afraid to tell you all that Yes, unfortunatly when you order veal in many a Pizza Parlor, you are in FACT eating PORK LOIN that costs a whopping $1.99 per pound........
There is nothing wrong in my mind about Pork Parmigiano, in fact I really enjoy it.....
But please Restaurant owners who practice this dreadful business, Come clean......Youy Know Who You ARE>>>>>

Thank you.


Aug 06, 2008
vealstew42 in New Jersey

Dark meat or white meat chicken on salad or pizza

hi nene
Dark meat chicken, IMO, totally rules over the breast.
Bone in, is even better than boneless.
Chicken Breast in this day and age is FlavorLESS.
There are many ways to be creative with the dark meat.
Braising the dark meat is exceptional. I always utilize the dark meat to its fullest potential.

Not sure if (dark meat)served on Salad is going to go over well with the public.
Too Many SNOBS out there..I think you should state on ur menu that the leg and thigh are involved in ur dish to avoid any problems.

For the Love of Good.

Mar 31, 2008
vealstew42 in General Topics

Anniversary Dinner at The Jersey Shore?

I have always been a big fan of "Girasole" in A.C.
On Pacific Ave, between The Trop and The Hilton.
Very Fresh Northern Italian food, Wood burning Pizza oven, Housemade pastas, Chops, Langostinos......and much more.Great bar also..
Give it a try...

Aug 19, 2007
vealstew42 in Mid-Atlantic

LBI in late September?

One of the better BYOB on LBI in My opinion is LaSpiaggia in Ship Bottom.
They usually stay open till NYEve.
We have been dining ther for the past 4 yrs or so and they continue to suprise us.
Great menu and forever changing daily and seasonal specials.
See you at the Chowder fest!!!!

Aug 18, 2007
vealstew42 in Mid-Atlantic

Anniversary dinner - LBI

I am a big fan of LaSpiaggia in Ship Bottom.
They stay open thru the winter.
I have been there for quite a few romantic evenings..
Enjoy, and Happy Anniversary

Jul 21, 2007
vealstew42 in Mid-Atlantic

Atlantic City - Need help for a birthday dinner

please try Girasole restaurant.
It is on the main drag between Tropicana and the Hilton.
Great value for the quality.
Family run business. Not Casino run.

Jul 19, 2007
vealstew42 in Mid-Atlantic

Osso bucco in Monmouth or Ocean Cty

Hi, Our favorite Ossobuco is in Ship Bottom at LaSpiaggia.
Usually served with saffron risotto.
Always topnotch.

If you get a chance, give it a try.
I have sampled many through the years and theirs is #1.
See you.

Jun 28, 2007
vealstew42 in Mid-Atlantic