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Nadege Patisserie is Bad


Nadege Patisserie is Bad

I think first of all, that this shows what I think most people know. That for every great european bakery/patisserie, there is a crappy one, and I know because I've seen/hired european patissiers and I've been confused at who taught them what they do and how they got away with it for so long. Nadege's first problem, and it's undefendable is serving product that is not to people's expectations. It doesn't matter how long they've been open, that should've just taken a day or two to get an oven and maybe a proofer sorted out.

Not a single person in the industry, except slackers, think that there is a warming up period where they are allowed to make mistakes. Not a single self-respecting baker. I'm going to try and check out Nadege today, but if it's terrible, than it's terrible. Every store owner knows that they have to open strong because first impressions can only be made once.

Also, it's going to be a problem if Macarons are going to be a new trend in the city. Very, very few can make them well, if at all. They are a highly skilled and labour heavy item to produce, so if it does swell, there will a lot of expensive little, terrible macarons around the city.

Lunch in Port Perry Tomorrow?

it is a chain, there is also a Mexico Lindo on Bayview ave in Leaside. I'd check out Haugens, on #7, just before Port.

Dark chocolate cocoa..where are you?

I was refering to the cocoa bsv is looking for and the black cocoa as being the same, not the black cocoa and the dark dutch. The brand the I took a picture of and that is available in our area I believe is the same as Black cocoa.

Dark chocolate cocoa..where are you?

King Arthur products are available in Canada as of right now. I think the products are one in the same though

Dark chocolate cocoa..where are you?

Here's a photo of what I have.

Dark chocolate cocoa..where are you?

Don't worry you're not leading anyone astray, there is an extra dark cocoa powder and it's available at McCall's Baker's warehouse. Near Kipling and Bloor, I'd call ahead first, I bought mine at the wholesale location, but they should have some there. My guess is this is what you are looking for, stay away from both the ghiradelli and cocoa camino, they are not that good. Callebaut cocoa would be the most reasonable. But anyways for the dark cocoa, I'd call there, but it's probably not the best cocoa, good for homemade oreos though.

Coffee: the best in the west?

Lit Espresso in Roncey is nice, and there is a new Mitzi's location opening up at college and delaware.