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What a find in East Meadow, NY

We were on our way from NJ to Nassau County to attend the wake of a dear friend's mother when we got caught in horrendous NYC Friday night traffic. We were hoping to grab a bite to eat beforehand, however bumper to bumper on the belt parkway made us rethink our plans as we had to be at the funereal home by 7pm.
The 4 of us decided to just find some place in the East Meadow area and dine after the viewing. I quickly went on to Open Table and a couple of restaurants popped up.. we made a reservation at Sacramone's on Hempstead Turnpike and hoped for the best.
All I can say is WOW... We walked in and the smell of fresh baked bread and oregano welcomed us. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable without being overwhelming. The first thing on our our table was a beautiful basket of breads including some focaccia which we couldn't get enough of.
We started with appetizers and salads.. A classic Caesar Salad which was perfectly balanced and NOT gooey. An Arugula, beet and shaved goat cheese salad (which was a special salad) dressed with a very tasty balsamic dressing was wonderful. We ordered 2 plates of the grilled octopus.. also a special.. Probably the best I've ever had... tender, perfectly grilled and very delicious.
All but one of our main courses were also off of the specials menu which included a veal special with roasted sundried tomatoes portabella mushrooms , Mahi Mahi in a caper/olive/wine sauce, Littleneck clams over linguini (regular menu) and homemade lasagna.
Every one of our dishes was extremely well prepared and absolutely delicious. The only disappointment was the side of mashed potatoes that were served with the veal and the Mahi. As my late grandmother would say "I wouldn't write home about it". This, however did not dampen our experience in any way. Also entrees were served with a side of spinach sauteed in olive oil and garlic which was great.
At the end of the meal, the owner/chef Domenico came out to greet the diners and we found out that they have a 2nd restaurant in Astoria called Sac's Place. He say the East Meadow location has only been open about a year and they are doing well...
When I got home, I quickly googled them and sure enough the NY Times reviewed them in April 2012.. No surprises here.. they also had an enjoyable experience...
If you live in the area, make this a favorite.. if you are traveling out in Long Island.. definitely eat there!

Disney chow for foodies

California Grill is closed until August 31st for renovations... it was my favorite restaurant during our last visit... Jiko was also excellent!
We also loved the Brown Derby.

Feb 25, 2013
lverga in Florida

Bermuda Eating Trip Recap - long

We arrived on Tues and decided to have dinner at our hotel...
Ocean Echos at the reefs.. The restaurant looks out over the ocean... great view.. really something.
My daughter loved that they had "mocktails" for kids.
For starters we enjoyed Shrimp summer rolls and the roasted corn and chicken chowder. The seared beef tenderloin was a litttle too salty for my husband.
Next came the salad.. they called it Bermuda greens. Nothing special
We all had the pistachio crusted tuna. Excellent highlight of meal

Apple strudel n ginger creme brûlée. My daughter the expert said it was ok

Breakfast was included in our package so we did not have to go anywhere else.
Coconuts at Reefs
Again, the view is great... a really nice place to sit and dine.... It was great to be outdoors.
Fish chowder to start
1st bowl of the trip and worth the wait. Very good and spicy with addition of rum and sherry peppers
We had Fish cakes...3 decent size cakes. Crunchy outside. Lots of fish inside. Not a ton of filler. Very good
My daughter liked the Cheese quesadilla, however, avoid the guacamole. and my husband had the Jerk chicken salad. Comes in tortilla. Very good
Bolero Front St. Hamilton... was voted business of month of April in one of the local periodicals.
We loved the Escargot. Rich buttery garlicky tender
Mixed green and herb salad. Very good
Brasserie Salad with feta olives baby artichoke pistachios. Delicious
Cesar salad. served in crouton ring. Good
Black linguini with clams and calamari. Great
Cod with butter sause and mussels wonderful
Local Tuna with cous cous, lime, cumin. Sushi grade seared raw great. Bursting with flavor.
We had sorbet
Mango lemon raspberry. We had to try all 3 flavors... perfect ending to perfect meal
Freeport seafood restaurant.
Fish chowder good. Always best with the black rum and sherry peppers.
Shrimp curry. Shrimp were perfectly done. However, the curry was very mild if somewhat bland.
Henry VIII
Walking distance from hotel... we were too tired to go into Hamilton.
1st course
Fish chowder again. Saltier than I like but very good
Fried calamari not the best choice. Just ok. Not real crispy
Mixed field green salad very good
Bonito with shrimp. It was fresh local caught according to the wait staff, with a Macadamia crust it was pretty good not great
My daughter ordered the Fettuccine Alfredo...Good. Nothing special
All in all it was fine for how tired we were... I wouldn't go out of my way to go back.. although I was told later on in the trip that they have bands on Friday nights which are supposed to be fun.
Lemon tart with lemon sorbet. Tart very good. Sorbet not as good as Bolero
Service left a lot to be desired there was a lot of staff, however, they seemed to be running around in circles. Ironically, place also has a sushi bar... I did not see anybody from chowhound recommend it so we as much as we love sushi we decided to leave it be.
Lunch swizzle inn
We were informed almost immediately, by a nice couple from Toronto to avoid the fish chowder.. they said it was thin and watery... the most disappointing one they've had.
We started with the trio dip of humus, artichoke and olive tapenade with pita wedges and garlic toast the menu also said celery and grape tomatoes, however, they were more like a garnish only 2 of each. Each spread was quite tasty and best with garlic toast
Then, we had the sea breeze fish sandwich which was baked wahoo served on multigrain bread That was really good
and the wahoo burger with cilantro, lime and wasabi mayo was very good as well
Side salad and French fries... I think it was worth it.. and can't forget the Run Swizzle... yum.
The Ocean Echos at the Reefs
We had the Crab cakes and also the lobster bisque, both were very good
2nd course
My husband really liked the Pâté. We also had the Antipasto which was delicious as well
Also enjoyed the Capreese salad with Mozzarella.
Main course
My husband & I both had the Rockfish. A Bermuda staple and very good. Served with Haricot Vert and wild rice. Really tasty
My daughter loved the Seafood Tagliatelle. Delicious. It was loaded with Rock crab and mussels and mushrooms.
Bananas foster. A classic
Lunch... Coconuts at Reefs again
Fish chowders all around... they forgot the Rum and Sherry peppers this time.
Pulled pork sandwich and they forgot the rest....
Don't know what happened the service just fell apart and it took forever to get lunch. The poor bartender kept jumping out from behind the bar to serve.. I think they were training new recruits... It was the only service problem we had at the Reefs.. so I think it was an isolated incident.

The Ocean Echo at the Reefs again. Too lazy to go anywhere else n the menu changes every day.. just be aware.. if you are not on any kind of a food plan, Ocean Echo is prix fixe $60.00 per head.. there is a kids menu for the little ones.
my husband & I had the Seared Scallops... delicious. My daughter had the truffle Mac n cheese very good
2nd, Salad
House with greens, goat cheese, mandarin oranges and Cajun almonds. Fresh and tasty
and we also had the Candied pecans n pears with greens. Well done
My daughter & I had the Tandoor style shrimp baby Bok choi and sweet potatoe purée really delicious... 2nd best meal of the trip.. Bolero was the best for me

My husband had the Mahi mahi wrapped in parma ham with risotto and asperagus... he said it was his best meal of trip
Wild berry tart and coconut creame pie both delicious
Sun last day
Lunch at the Dining Room at the Gibbs Light House..
1st.. Fish chowder... I think it was the best we've had on the island...Yes, you have to have it with the black rum and sherry peppers

My husband and daughter had the Pizza... the crust looked homemade, however it was just so so.
I had the smoked salmon, arugula and goat cheese sandwich this was really good. I think it was homemade foccia bread.

All in all it was a great trip... Bermuda is a truly beautiful island with beautiful people.. We will definitely be back!!!! and Thank you to everyone at Chowhound!

Bermuda Eating Trip Recap - long

boy, thank you all for the suggestions.. i will only be there a week , I think I need a month or two!

Bermuda Eating Trip Recap - long

I will let you know when I get back mid April. It seems they have 3 restaurants on site and I am eager to try them all. Do you know which restaurant the chef will be at or does she/he oversee all 3?

Bermuda Eating Trip Recap - long

Yes, thank you very much... we were there 20 years ago and have always wanted to come back. This will be my first time at the Reefs... it sounds great.
one more question.. am I imagining this or was/is there a restaurant in one of the caves?
Thanks again

Bermuda Eating Trip Recap - long

Hi Athena,
We will be going to Bermuda next month. We will be staying at the Reefs.. I have been reading the Bermuda boards and would like to know your top couple of restaurants for lunch/dinner.
Thank you,