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Help me find a Connecticut pizza place.

Well it's only taken a few years (LOL). This may be the place. I found it, not "West" of New Haven, but "North" of New Haven at 1957 Whitney Ave in North Haven. It's Olde World Apizza. I've attached a couple of pictures of the building and one of the "apizza." It fits the bill with the few parking spaces in front. The pizza crust does bear a resemblance to the one in your photo. See if this jogs your memory.

Dec 22, 2014
PerryM in Southern New England

Hard rolls in Wallingford, Ct area

I believe the "famous" hard rolls were made by the New York Bakery prior to the Weinberger's ownership. I also recall those hard rolls and the fact that they also supplied them to restaurants in the area. I can recall frequenting the bakery in the mid to late '90s when I first moved to Wallingford. The original New York Bakery opened in 1954 and closed in 2000. It was owned by the Stolzman family. After it had been empty for about 3 years, the Weinberger's purchased it and opened for business around March of 2003 under the name "Jill's Bakery." It closed sometime in 2005. The Weinberger's sold it to Antonio Matias who had worked for the Weinberger's as a baker. Mr Matias renamed it Elizabeth's Bakery and opened for business in September of 2006. Elizabeth's Bakery is currently still in business at that location.

Jul 11, 2012
PerryM in Southern New England

Basic Italian Meatballs

Please re-read the ingredients list. Bread and milk are the first two ingredients in the list. They are used to make a "panade" which keeps the meatballs moist and soft.

May 12, 2011
PerryM in Recipes

Pizza Barn - Newington, CT

Ratbuddy, I had replied with the answer to your question, but the moderators deleted my post due to the fact that I posted an entire article from the Hartford Courant.

If you do a Google New Archive search on " 'Pizza Barn' Newington", you will find the article from 1995 about the Pizza Barn's owners being sued for having provided drinks to someone who later caused a crash that killed himself and 2 others.

Feb 04, 2011
PerryM in Southern New England


I've purchased buratta from Liuzzi Cheese, located at 322 State St., North Haven, CT.
Oh yes ... Cut open, drizzled with good olive oil. sprinkled with a little salt and freshly cracked pepper, and eaten with good crusty italian bread .... nothing better !!!

Liuzzi Cheese
322 State St, North Haven, CT 06473

Aug 03, 2010
PerryM in Southern New England

Crawfish in MA or CT?

Although I've never purchased them, I always see bags of them in Stop & Shop. They're located in the same freezer with the bags of frozen shrimp.

Jul 31, 2010
PerryM in Southern New England

Why are they SO sour at Bakery Normand?

straberry shortcake

You need to re-read Vinny Clams posting. He didn't say he "orders" the sales person to "Smile and say thank you." He is describing HIMSELF in that sentence. It indicates that as a "pleasant enough fellow" that he smiles, says please and thank you.

Also, without exception everyone posting here is consistant in their description of the "sour" attitude at this bakery. That's generally indicative of accuracy. If only a SMALL portion of reviewers are unhappy with a business, you can sometimes attribute it to an occasional mis-step on the part of the business. However, when 100% of the reviewers have the same point of view, most likely it's an accurate description.

Jun 26, 2010
PerryM in Southern New England

Help me find a Connecticut pizza place.

OK mgce, here's my guess. If I'm correct, I hope I was in time for your trip.

Pizza Di Roma at 28 Brown St, West Haven, CT

I've attached a picture, compliments of Google Maps Street View

Dec 30, 2009
PerryM in Southern New England

Meatball Grinder in Middletown, CT?

Rhody Dave - On Rt 1 in Guilford, near the intersection with Rt 77 might be the place you describe. It's an old gas station with a deli / hot food section inside. It's called Deli Unlimited. Years ago I worked in Guilford and ate many of their excellent large "belly buster" grinders.

Jun 18, 2009
PerryM in Southern New England