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FD&C Blue dye #1

Trying to get my hands on some powdered (not pre-formulated liquid) food dye. In particular FD&C blue #1. Is there anywhere in Boston metro that would sell this?

Thanks in advance.

Greenwood, SC

My first visit to South Carolina (for work). I have one dinner here in Greenwood. Is there anywhere I can go to capture something that I can only get here? Something uniquely South Carolina?

Thanks in advance.

Aug 06, 2014
Indirect Heat in Southeast

Suckling pig

Anyone know a source of suckling pig? (Ideally in Cambridge/Arlington, but could go further for pig). We're planning a pig roast for May, and want to buy a young or suckling pig to roast.

Menotomy Grill - Arlington (anyone been?)

We eat here more often than we should. It's one of the better places in Arlington. If we want something good, we eat in Cambridge.

The beer list is good, the cocktails are fine. The menu is dicey. Steak tips? Good. Fried stuff? Good. (Particularly the fried pickles). Stay away from anything that might require sophistication, or has some fussiness in preparation, i.e. anything from the sea.

But where Menotomy falls on its face, is the waitstaff. Some of them are excellent, some of them are mediocre, but there is one frequent waitress, who must be a relative of the owner. She's been drunk once (spilled a drink on my wife while slurring an apology). She's always entitled, and she's never been able to get the entire order right. It's astonishing that in our last 4 visits, we've gotten her as our waitress 3 times. Sorry, Menotomy, but while you're a convenient place to eat in Arlington, and while your beer and steak is good, we just can't be bothered with such shoddy service.

Best steak in Boston area?

10 years ago, we used to have Brazilian bbq in the backyard of some Brazilians living in Baltimore. He cooked meat on swords, and wandered around his back yard for hours, shaving off your favourite part of the meat.

Fogo de Chao isn't as spectacular as the meals we had in that backyard, but it is very good. Would I waste time on a salad bar there? Hell, no. That's a distraction so you don't eat so much expensive meat. Go there and enjoy the meat, and only the meat cooked the way you like.

Sake in Boston

Who has the best retail selection of sake in the Greater Boston area? Preferably on the Cambridge side of the river (we're in Arlington).

Thanks in advance.


Yeah, I've never eaten retail oysters more than a few hours post-purchase. I don't trust myself to store them more than a few hours. I've only made efforts to keep them cold (ice, and fridge). Not which side up, or anything like that.


Hard to explain. They just weren't as bright and fresh-tasting. They were duller. The retail oysters aren't bad, but they're just not as excellent as the oysters we've had in restaurants around town.

Looking for replacement in Harvard Sq. for Chez Henri, Casablanca, etc.

+1. Russell House Tavern is one of my favourite restaurants in Cambridge.


We've had oysters at Island Creek Oyster Bar in Boston and at Russell House Tavern in Cambridge that were extraordinary.

Our retail efforts, at Whole Foods, New Deal Seafood in Cambridge and Fresh Pond Seafood in Arlington have been less successful. None of these holds a candle to the extraordinary oysters we've had recently in restaurants. What is the secret to getting perfect oysters retail in the Boston area? Is it finding an excellent retailer? Or knowing when to buy them?

Fresh edamame

Are there any grocery stores in Cambridge/Arlington/Burlington area that carry fresh edamame? Does H-Mart? Is fresh edamame a seasonal item, or can you get it year round?

Local, small-roast coffee in Montreal and Quebec City?

I've been poking around to find small-batch, roasted coffee in Montreal and Quebec, and I've only been finding old threads. Do either of these cities have local-roasted coffees ala Intelligentsia in Los Angeles or Blue Bottle in San Francisco?

Kouign Amann Anyone? A Breton Delice Richer than Croissants!

I tried his recipe. Will try again with better butter, a bit warmer during first roll, and putting in 1/4 cake flour 3/4 all-purpose.

Best butter in Boston

I'm trying to make Kouign Amann, which is greatly affected by butter quality. What's the best butter, available here, for making great pastry? And where is it available?

Thanks in advance.

Kouign Amann Anyone? A Breton Delice Richer than Croissants!

I just made it at home, and have to agree. It wasn't as good as the Kouign Amann I had had in Montreal, but it was still excellent. Delicious failure, going to keep working in this one.

Tenth Wedding Anniversary in Montreal

My wife and I will be in Montreal next weekend for our anniversary. I'd like to take her out for two special dinners, one late in Friday when we arrive (probably around 9 or 10), the other on Saturday. We've enjoyed Au Pied de Cochon and Joe Beef. Looking to try something new.


Burdock root

Where can I get burdock root? There's none at H-mart.

Thanks in advance.

(Edited for autocorrect goofs).

Overrated restaurants

We don't ever order mains there, just order small dishes, and have a tapas-style meal. Eating that way, I really enjoy Russell House.

Rave for Arlington Restaurants

Za: We also enjoy Za, and eat there regularly. While their crust isn't brilliant, the toppings are. (And they have a fantastic, rotating beer list). Convenient and delicious.

Barismo: Really should be the pride of Arlington. Best coffee in Massachusetts. Anyone else who is even close is probably using their beans. Looking forward to their new expanded location with space to sit down.

Quebrada: Very nice, classic pastries. We often make a breakfast of a pastry from Quebrada and a coffee from Barismo.

Tango: Their fried cheese is to die for. A cast iron pan filled with molten, seasoned cheese. Amazing. Their steaks I give a B+, good but not great.

Madrona Tree: Very, very disappointed by this place. It's run like it's someone's living room. Watched a manager's (owner's?) small child paw through and smash potato chip bags while screaming. These bags were placed back into the tray for later service (is this a health code violation?). It was loud, slow and expensive. The burgers were decent (but small) and the fries were straight off of a Sysco truck. Would not eat there again.

Cured meats - particularly (but not exclusively) Italian

Where's the best place to pick up cured meats? (I thought I had posted this once before, but can't seem to find my own post - my apologies). Having a party on Saturday, and want some cured animal product.

Thanks in advance.

Squab (butcher) in Boston metro area?

I love squab. Loves it. Does anyone know where I could order butchered squab in the area? I'm willing to drive a bit for it.

By coffee by the pound in Boston?

+1. Barismo is by far and away the best coffee beans I've found in the Boston area. Comparable to Blue Bottle or Intelligentsia in California.

New Kitchen Knives

Just to add this - make sure you touch the knives before you buy them. How they feel in your hand matters. My wife prefers lighter knives, I prefer heavier ones. Look to reviews to point you towards good quality knives (my faves are the Henckels pro-S series, my wife the Wusthof classic), then let personal preference guide you. At the end of the day, my favourite knife is a Shigefusa handmade Tokyo-style Nakiri bocho that I picked up in Tokyo. I knew it was a high-quality knife before I bought it. But I didn't know it would be my fave until I held it in my hand.

Jun 15, 2012
Indirect Heat in Cookware

Where is the best Brazilian Steakhouse in Manhattan?

I didn't sufficiently research Plataforma, and went to visit it this weekend after having it recommended to me. It isn't terrible, but it isn't particularly special. The pork was overcooked and dry, the steak was underseasoned. There was no caramelization on any of the meat.

Shaving steak off of a sword is pretty fun and all, but this restaurant wouldn't rate more than a B- in my book.

May 29, 2012
Indirect Heat in Manhattan


I'd like to cook the "man-steak" from Adam Perry Lang's "Charred & Scruffed". It's a British cut of beef. Which butcher should I talk to? Who can get me this novel cut? Hoping it's something less expensive than Savenor's...


Found it at Dave's. Thanks. Glad to have set foot in Dave's, it's a very cool little shop. Will be back for some cured Italian meats.


Anyone know where I could pick up a bottle of Cardamaro? I'd prefer it be in the Cambridge/Arlington area, but willing to drive if I must.

Thanks in advance.

Oysters in Arlington

Is there a good place to eat oysters in Arlington? I'm carless tonight, and would like to grab some oysters after work.

Help! Tonight, Wednesday, at The Burren

I've had steak tips there that weren't bad.

Homemade granola for snaking in my cube at work

This is my Mom's recipe:

1 lb butter
1 tbsp vanilla
2 cups honey
½ tsp salt
2 lb rolled oats
½ cups sesame seeds
1 cups chopped nuts
2 cups grape nuts
1 lb coconut
1 cups sunflower seeds

Melt butter. Add vanilla and honey. Mix ingredients. Spread on cookie sheets and bake at 350F until golden brown.

More details here:

Feb 28, 2012
Indirect Heat in Home Cooking