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Desperate for spongy, fishy, shrimpy cakes from the Orient

Some of the dim sum houses offer some kind of spongy fish or shrimp cake deep fried with peppers or eggplant. Comes soy sauce for dipping. Alternatively you can find these served on street carts of Chinatown sometimes. I've seen malyasian curry noodles contain this type of stuff as well. Here's a picture.
Vietnamese restaurants serve shrimp paste n sugar cane like this

The fish paste is readily available in chinese butcher shops I believe and you can fry or steam your own cake.

Other things you can do.

You can buy fishcakes in the supermarket aisle in any chinese super market. They come in yellow pre fried version , or white version. Fishballs/Shrimpballs/Squidballs/beefballs/porkballs etc.. have similiar consistancy. Most cantonese restaurants will serve this type of stuff with seafood noodle soups or pan fried seafood noodles.

Sorry for being too general . I can't seem to think of any restaurants off the top of my head specifically. But this type of food is fairly common.

Apr 14, 2009
randumbposter in Manhattan

Dexter Chinese Cleaver

Not sure if they carry dexter. But there are lots of chinese kitchen supply shops on the Bowery.

Start from Hester street on the Bowery and work your way down to Houston street.
Call ahead to save time. Go google the phone numbers.

Here's some photos of what to look for.

Many more here.

Feb 10, 2009
randumbposter in Manhattan

best spicy soups?

Most of the versions I've come across are spicy. The soup is sourish with pickled greens.

I think it's called "Hong Shao Niu Rou Mian". Hong Shao is braised I think, so I guess you are right in the fact that it doesn't have to be spicy.

Thanks for the info about the flushing scene and the origins of the dish.

Nov 26, 2008
randumbposter in Manhattan

best spicy soups?

Prawn mee or curry noodle soup at some malaysian joint. They mostly taste the same across most malaysian places.

I enjoy the tom yum noodle at pam real thai. Ask for extra peppers on the side if you want more spicy.

Some ramen joints carry spicy ramen soups. The men kui tei in the east village has ramen with spicy miso and leek and bacon. I found that quite tasty.

Ollies does a good spicy beef stew noodle soup. Probably better ones in flushing as thats where you find the best taiwanese cuisine. Maybe someone else can comment on this.

Nov 26, 2008
randumbposter in Manhattan

new pork chop shop in Chinatown: Wah Ji

I didn't find the pork chop to be huge and meaty. I found the meat portions to be quite small. Might have to ask for an extra porkchop for 2 bucks next time. That being said, the food is pretty good. It's better than the excellent pork chop house and that other place san chia or something. The funny thing with the excellent pork chop house is that I've actually gotten good porkchops from them, other times I've gotten stale flavorless crap. I like the excellent pork chop house meat sauce a bit better though. Has anyone tried the wah mei, the place where mei wah used to be ?

Nov 25, 2008
randumbposter in Manhattan

$9.95/lb Lobsters for UESers

It's cause of the bad economy.

Nov 21, 2008
randumbposter in Manhattan

Chatham Sq Restaurant - best dim sum ive had in Manhattan

While I don't think it was a disappointment, it certainly wasn't the best dim sum I've had in manhattan. I've been to that place twice, once last year and once earlier this year (maybe things improved). I know there are lots of detractors out there but I really prefer oriental garden or dim sum go go.

Oct 20, 2008
randumbposter in Manhattan

Taste of Chinatown this weekend?

Great list Miss Needle,

The tofu places like the one mentioned on mott street also sell grass jelly and bak tong go. Bak tong go is some sweet white gelantinous rice cake that's fairly tasty. Grass jelly is a bit bitter.

New Southwind has a cheung fun roll with bits of salted preserve vegetables and dried small small shrimp. It's like 70 or 80 cents.

If you get there for breakfast, Sanur does a weird breakfast. You can get something like nasi lemak for 2 bucks. Its rice with anchovies half a hardboiled egg some kind of spicy sauce and peanuts. They have other offerings as well. They also run a fairly cheap lunch special. I think it was any three items for 3.50 or 4, I forget. Make sure you go upstairs for the food, the downstairs portion of Sanur is a sit down restaurant with different items. Sanur is malaysian which sets it apart from the other 4 items for 4 dollars places.

If you are traveling in large groups. You probably can order stuff off those roast meat shops like Noodletown or even Kam Man supermarket. Like a quarter pound of roast duck, pork or pig for a taste.

If you are willing to eat off a street cart

The bbq meat stick stand cart by the manhattan bridge and east broadway mall I think serves better meat on a stick than the mosco street place, though the mosco street place isn;t bad and looks safer since they use refridgeration. The ones in flushing are better though.

I haven't been in years but there used to be a street cart on hester and bowery that served fried eggplant/pepper/tofu topped with some kind of fish paste. They also had curried fish balls , cheong fun, curried squid etc.. It used to be 1 dollar an item probably higher prices now. I'm pretty sure you can find other carts that sell the same stuff.

Oct 09, 2008
randumbposter in Manhattan

Indian Curry in Manhattan? Tastiest, thickest, greasiest

Try pakistani cuisine. Most places charge 6-8 dollars a plate of chicken or goat curry.

Cuisine of Pakistan on 9th ave.
There are 2 places on 29th street between 5th and 6th avenue.
Kabab grill on 6th ave between 7th and 6th.
Sirtaj on 26th street.

The curry is not too spicy though.

Get a kabab too for 2 bucks. The kababs are pretty awesome

Personally I find the food to be better than run of the mill Indian holes in the walls. Maybe someone can tell me otherwise.

Sep 30, 2008
randumbposter in Manhattan

Some personal Chinatown Faves

The ammonia taste you are referring to is probably lye water, see link on what it is. It's not the healthiest of stuff but I still like Noodletown for there other dishes. I like old school wonton garden for wontons.

Sep 30, 2008
randumbposter in Manhattan

New Chao Chow - worth trying

I think tastes are just subjective. I happen to like cantonese tomato n beef stir fry. Maybe asians like tomato with sweet flavor. Isn't ketchup spaghetti popular in Japan ?

Feb 14, 2008
randumbposter in Manhattan

New Chao Chow - worth trying

Good comparison. I grew up drinking campbell's tomato soup maybe that's why I'm such a fan. The soup is kind of sweet with star anise and beef stew flavor. I guess it's not for everyone. Bo ky offers something similiar too.

Feb 14, 2008
randumbposter in Manhattan

great indian food (dinner) in manhattan

Saravanaas south indian cuisine was pretty good the last time I was there about a year ago. They offer full meals, thalis for like 14 bucks. Not sure if they have samosas though.

Feb 13, 2008
randumbposter in Manhattan

New Chao Chow - worth trying

New chao chow is smiliar to bo ky but I think has the edge on noodle soup stock. I like the duck from bo ky better though. The soup stock for the regular noodle soups is quite tasty.

Other stuff to try.

Chicken curry noodle. I think bo ky is consistently better for it though. Their chicken curry noodle, when the chicken isn't overcooked, is quite good and greasy.

Beef stew noodle too. It's pretty much similiar to the one you get at vietnamese places. Quite good.

Find the hot sauce on the table with ground dried shrimp. That one is fairly tasty.

Feb 13, 2008
randumbposter in Manhattan

Sapporo W 49th Special Ramen Soup?

I like the sapporo special cause it's big, inexpensive and filling.

The soup is ok. They are fairly inconsistent too. Sometimes i get soggy noodles. Sometimes the pork is really hard and dry etc...

I'm not a ramen expert either but that's the feeling I get from eating there.

I like menchanko tei a bunch of blocks up from sapporo better, 55th street between 6th and 5th. I enjoy the hakata ramen and the tsukemen with pork n miso.

Jan 25, 2008
randumbposter in Manhattan

Where is the Best Dim Sum in Manhattan? [Moved from The Best board]

I agree with on oriental garden. Went there a month ago and I think the dim sum there is fantastic too. I like dim sum go go as well, though.

My only time with Golden Unicorn had them serving up dried up food off the steam cart. It was gross. I might just be unlucky though.

Jan 25, 2008
randumbposter in Manhattan

Specialty Beer Stores?

Yes, New Beer !!! The selection there is amazing and great prices too. The deli beneath sigiri has a pretty good selection as well.

Jan 22, 2008
randumbposter in Manhattan

Paris Sandwich - Good Bahn Mi?

I like them. I work late and they remain open later than any other place. Of the 2 times I've been, the bread was always crunchy for me, maybe I need a larger sample size. My favorite is still the one on broome street though.

For convienence sometimes I get bahn mi from vietnamese restaurants like nam son on grand. The bread is usually crunchy. The sandwich filling is usually less though :( on the positive side, when I ask for spicy they use jalapeno peppers instead of siracha.

Jan 22, 2008
randumbposter in Manhattan

Cheong Fun anyone?

good to know. I drop by next time I'm in the area. Sounds fantastic.

Jan 17, 2008
randumbposter in Manhattan

Cheong Fun anyone?

There's a guy i think on hester and elizabeth next to the supermarket that used to make it fresh. He'd pour the cheong fun batter on a griddle and heat it up. Very tasty. Not sure if he's still around.

Otherwise u can stick to the other carts. I usually add meats to my cheong fun. Curry fish balls or curry squid or beef stew.

XO kitchen on hester also serves it with spare ribs and a variety of meats. The carts are cheaper.

Jan 17, 2008
randumbposter in Manhattan

Authentic Hong Kong food

You can get handmade noodles from those fujianese places in the chinatown.
Eastern noodles or super taste. I personally don't like the soup stock the noodles are served in, but I like the noodles.

Is fire cooked pig the one with the crispy skin. You can find those at any cantonese noodle soup shop like big wong;s or noodle town.

Chinese food is full of noodles if you don't like rice.

You can always try hk style food too ie. baked macaroni and seafood in cream sauces(not my cup of tea) .

try x.o. kitchen for that kind of stuff. They serve pasta instead of rice in some of their dishes.

Jan 07, 2008
randumbposter in Manhattan

Ethiopian groceries/markets, etc.?

No clue. Maybe you can call one of those ethiopian restaurants (like meskerem or queen of sheba) and ask them where they get their supply. Here's a list of other restaurants.

There's a west african market on 9th ave between 39th and 40th if i remember correctly. That probably doesn't help you though.

Dec 17, 2007
randumbposter in Manhattan

Lunch: cheap noodle soup?

If you can walk 10 blocks. I'd hit yagura supermarket on 41st between 5th and madison. You can get beef/chicken udon soup for 5 - 6 bucks. Hing won like the above poster mentioned does chinese noodle soups.

Dec 03, 2007
randumbposter in Manhattan

Chinese Desserts in Manhattan

I agree the mango pudding is great.

If you are looking for dou fu fah, you can get them at the tofu shops. There are a few in chinatown. I like the one on mott close to mr. tang. Get some white sugar cake (bak tong go) while you're at it. You can also try the grass jelly desert too. Other locations are the intersection between bowery and grand, theres one close to fuleen seafood. Sorry I don't know the addresses.

The potato soup (tong sui, i think is what it's called) , is usually included after meals at restaurants. Red bean soup too. I think one of those bubble tea joints or those cafe joints may allow you to buy em without a meal. Sweet-n-tart used to do it but I think they are gone.

Nov 28, 2007
randumbposter in Manhattan

Good lunch places in Midtown

utopia cafe across from sophie's cuba is also another option. It serves similiar food to sophie's and is usually 1 or 2 dollar cheaper. (Maybe their food is not as good??? i haven't eaten enough to compare. I do like utopia though) They also seem to be less crowded than sophies so I can usually find a seat (or if I remember correctly sophies has table service. I can save on tip at utopia too ).

Nov 27, 2007
randumbposter in Manhattan

31st and 6th - what to eat in the area?

Not open at nights, only for lunch. If you want cheap. I'd check out the garment district chinese food between 7th and 8th around the mid to late 30s. The food is close to the ones found in chinatown
I'll start you off with the only one I remember , fuji bakery . They serve buns similiar in price and taste to the ones found in chinatown. They also serve cheap and tasty hot meals similiar to the ones in chinatown.

the mcdonalds on 5th avenue and 33rd? . It actually has a full dollar menu. 1 dollar double cheeseburgers ,1 dollar mcchikens, sundaes etc... Most manhattan mcdonalds only has 2 items on the dollar menu.

Giuseppe’s Pizza on broadway on 35th. Decent but small slice. Nice combination sauce cheese on a crispy crust. If you like gloppy slices overloaded with cheese, this isn't the place.

sirtaj on 26th . bunch of spanish american places in the neighborhood too.

Nov 05, 2007
randumbposter in Manhattan

Chinese Roast Duck

I like noodle town roast duck.

New Chao chow and Bo Ky serves a different style of duck on the window. The skin is yellow and I don't think its roasted. I prefer the one at Bo Ky. It's pretty good.

Oct 31, 2007
randumbposter in Manhattan

Lunch near Rockefeller Plaza?

Sun yip for chinese food.
taam tov for chicken kababs
el rincon del sabor for ecuadorian food. It's like margon but with less salt or msg, so the flavor is not as strong. I like it al ot.
That vietnamese place between 7th and 8th on 48th. Not the best vietnamese but it is an option.
Pong sri which is right next to the vietnamese place. Not a fan but my coworkers are.
Sukhadia for vegetarian indian.
Park italian gourmet. It's definitely not gourmet. It's like italian food, you make yourself at home. They also have fairly large sandwiches. I like this place though.
Ambrosia deli has korean food. Not the best korean food but it's korean food.
The 3 japanese places on 41st between madison and 5th.

You can bring them back or find an atrium inside a building somewhere to eat.

The kwik meal cart.
The jamaican dutchy cart.
The pizza truck.

Hallo berlin is super slow. super super slow. Just get the sausages everyone else gets otherwise you may end up with a dried shriveled up sausage that's been sitting around too long.

Oct 29, 2007
randumbposter in Manhattan

Looking for Vietnamese beer

I've seen tiger beer at asian bars like "apple bar and restaurant" on waverly. It's probably in some chinatown restaurants too, particularly the malaysian or singapore establishments.

Lots of vietnamese restaurants in chinatown carry vietnamese beer. I've seen 33 export at most places, unsure about bia saigon or larue.

Maybe you can ask the owner to such establishments where they get their beer.

Those asian grocery stores may carry vietnamese beer as well.

Anyway maybe you can give "new beer distributors" a call ? They have tons of exotic beer.
167 Chrystie St.
New York, New York 10002 [map]
(212) 473-8757

Try the Asia Market Corporation too
71 1/2 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 962-2020

and kam man
200 Canal St
(between Mott St & Mulberry St
)New York, NY 10013
(212) 571-0330

Oct 26, 2007
randumbposter in Manhattan

Jamaican Dutchy, Midtown Luch Cart - WOW

I think they've fixed the line problem. They are alot faster now than when they first started.

Oct 26, 2007
randumbposter in Manhattan