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Best Apple Pie

Petsi's Pies . Love her Apple crumb pie !

Looking for Spanish breakfast pastry

I totally agree with SG .Try getting a whole Kringle from The Danish Pastry House in Somerville around Powderhouse sq. A delicious croissant like bread filled with almond paste .

Where to get good deli franks

I get my fresh PEARL hotdogs at Russo's .Great on the grill .

Lobsters with an Ocean View

Thanks Hounds ,We are going to try The Inn @Bay Pointe .I'll report back .Def will try the spectacle cruise soon .S G try the Hogy double wide 14" lure in bone or blk pearl, the stripers have been hammering them .3 fat keepers so far.and dozens of just under legal limit

Lobsters with an Ocean View

I'm looking for recommedations for lobster dinner pref Baked stuffed or clam bake style ,for a birthday dinner , With an Ocean view.It can be casual .And we can travel within reason .Anyone been to the resteraunt in Revere or Lynn on the causeway of rt1A ,Think its called the Wharf.It might be associated with Mt.Vernon in sommerville . Thanks in advance for your responses

Farmers' Markets this week

Anyone know the opening of the Davis sq. market?

ISO goat's heads, lamb's heads, lamb tail fat

Foodland the Bangledeshi market 2234 Mass ave Camb,across from Pemberton Farms.gets whole goats delivered every thurs .They definately sell the heads.

Steakhouse suggestions?

Try Tango the Argentinian steakhouse on Mass ave in Arlington.Quaint,family run ,pleasant staff .Great steaks, awesome fried potatoes and a nice bottle of Malbec . And it won't break the bank . It's become one of our GOTO birthday destinations !

Salts in Cambridge,

We are thinking of going to Salts this weekend. Has anyone been recently ? Any must tries ? Or any secondary recs ?

Looking for Guarana in Waltham-ish area

Via Latina on Main st. carries both brands but Antarctica is far better in my opinion.They have both regular and diet. It comes in 2 liter bottles or 12 pack of cans.The Stop and Shop on River st. also carries Guarana Antartctica

oysters on the half-shell

Great ,We are planning on going to APdC . I want to try the Canard in a can! Might be tough to save room for a fish dish there . Thanks

oysters on the half-shell

Heading to MTL for the jazzfest,Anyone have recomendations for raw oyster bars? I tend to have a dozen at a time with a beer or two. We usually pay between a dollar or two a piece here outside of Boston.We also love fresh fish. Any you have to try here places?