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Iron chef challenger from northern ca

There was a cancellation! Is it worth the trip from San Fran?

Iron chef challenger from northern ca

They really are fully booked. I will look at commis thanks

Iron chef challenger from northern ca

Yes that is it. Unfortunately there is no availability on the 3 days I have free in town. Sigh. Next time I guess I will need to plan farther ahead.

Iron chef challenger from northern ca

I remember a year or so ago I saw an innovative chef from outside San Fran on the show. I can't recall the chef or the restaurant but I'd like to find out before I head out there later this month. Does anyone have a guess? Thanks!

Shiraz - Persian restaurant in Elmsford, NY

westchester magazine has this on their deal of the day I think it runs through the weekend. I've been on the fence about trying this restaurant but with the discount offer I think I'll try it

Looking for info on Armonk's New Restaurants - North and Moderne Barn

Now that I have some income again, I'm excited that there are some new restaurants in my backyard? Does anyone have some feedback on these new places? The word in town is that North has super slow service and Moderne Barn is too pricy, but I trust chowhound feedback more...

PS, looks like Beehive is actually going to reopen - The work inside seems to be moving quickly!


Innovation: the CHOW Tour

I recently had some great dim sum at chinatown brasserie. In addition to extremely well executed "common" dim sum like turnip cake and sticky rice, there were some very untraditional (hence creative) ingredients such as avocado. Delicious and different!

Jul 11, 2010
armonkfoodie in Manhattan

Fairway-Pelham Manor opening April 5th

Thanks for sharing. I have the date highlighted on my calendar. Another reason to look forward to spring!

dim sum in westchester this weekend in January 2010

Chowdom, did you eat off the dim sum menu or the lunch menu?

Stamford lunch places

I had very fine soup noodles with shrimp at Little Buddha last week. I was shocked at the truly excellent quality of the shrimp - the best I've had in five years working in Stamford. Very spicy and delicious.
Agree with above comment about planet pizza. My first lunch in Stamford in 2004 was there - recommended by a colleague - it was so awful I thought I would rather find a new job if I couldn't find other options. Fortunately I did find things and the options have been getting better and better.

dim sum in westchester this weekend in January 2010

Thanks for the report. I think the best buy place (central seafood) is going to be for this time. The service report on Jade Garden is troubling - maybe I'll give it a try for takeout!

B est Middle Eastern restaurant in Westchester on up for lunch Wednesday??????

My favorite in Westchester is Turkish Meze in Mamaroneck. The service is always friendly and I think the food is delicious. This is the only place where I actually eat grape leaves. The eggplant is wonderfully smoky and smooth. I haven't been for lunch in awhile, they may have a special deal. I've sent many people there and everyone's liked it. Enjoy your lunch!

dim sum in westchester this weekend in January 2010

I do want to try it out - maybe someone has been recently??? Otherwise, I may experiment with my mom during the week before taking a group. Thanks.

dim sum in westchester this weekend in January 2010

I agree about Flushing but this time we can't get there.... Thanks

dim sum in westchester this weekend in January 2010

Happy New Year!

A large handful of friends plans to have dim sum in westchester next weekend. In the past year, I've always chosen either Aberdeen or Central Seafood, and I've been quite content, but I am wondering if there are other options?

I also thought it was time to start a new dim sum post since the old one is long and seems pretty out-of-date.