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for a potluck: mac & cheese or scalloped potatoes?

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you!!! I thought I was the only person on the planet who can't STAND mac and cheese! Nasty...yep, gloppy...yep - I have to forcibly stop myself from recoiling in horror every time somebody tells me "Oh, but you'd LOOOOOVE MYYYYYYYYYY mac and cheese!" And...they've all been wrong!

My vote would be for potatoes too!

Mar 09, 2015
azcanadienne in Home Cooking

Cross Rib Roast - Suggestions please

Joining in the conversation...

I chose to have a turkeyless American Thanksgiving this year and instead took a cross-rib roast out of the freezer. Like the orginal poster, I did NOT want a pot roast (I generally don't like mushy meat, or any other kind of mushy food). So googled for some ideas and found this thread

Want to report that I used the marinade nd slow roast suggestion, and my roast turned out perfectly rare/medium rare, tender, flavorful, and the leftovers today are almost better than the first meal yesterday

I will absolutely use again in the future

Nov 23, 2012
azcanadienne in Home Cooking

Sweet Ginger Paste

It's also really easy to make yourself. I buy some crystallized ginger, chop it roughly, put it in a sauce pan with some water, and then once it's boiled for a little bit, I use an immersion hand blender to puree it

Easy, tastes the same and has the same consistency! Love it!!!

Dec 02, 2010
azcanadienne in General Topics

Foods you love at Trader Joe's that got discontinued? [OLD]

If they ever bring back the ginger jelly, I will buy it by the case!

Also miss the herbed dipping oil they had - heaven!

Nov 08, 2009
azcanadienne in Chains

Great Food, Fun atmosphere near the Biltmore (PHX)

Rokerij - part of the Richardson's family, but a little farther north on 16th Street


Jun 17, 2009
azcanadienne in Phoenix