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Joyful Garden - Special Chinese New Year's menu?

Anyone know if Joyful Garden has a special Chinese New Year's menu? Thinking about going there for Chinese New Year's dinner with another Chinese family this year instead of our usual Shangri-La in Belmont.

149 Belmont St, Belmont, MA 02478

Joyful Garden
1234 Soldiers Field Rd, Boston, MA 02135

Feb 01, 2011
adlersmom in Greater Boston Area

Where to get really good quality fresh whole fish?

We've been lucky to be part of a fish CSA where we get fresh fish off the boat on a weekly basis, but unfortunately, this week due to weather, we're not getting our fish. However, I need a fresh, whole fish, for my Chinese New Year's dinner and I'm not sure where I can get comparable quality fresh whole fish in the area? I'm in Brookline if that matters...

Feb 09, 2010
adlersmom in Greater Boston Area

Cheap Thanksgiving dinner place around Boston?

This is our first Thanksgiving here in Boston and given we just moved here with two young kids, thought we could just do an easy, cheap diner-like place for Thanksgiving dinner. Any ideas around the Boston/Brookline area?

Nov 25, 2009
adlersmom in Greater Boston Area

Community Sustainable Seafood Recipes

I picked up my whole cod today and was so excited to cook dinner (for once!). I knew I wanted to steam it since I wanted to taste the freshness of the fish and do something simple with it this first go around. Given that there's only two adults and a toddler in our household, I needed to split up the fish for at least a couple of meals. So, I chopped the fish in half (after descaling) and simply steamed it with scallions, ginger, salt, and a little sesame oil.

SO YUMMY!! It was SO good we ate all of what I made for dinner.

Can't wait to make the other half of the fish later this week...maybe fish curry?

Jun 16, 2009
adlersmom in Home Cooking