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Breakfast Tacos?

District Taco on 13th and F has the best breakfast tacos in DC by a mile and they are as good as anything I've had in Texas or California

Looking For Singapore Chili Crab In San Francisco

Yes -- and it was great. As good as Singapore? No, but it was quite good. $38 so not cheap but everyone in my party enjoyed their (non-crab) dishes, too. I really like that place and will be back next visit. Best chili crab I have ever had outside of Singapore.

Looking For Singapore Chili Crab In San Francisco

Thinking of going tonight -- also visiting SF and looking for chili crab.

Heritage India Dupont closing May 31st to relocate

They are at 17 & P now

Breakfast at Five Guys

You guys are CRAZY. The bun is the best part of the breakfast sandwich. We need an act of Congress to get breakfast at every Five Guys location.

Nov 03, 2012
masonuc in Chains

Heritage India Dupont closing May 31st to relocate

Is Dalchinni good?

Cedar, 8th and E Street NW, Washington DC

Very good under-the-radar place, maybe because it is underground. Great business lunch too for downtown.

Birthday Cake near Dupont Circle

All the baked goods I've had at Marvelous Market have been better than Firehook

Soft Shell Crabs in DC

Hank's has them. None of these places have LOCAL soft shells yet as Maryland softshell crab season is not here yet. I think they come from the southeast usually.

Dupont circle with 8 y.o.

Not to say I told you so about Central... but. Anyway, skip Estadio and go to Levante's and sit outside on their patio. This will be a much more enjoyable way to end the long day. Ted's is fine but nothing special. You open a decent, hipster-ish diner on Capital Hill and people think you've discovered fusion. But if you're on the Hill, it's fine. You might consider Good Stuff Eatery for lunch. Get the toasted marshmallow milkshake.

Dupont circle with 8 y.o.

DIK is terrible, I wouldn't feed my dog that food.

Dupont circle with 8 y.o.

I've lived in Dupont with kids for years, and have eaten just about every place, so here are a slew of recommendations.

First of all, what Kabob House are you talking about? Moby Dick? No, no. You want Food Corner Kabob which is right near your hotel and absolutely fabulous. (P St -- I think this is the same one hamster recommended). Super casual, fantastic kabobs. Probably my #1 recommendation in all of Dupont (and it might be the top reviewed place on Yelp). Bistro Du Coin is fine for steak (and frites and mussels). I heartily recommend Agora on the other side of the Circle -- fantastic Greek/Mediterranean tapas. Another great spot is Levante's, fantastic Turkish/Middle Eastern food and the best bread in DC. Very close to you. There's a good falafel place also near you, vFalafel. For a nice kid-friendly dinner, you should check out Firefly. Not my absolute favorite place, but very, very kid-friendly yet moderately upscale and a good menu -- and it's very close to your hotel. For Chinese -- you should rely on Meiwah. It's close to there and at least as good as Sichuan Pavilion and Great Wall. Another place with great pizza (which son doesn't like) but lots of noodles (which he does) is Sette. That'd be my top casual Italian place in Dupont. Or Casa Nonna, which is less casual.

I would skip the Empanadas place, except maybe for a snack. It's nothing special. For a very special treat make sure you hit Dolcezza for the best gelato you'll ever eat. I also recommend Shake Shack for burgers and shakes. From your list below -- do not go to Kramerbooks (dirty and lousy food), Soho (nothing good), or Crepes (closed). Cafe DuPont has a lovely patio and bar area but the management and service are terrible and frankly the food is nothing special.

Just an FYI from reading more down: definitely go to Shake Shack over BGR. Better burgers, better shakes. And do not go to Kramerbooks, I'm sorry to say. Except if you need a book. Bethesda Bagels is great but there's nowhere to sit. The little bagel shop on P st is actually pretty decent (right across from your hotel) and there's a Panera at the Circle too if you want bagels. Again, Bethesda Bagels is by far the best but there's only a small counter for sitting -- fits maybe 3 people.

I don't understand why you'd hike all the way to Central (which is pretty overrated) or Estadio. There's Agora, Bistro du Coin, Firefly, Sette, and a new restaurant Boqueria all right near you. That's just off the top of my head. Central is not particularly kid-friendly either.

Best place for Sunday brunch in Annapolis or DC?

Service at Masa 14 is very spotty but I absolutely adore their brunch. Also Darlington House.

Darlington House
Washington, DC, Washington, DC

Masa 14
1825 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009

Restaurant near Dupont Circle?

Vento won't survive unless they improve massively. It's possible that my opinion on Vento is negatively influenced by comparison to Siroc. But how can Siroc be so much better?

Siroc Restaurant
915 15th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005

Restaurant near Dupont Circle?

Based on your description, definitely Urbanna or Agora. I'd lean Agora because the food is terrific. Definitely avoid Vento -- not good at all.

Pomegranates - out of season

3 years late but apparently Chile recently got approval for pomegranate exports and I found a bunch at Battery Place Market last weekend (in July!). They were fresh and FANTASTIC.

Jul 06, 2011
masonuc in General Topics

Fresh pomegranates in summer (from South America or elsewhere in southern hemisphere)

Anybody know where to buy these in DC area?

Chinese in D.C. that isn't Full Kee

Meiwah is fantastic and has great Peking (they call it Beijing) duck. I also like Chinatown Express and Great Wall but have not had the duck at either. Peking Gourmet Inn has fantastic duck but it's a hike. Overall I think the suburb Chinese places are overhyped and no better than the restaurants I've mentioned -- except the Peking duck at Peking Gourmet.

DuPont Circle

Levante's is slightly above mediocre if you don't count the bread -- which is fantasticly good, best bread in the city. And frankly that's half the meal if you are talking Turkish/middle eastern food.

Speaking of which, the new kabob place on P Street is out of this world, in a good way. They might put Moby Dick and Levante's out of business (okay mostly Moby Dick, Levante's is sort of a different market and more sit down, formal, and has a great patio).

DuPont Circle

Plenty of ethnic in Dupont, even if you take out Chinese, Thai and Italian. Mandu (Korean). Raku (everything Asian). Sacrificial Lamb (cheap Indo/Pak). Heritage (Indian). New Kabob place on P. (Plus Moby Dick, Kabab-ji, and Levante's -- last one is the best). Malaysia Kopitiam. Zorba's (Greek). Do the Mexican/Tex-Mex places count?

Dupont Circle Burger Wars

I don't think BLT Burger will ever open.

dessert in dupont circle?

There's lots of options. Off the top of my head -- Agora's desert menu is limited but all fantastic. They are open real late. Trio (24 hours?). Hank's. Luna (24 hours?). Floriana. Plus lots of places close at 11 so 10 pm should be fine. Firefly. Melting Pot (ideal, no?). Cafe Dupont.

Question Two: Sushi

I've been to the chef's counter, a table, and the bar (which is a drink bar, not a sushi bar -- but they serve sushi there). I've ordered omakase at a table and I've ordered off the menu. I've pretty much done every experience at the restaurant post-renovation and I've never been thrilled. The chef's counter was good but does not compare to top sushi restaurants in other major cities.

Any good Italian restaurants that have stone crabs?

I have to LOL because I fucking love Billy's but for reasons I can't go into, my dad hates it and refuses to go.

So... any place other than Billy's?

Question Two: Sushi

I've had sushi at chef's tables in some of the finest sushi places in NYC and Vegas and Sushi Taro was not nearly as good. Not in the same class at all. I go back because it is still the best in the neighborhood even if it is overpriced and not that great. I go to Raku because it's a great location, casual restaurant with good dishes (soups, noodle dishes, pan-Asian, etc.). A neighborhood joint, especially in the summer with a great patio. Is the sushi great? No, it's not -- although it's really not terrible. Mostly just inconsistent.

Sushi Taro is not as good as it used to be. Even when you ignore the prices, the service, the decor, everything -- just the sushi, it's not as good.

Foodie Family staying in DuPont Circle...need fave spots!

Lots of bakeries. Firehook on Q St. Le Pain Quotidien on P. On Sunday there will be baked goods at the Farmer's Market. Also Panera (yeah, not very local) just opened. Marvelous Market has lots of stuff too. The new Yola has some real nice baked goods, too, but mostly coffee and fresh yogurt.

Question Two: Sushi

I know they have a sushi bar in the back but it requires the whole ball of wax (reservations, omakase, etc.). I've eaten there a few times when I craved good sushi (better than Raku or any place in Dupont) but barely tolerated it. The sushi is a minor step up from Raku. It's terrible and awkward at the bar. The service is bad. The prices are high. They have great desserts -- that's about the only thing I like about the whole restaurant.

Hot N Juicy Crawfish (Woodley Park)

Anyone think this would be a good place to bring a young kid? Just curious, haven't done the crayfish thing before. My son is 3 and LOVES going to Cantler's to "whack" crabs with a hammer but at the end of the day we have to get the crab meat out for him.

Foodie Family staying in DuPont Circle...need fave spots!

Masala Art is great but it's not worth a metro ride over Heritage India, IMO. Maybe occasionally if you go to Heritage a lot, LOL. BTW, I highly, highly recommend Sacrificial Lamb in Dupont. Indo/Pak casual food (naan wraps/kabobs/etc.) and they have the best butter chicken in the city and the naan and basmati rice is as good as any Indian restaurant in DC.

Foodie Family staying in DuPont Circle...need fave spots!

I live in Dupont. If you are looking to stay in the neighborhood (please do!) I recommend several places -- Agora (great new tapas place on 17th), Hank's Oyster Bar, Heritage India, Eola, Casa Nonna, Obelisk, Pesce. For fast/casual check out Teaism, BGR, Sweetgreen, Zorba's and Sacrificial Lamb. For great, casual neighborhood restaurants check out Raku, Pizzaria Paradiso, Sette and Lauriol Plaza. Levante's is also very solid Mediterranean food with best bread in DC. And Tabard Inn has DC's best brunch.