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Koreatown Manhattan, or Koreatown Flushing?

So I am planning a trip to New York soon, and am really only going to enjoy the Korean ethnic communities of New York (As I am Korean, and cannot make it to Seoul this summer). So I have a few questions.....

- Where is there a large concentration of Korean businesses (Grocery stores, cosmetic shops, restaurants, bakeries, ETC.)?
- Does Manhattan have a larger Korean concentration of businesses, or does outer New York?
- In which place in either Manhattan or Queens/Flushing can I find a large plethora of Korean culture without having to walk too far from place to place?
- Are there any large Korean stores?
- Where can I find Korean cosmetics and Japanese shampoos (Shiseido Tsubaki)?
- Any good Korean cheap eats?
- And which place can be easily accessed by transportation (A.K.A subway), as I will not be taking my car, I will taking the Acela into New York?
- Where can I find the best Korean karaoke in either area?
- And last, where can I find some good, quality, CLEAN, and inexpensive accommodations in the area?

I really want this to be a great trip, and that means that there will be entire streets covered in Korean businesses (And large varieties on each street, meaning if I don't feel up to it, I won't have to keep hopping in taxis and subway trains to find more Korean).

Thank you so much for any help, I really love spending time in New York!

Jun 16, 2009
NosCouleurs in Manhattan