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Fonzie's Peruvian Chicken

Sadly, Fonzie's is no more. It's now some other Peruvian restaurant with a larger menu that did not interest me nearly as much as Fonzie's limited but enjoyable offerings. Ce la vie.

Albany - Cafe Saint Honore ... Oo la la ... chien chaud, canneles, and the world's best macaron

It looks like Cafe. St. Honore is no more. That's too bad -- even though they had their issues, the cafe had tons of personality and I know the owner worked his butt off. I don't know how to say it in French, so I'll say it in Spanish: Es tan triste.

Thai Restaurant Next Door - Zapp Zapp Noodle House (Albany)

Super late to the party here, but I have to chime in for Zapp Zapp's curry noodle soup. Warms you on a cold night and excites you on a hot one. Yum!

Wait, Lemme Google It!

Wow, you guys pretty much all think like me. Where are you when I'm looking for respectful, reasonable people with whom to share a meal?

A funny story: I was hanging out with a friend at Borders, of all places, and we were chatting in the Borders cafe. She was all concerned that our talk was bothering the people who were working on their laptops, even though our voices were at a more-than-reasonable volume and no one seemed upset. Then her phone rang and her voice went up about 10 decibels. So much for the people she was hoping not to disturb.

It's not the technology, though. It's the rude people. Back in the Stone Age they were probably interrupting their dinner companions to scribble hieroglyphics on walls.

Jun 17, 2009
adlanda in Features

Philz Coffee now in Downtown SJ - other locations Palo Alto (open), Berkeley, SF coming soon

My husband and I are both very excited for the new Philz as we got married at Cafe de la Paz, its former incarnation. Looks like they'll only be using the bottom floor (la Paz used both the first and second floors) -- maybe the second floor is for offices? Can't wait to drink coffee where we had our first dance.

Kefa Coffee, Oakland: report

Thanks for all the great detail. Kefa is indeed one of Oakland's gems. If only they were a little bigger on those days when everyone knows how great it is!