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Best Meat for Texas Chili

Please, no round. Round is inexpensive and lean, but also tough and has a slight liver taste. Trimmed chuck or sirloin is best.

Sep 29, 2008
deubster in Home Cooking

Central Texas BBQ

As several have noted, there is variability from day to day, and even from one brisket to the next. However, many have noted the dryness and toughness of the brisket at Kreuz's. I agree, this is exactly what the Mrs. & I found when we went there. OTOH, a 1/2" slab of fatty brisket from Smitty's is probably the single best piece of meat I've ever eaten - juicy, smoky, tender. I've had good brisket from City Market, only went to Louie Mueller's once, and it wasn't so great.

Some of it may have to do with timing, also. Best time to go? Late morning. If you go too late, the briskets may tend to dry out or be overcooked. I agree with the other posters who think Kreuz may not be cooking them long slow enough.

Oct 19, 2007
deubster in Texas

New England Road Trip

I'll only comment on the areas I know, the Kennebunkport to Camden segment and Boston. Hope you're going soon, as many of the better lobster pounds are closed for the season by mid-October, with almost all shut down by the end of the month.

When you leave Kennebunkport, stop for breakfast at Becky's Diner in Portland - great blueberry pancakes and other breakfast treats.

Lobster pounds worth checking out -
Cape Porpoise Lobster, close to Kennebunkport
Harraseeket's Lunch & Lobster, Freeport
Lobstermans Co-op, Boothbay Harbor
Red's Eats - famous for lobster roll - Wiscasset
Five Islands Lobster - Georgetown
Waterman's Beach Lobster house - South Thomaston

All of the above are within a few miles of the route you'll travel, but only Red's in Wiscasset is right on the road (you can't miss it). All the others will require some searching (and Maine roads are not always well marked).

Any lobster house would be considered "casual", but not necessarily inexpensive.

Plenty of posts on the Boston dining scene. Boston's North End has dozens of Italian restaurants - my favorites are Antico Forno, La Summa, and Giacomo's. Pizzeria Regina for Pizza. I enjoy the Franklin Cafe - limited menu but very good. Daily Catch or Neptune Oyster, maybe Summer Shack, for seafood. Peach Farm for Chinese.

Enjoy your trip. Leaves are turning in the next couple of weeks - gorgeous.

Albuquerque lunch, easy on/off

Monday, 9/17 is a driving day to a 2 day job in NE Arizona, will be passing through Alb. from East to West on I-40 right about noon. Not sure I can afford a lot of time to go far from the interstate, but I want a good meal. I'm up for any cuisine, any price, but I'll be in very casual attire. Any suggestions?

Sep 15, 2007
deubster in Southwest

Eastern NM - any good eats?

Working a job all next week all over eastern NM - have to visit sites in Carlsbad, Artesia, Roswell, Ft. Sumner, Santa Rosa, Tucumcari, Clovis, & Portales, possibly Logan and Clayton (uncertain at present). Anything chowish available in these towns? Won't have any chance to roam to Santa Fe or Albuquerque. Thanks for any advice.

Jan 26, 2007
deubster in Southwest

What Are The Best Dishes In The Whole World ?

A half inch slab of fatty brisket from Smitty's Market, Lockhart, TX.

Jan 01, 2007
deubster in General Topics

Chinese menus with pictures?

Though I sort of understand how the warning makes sense, I've been in lots of Chinese and Thai restaurants that have all or most of a wall devoted to pictures of the dishes, with numbers that match up to the menu items. In one favorite, under each picture is the name of the dish in Mandarin.

Sep 06, 2006
deubster in Greater Boston Area

Chinese menus with pictures?

After lots of time spent perusing the online menus of King Fung Garden, Taiwan Cafe, Peach Farm, Jumbo Seafood, East Ocean City, etc., my head is swimming with items like "sliced frogs", "chilled five-spice duck tongue", "fish head with ginger", and "chilled jellyfish". Wanting something interesting and authentic that I can't get back home (Lubbock, TX), I'm concerned that some of the menus don't seem approachable by a novice (particularly Taiwan Cafe) and if I stick to things I think I understand by their titles, I'll miss out on something really good.

So, do any of the top Chinatown restaurants have the big wall of pictures of menu items? Help!

Sep 06, 2006
deubster in Greater Boston Area

Lunch at Midway airport

The wife and I will be stopping there for 2.5 hours at lunchtime in a week and a half. A search of this board yields a good thread over 2 years old, and plenty of newer ones for the airport area (we won't be leaving the airport). So how about an update? Open to any cuisine, any pricerange. Recommendations?

Sep 05, 2006
deubster in Chicago Area

What to eat in Chinatown?

We'll be in Boston in two weeks, and I've allocated at least 1 meal to Chinatown. I've read plenty of recommendations on restaurants, I'm looking for recommendations on WHAT to eat. I'm adventurous, my wife not so much, and neither of us really know much about chinese food. This may be our only meal in Chinatown, preferrably non-seafood (we've got plenty of seafood on our agenda), not Peking duck (not sure I can plan it), not dim sum. Here in Lubbock we have maybe 8-10 Chinese restaurants, very popular for cheap buffets and combo plates. I'm looking for something I can't get at home.

Aug 27, 2006
deubster in Greater Boston Area

Southern Maine lobster shack closing dates LIST

Oops, already a correction:

Five Islands is open daily thru Labor Day, then Sat & Sun only thru 10/30.

Southern Maine lobster shack closing dates LIST

We'll be in Portland in mid-September, and I've gotten frustrated trying to find out which lobster pounds/shacks were open that late. So, I spent some time chasing websites and making calls, and I'll share my results with fellow chowhounds:

Chauncey Creek, Kittery - open daily thru Labor Day (9/4), then Tue-Sun thru Columbus Day (10/9).

Barnacle Billy's, Ogunquit - open daily thru 10/15.

Ogunquit Lobster Pound, Ogunquit - open daily thru 10/29.

Clam Shack, Kennebunkport - open daily thru Columbus Day.

Cape Pier Chowder House, Cape Porpoise - open daily thru Holloween (10/31).

Two Lights Lobster Shack, Cape Elizabeth - open daily thru 10/22.

Harraseeket's Lunch & Lobster, Freeport - open daily thru Columbus Day.

Red's Eats, Wiscasset - open daily thru Columbus Day.

Five Islands Lobster Co., Georgetown - open daily thru 10/30.

Robinson's Wharf, Boothbay Harbor - open daily thru Columbus Day.

Lobsterman's Coop, Boothbay Harbor - open daily thru Columbus Day.

Miller's Lobster Co., Spruce Head - open daily thru Labor Day.

Waterman's Beach Lobster House, South Thomaston - open daily thru Labor Day.

I'm sure I've missed quite a few, so feel free to add or correct.

Mid Coast Restaurant Hours in Mid-Sept

I'm bumping this thread because we'll be spending 3 nights in Portland beginning 3 weeks from tonight (9/14). I'm already alarmed that Waterman's & Millers will be closed (actually, Millers is open on Saturday, 9/15). Will I find Red's and Haraseeket open on Friday, 9/14? What about other pounds/shacks between Portland and Lincolnville?

How well does Regina pizza travel?

A different Regina question. The wife & I have different tastes in Pizza, so I had considered 2 small. But if large is better, will Regina's make half pepperoni for me & half something else for her? I see no indication on their menu. Thanks.

Aug 21, 2006
deubster in Greater Boston Area

best restaurant values in the Boston area?

North Street Grill's menu intrigues me, particularly the Truffled Lobster Risotto. Menu description and price look great. Describe quantity and quality, if you've tried it.

Drooling in anticipation ...

Aug 17, 2006
deubster in Greater Boston Area

Seven Meals in Boston - Comments? Suggestions?

That's a hard & fast rule when we travel. Local guys only - oops, not exactly true. The rule actually is that we don't eat at places we've got back home. That allows us to enjoy some chain places like Legal Seafood. We're definitely doing Finale's, it's right in our hotel. And she's seen the Molten Chocolate Cake on their site and commented on it. As much as I hate to admit it here, she loves the "Triple Chocolate Meltdown" at Applebee's - hopefully Finale will show her what can be done with a good idea.

Aug 17, 2006
deubster in Greater Boston Area

Seven Meals in Boston - Comments? Suggestions?

Obviously, though I thought I might get away without planning them, hoping that they were abundant enough that I could pop into whichever one was handy as the mood strikes. For example, I've noted a new Gelateria on Hanover and think it will work well for our Freedom Trail walk. Also, the wife, when looking at the hotel's website, linked over to the website for Finale's and insists we go there at least once. Though most on this forum say Finale's looks better than it tastes, and is expensive to boot, the Mrs. will have her way in this matter (as in most).

So, are there any ice cream shops worthy of making a destination?

Aug 15, 2006
deubster in Greater Boston Area

Seven Meals in Boston - Comments? Suggestions?

Wow. Lots of good tips. I looked at Chilli Duck's website, since it got a nod and a second, plus it's right by the Pru center. Looks pretty good, and reasonable. On Sunday, we plan to do an early Duck Tour, then do the observation floor of the Pru Tower. Seems like a good time for a lunch, and since we're right there ... OK, gotta figure what to shuffle ...

Aug 14, 2006
deubster in Greater Boston Area

Seven Meals in Boston - Comments? Suggestions?

Sorry, stepped out to work for awhile, now at lunch. OK, Bartley's is back on the list, along with Tamarind Bay and Henrietta's Table for Harvard Square. Probably not Cambridge One, as we'll already be doing Regina.

Since Pilgrim asked, we're in Lubbock, TX, where we have tons of restaurants, almost all chains. Halfway decent Mexican food and BBQ, but seafood here means Red Lobster, Italian means Olive Garden. I travel a lot, the wife does not. This will be my fifth trip to Boston, her first - in fact she's never been to New England. All my previous trips have been business - most food decisions were made for me.

Aug 14, 2006
deubster in Greater Boston Area

Seven Meals in Boston - Comments? Suggestions?

Wife & I will be in Boston 9/9 to 9/13, arriving 5'ish on Saturday evening, so I have Saturday dinner plus lunch and dinner on Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday (Wed we go to the Cape, early Thursday we head to Maine). Staying at Park Plaza, and all meals must be easy distance from T, preferrably in conjunction with our touring - in other words, she will be mad at me if I spend inordinate amount of time traveling to & from meals. Our touring plans include Duck Tour, Prudential Tower, Newbury St. area, Freedom Trail, Harvard Square area & Glass Flowers, Beacon Hill walking tour. Have 5 PM Sunday tickets to Blue Man Group. As eaters, I'm adventurous, she not so much and she won't eat any pettable critters (veal, rabbit, duck, venison, lamb, etc.) The 7 meals are:

Legal Seafood - fixed in stone - this is Saturday night, right across from hotel, will retire early after long day of travel.

Durgin-Park - I figured it for lunch on our Freedom Trail tour - don't really want to change this.

Pizzaria Regina - lunch or dinner, as fits plans. This is also pretty much a must do.

Chinatown - lunch or dinner. King Fung Garden, Peach Farm. Maybe Jumbo Seafood, East Ocean City.

Harvard Square - lunch. Originally planned Bartleys Burgers until I read lots of posts here. Need suggestions for this one.

North End Italian - dinner. I have a list of modest-priced, mostly red sauce places - Antico Forno, La Summa, Pomodoro, Cibo, Mother Anna's, Daily Catch, Artu, L'Osteria, Al Dente, Giacomo's.

Seventh Meal Unknown - could try another NE Italian, or walk to Franklin Cafe. Helmand or Addis Red Sea sound interesting.

Only the first 3 are fixed. Will need the most help with Harvard Square and the 7th meal. I'm thinking Chinatown will probably be a lunch, so all 3 lunches will be decided (Durgin-Park, Harvard Square, Chinatown). Suggestions?

Aug 14, 2006
deubster in Greater Boston Area

Destination Restaurants?

White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport is a true destination restaurant - reserve well in advance, dress nicely, and bring plenty of money.

Driving from BOS into Maine -- need lunch!

CMK000, describe Three Brothers, and explain "dirt-cheap", please? Headed to Portland for 3 days in mid-September. I've got plenty of lobster places on my list, but hadn't run across Three Brothers.

"Market Price" for lobster?

Planning some eating adventures in your neck of the woods, and all I've seen of prices are for lobster rolls, ranging from $8.99 to $24. What's the going rate this year for whole lobster? At places like Skipjack and Legal Seafood? How about places like Lobster Shack in Ogunquit or Cape Elizabeth, or Haraseeket L&L in Freeport? How much will the price vary from week to week or from July to September?

Help - New to Boston Chowhound Looking for a Lobster Dinner?

You won't find it because it's not there. Lobster roll and "Angry Lobster" are their only lobster dishes.

Jul 10, 2006
deubster in Greater Boston Area

One Day Visit to Lockhart

I'm sure by now you've made your visit, but if not, I'll add my $0.02. Late last year my wife indulged me as we hit Smitty's, Black's, then Kreuz's all inside an hour and a half, getting about a 1/2" slice (approx. 1/4 lb) of fatty brisket from each. The Smitty's slice was the single best piece of meat I've ever eaten, rich, smoky, moist, tender. Blacks was tough and dry, Kreuz's too salty. But I understand that on a different day, my experience might have been completely different. Different brisket flats cooked side by side can vary in tenderness and flavor. Most certainly eat early in the day to avoid overcooked briskets. I agree with earlier comments to avoid the shoulder clod at Kreuz's - it's too lean and consequently gets dry. Also agree with another poster who suggested City Market in Luling - outstanding (though the Smitty's slice was still the best).

Jul 01, 2006
deubster in Texas